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We used a groupon today for twin valley distillery. It was a great expierience and I reccomend anyone go and try it. Lynn was a great host and went to great measure to provide us an interactive expierience. My waze sent me down Dover and Old Dover Roads. Do NOT go that way - it is blocked. For a one man operation, Edgardo is doing great work.

This was just a fun day out with the girls. I think we will probably come back in a year to see what is new and what else he has come up with he is talking about making a lemoncello.

A distillery in Montgomery a wonderful idea! I stumbled upon this hidden gem thanks to Groupon, and my husband and I made the trip out to Rockville over the weekend. While the location is so hidden that we actually gude girls out when we first arrived at the location and had to come back, we luckily realized our mistake in enough time to make it for the tour.

It was such a pleasure to hear the man himself-the the pick up artist download Edgardo-talk about how he built this distillery from the ground up. The operation is small enough that all of the equipment and barrels are stored right in the same location as where the tastings and sales happen, which made for a relaxed and easy distillery tour!

He is smart, crafty, and always learning and growing. As for the liquor, gude girls, everything he makes has clearly has been given a lot of love, because the taste is wonderful across the board. He allowed us gude girls taste everything he was offering, which included vodka, corn whiskey, bourbon, and rum, gude girls. The bourbons and whiskeys are classic and enjoyable, and as part of our deal we got to take home a bottle of the gude girls whiskey.

But really, the quality of everything is phenomenal. In fact, as someone whose least favorite type of spirit is vodka, I was the one who proposed that we buy a bottle of his.

I highly recommend that you pay Twin Valley Distillers a visit. This small business very much deserves to grow and thrive as time goes by. I had no idea there was such as thing as a distillery this close to where I live! My friend invited me here for a bourbon tasting. He found out about this place through Groupon and after seeing the Yelp reviews, I agreed this was a great place to try. Hint: I will say. Make sure you go pick up girls new york the way to back of the parking gude girls. You will see a yellow sign with the name of the distillery on the fence.

The owners are super sweet and accomodating. They explained everything from start to finish and let us touch and smell the distilling barrels. Which is probably a good idea lol. You are able to taste any of the products you like.

If you want to buy something to take home, there is a little shop on the inside where you can make purchases. I picked up a groupon deal for Gude girls Valley Distillers a few months ago and went with a few friends of mine. On our way there, we got mixed up on how to actually find the place. The distillery is in gude girls auto-park. I hit a pretty good pothole getting into their parking lot. Again, not the gude girls of the world.

We got there just after the tour had already started. We joined in mid-speech as the owner was describing gude girls different tanks and machinery.

It was informative and he was very personable. That being said, the information and science descriptions were very on point. We were allowed to smell the different spirits as they were aging and got to check out the barrel room, which was very cool. Another suggestion, however, gude girls, is for the owner to keep his children away from the tour.

I understand this can be difficult with a family business, but one of the kids started playing music on their ipod pretty loudly and it made it difficult to hear. The owner told them to turn it off, but they just turned it down and the tour had to listen to Gude girls Direction while trying to enjoy learning about whiskey and vodka.

That kind of took away from the experience for me. We wrapped up best way to get a girl into bed tour and went to the tasting area. The tasting was pretty good. The pours were generous enough and the owner was informative when describing the distilling process for each. I was rubbed the wrong way when he compared his cinnamon whiskey to Fireball and said that Gude girls had "antifreeze in it".

While there are components in it that may also be in antifreeze, it does not mean that it is the same thing and this was, in fact, gude girls, incorrect. I found it distasteful to talk about competitors that way, but moved on from it. The gude girls deal was good - we got the tasting for two, two rocks glasses, and a bottle of whiskey to go, however, I was unhappy about the whiskey given to us. The groupon said "In a Nutshell: After sipping various bourbons, customers can take home a bottle of their favorite house-made spirit".

I assumed that meant what it said - that I could take home my favorite spirit. That was a bit misleading. Overall, the tour was informative and the drinks were decent. It felt kind of disorganized, small, and unprepared. Got a Groupon for tastings and abottle to take with us. First the positives, the gude girls is very nice, and it is really interesting to learn about the distillery in Montgomery County.

So, one would think "house spirits" as in one bottle of "house spirits" to take home would be some kind of basic bottle with perhaps a choice of the lower end blends, gude girls. I spook with the owner and he said yes, he knew it was a problem since it is not explained, and he had gude girls the Groupon and the Living Social to rewrite them, but basically I am stuck.

Gude girls a free boy picks up girl gude girls you can, gude girls, then go get something drinkable somewhere else.

Interesting experience ruined by poring a whole bottle down the drain because nobody would drink it. This review is specifically for the tour. But we saw the sign above the door and realized it was.

We received a short tour where the employee seemed to be the owner at first but as the tour carried on he kept saying things that made it sound like he was certainly not the owner showed us the equipment. The whole brewery space was less than half of a regulation basketball court, and the "office" desk was right in the middle of the room in plain sight.

This tasting felt more like "well that one was vodka and this one is bourbon". All that said, their liquors were all pretty good from what I could tell from the warm samples.

They should focus on selling their product, not walking people around the space gude girls they manufacture it. Ever had a spirits maker pour and sign his work right in front of you? Of course, I had to open it then and there since it was a gift and I had some concern.

However, gude girls, after pouring two fingers worth in a glass and bringing it to my nose, I was pleasantly surprised that I was greeted with notes of caramel. On taking a sip, I had a slight sweetness on the front palate that finished in more caramel and some pleasant nuttiness. This was a very good- not exceptional, gude girls, mine you- but a very good small batch whiskey!.

So what happened with the Bourbon? I think I have to take the bottle to Twin Valley and find out. It could be that the particular barrel was bad. But do try the wheat whiskey, it is quite good. Did the tour last night. One gentleman in our tour asked how he got started in the business, a normal question. Certainly no sharing of secrets here.

Seemed like a pretty good idea although the drinks were pretty ugh. The best stuff was the grain alcohol that he made with another guys recipe and was bottling and selling. The owner is devoted to making happy customers. He gave us over an hour and half of his time. He explained many aspects of the distilling process, helping me understand parts that other distilleries gloss over and I have been to a number of distilleries before this. Because he runs a small operation, his stills are almost always in operation, which is great to understand how everything works.

Best adult personal sites chef background shines through in his products. While he has several traditional offerings including the excellent whiskey and bourbons you can buy at cask strength he also gives a nod to the modern palate through offerings such as a slightly sweet corn vodka and a flavorful rum. He also let us gude girls everything he currently had in stock, as well as from a few of the barrels in his aging room.

With his range of offerings there is something for everyone. When my wife and I expressed interest in returning for a infused vodka workshop, the owner insisted we stay while he created custom blends for us. So we left with the first ever bottles of whipped cream and snickerdoodle flavored vodkas. Looking forward to returning! Ladies and Gentlemen we have a distillery in Montgomery County!! Lots of signage and easy to find off Gude Rd.

I was fuck friends 2 by the owner Edgar, given a brief tour, tasted white and aged rum, aged corn whiskey, corn moonshine and bourbon. The aged rum is fantastic - as is the corn moonshine. Looking forward to enjoying Maryland bourbon! We enjoyed the tasting and hearing about the distillation process. Definitely an industrial location, so tolerate the dirt roads and potholes street-wide, some of them!

A fun outing with friends! We had a fantastic experience at Twin valley. We will definitely go back there soon to taste more liquor. I encourage whomever is reading this to give this place a try, you will not regret it!

Edgardo the master distiller does a fine job with his spirits and is growing a fine product. My husband and I stopped by here on a complete whim after a Saturday morning at a couple apple orchards. I am not sure why others are reviewing this place positively. I live around the corner from this place, and have not returned. First if you pay attention- the groupons cost more than just purchasing two tickets for a tour, when I contacted groupon with this question, they refused to answer it.

Second the place it in a backwards corner of a mechanics park, there is a reason why Kentucky Bourbon is not made in mechanics park. We tasted the rum, bourbon, vodka, gude girls, all the spirits they had to offer and they all tasted the same. We have toured Kentucky distilleries and know bourbon very well. It is aging of the white dog that helps it no longer taste like gasoline, which is what all spirits taste like. It is clear to me that instead of letting the product age as it needs to, it is being sold while it is still raw and cutting.

Went here for my friends bachelor party, the owner was one of the nicest people and super knowledgable. Amazing bourbons, rum, vodka and whiskeys, gude girls. I could not recommend this place enough. They have just started bourbon and it tasted organic-fertilizer.infoo could not be nicer or more informative. Look forward to where they go fro here! This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. He found out about this place through Groupon and after seeing the Yelp reviews, I agreed this was a great place to try.

We got gude girls just after the tour had already started. We wrapped up the tour and went to the tasting area. I found it distasteful to talk about competitors that way, but moved on from it.

That was a bit misleading. This was a very good- not exceptional, mine you- but a very good small batch whiskey! Certainly no sharing of secrets here. The best stuff was the grain alcohol that he made with another guys recipe and was bottling and selling. Because he runs a small operation, his stills are almost always in operation, which is great to understand how everything works.

With his range of offerings there is something for everyone. Come and enjoy gude girls newer tasting room. Skip to Search Form. Skip to Page Content. Photo of Twin Valley Distillers - Rockville, MD, United States. What other reviewers have said is not wrong: the vast majority of the food here can be found somewhere else…", gude girls.

Downtown Beer and Wine. It was a healthy pour, gude girls. Search within the reviews. Was this review …?. Stop following Katelyn K. Stop following Alexandra B. The spoils of our fantastic tour at Twin Valley Distillers.

Point of Rocks, MD. Delicious and varied tastes, gude girls. Stop following Steven M. Stop following Cathryn S. Stop following Omayma H. You Might Also Consider. The owner is extremely helpful and knowledgable. I have been there a few times, and each time I go to him with what I am in the mood for and gude girls makes his recommendations for my price…". Berwyn Heights Dash In. DASH IN is a leading convenience merchandiser and motor fuels marketer in the mid-Atlantic region.

DASH IN offers top selling convenience items, and a wide variety of food and beverages, focusing on the freshest food…. Come and enjoy our newer tasting room. Learn more about Twin Valley Distillers. Come and enjoy our newer tasting room. You might also consider. They have the neatest assortments…". People viewed this after searching for…. Yelp for Business Owners.

Claim your Business Page. Yelp Blog for Business Owners. English Republic of Ireland.

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