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Peoplefinder scam

peoplefinder scam

When the FTC and states see the pattern of complaints for that scam company, THEY WILL ACT. Similar opinion? “ is a sneaky company.
Peoplefinders - People Finders This company is a total scam!!!!! I went to see if I could look up a family member for a.95 charged they automatically started.
Consumer complaints and reviews about Peoplefinders. Total Scam - Was Sold Outdated Information. Family & Relationships. Earning Money With YouTube Creative Commons Is Possible![TELUGU]

My bank called me God Bless them, peoplefinder scam. I called People Finders to dispute and the woman screamed at me while I was talking. PLEASE ANYONE READING THIS BE CAREFUL!!!! Yet another internet company claiming to be "FREE" I wonder if they have ever looked up the definition of the word free?

Do not waste your time or money. When I contacted Customer Service, I was flatly told there will be no refund. I am in the process of disputing this with my bank. This is a trickery website operation. This background check box does not go away and you how to pick up girls at a party frozen. They already have your credit card info, so you are stuck, as you have already checked several boxes and do NOT know what you are being charged for.

Whitepages is no longer the same, so I searched free address search and peoplefinders came up, peoplefinder scam. However, after numerous questions of this and peoplefinder scam, I am stuck in the background no idea what I have checked at this point as they report to me the name that I gave to thempeoplefinder scam, but still not an address.

But this confused me greatly. FOR A BACKGROUND CHECK??? Not what I asked for. If I was wanting a background check, the stupid stuff that they told me was not even accurate completely. Years ago I used to work for a security company and I know what background checks are. I myself have had to submit to a FBI background check for my job with US GOV. It took months for them to complete it. They do not give refunds either, conveniently for them. I WISH TO LOOK IN TO STARTING A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM, so please contact me at Chopergirl if they have used this technique with you.

We will get our money back and more. Ran background check on someone that I knew had a criminal background. Their report said no criminal records found. I called to get refund and they refused saying I accepted the terms. They offered a voucher for another check. I refused that because they have no information. This company is a complete scam!!! It was not helpful to me, so I cancelled day.

I called and spoke to a Jennifer at People Finders and tried to settle the issue over the phone, but she accused me of lying and said that I only cancelled PART of my membership. There were no other PARTS of a trial membership, and if I had signed up for others, I would have cancelled them as well.

The information they provided for a FEE was stuff I could find online for FREE. Turning them in to the Federal Trade Commission for FRAUD. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. The ordering process and charges are confusing.

I peoplefinder scam send several emails questioning things. They do get back quickly though. Dating coach australia the search found the correct person, Stated they had a phone number. I did background check on the owner and ceo. He also has criminal record.

Tip for consumers: AVOID at all cost. They will deceive you. I ran a search on myself to get accurate dates on personal legal matters.

The advertising claimed I would get marriage, divorce, legal history. The report was totally bogus. It did not even peoplefinder scam my correct email address! I called, complained and asked for a refund. The girl their employee was rude, said no refund, refused to give me her name or her supervisors name and hung up on me! This is not free!!! I would rate this a Zero if I could. This company scams people not only by providing false information but they put the lives of harassment and identity theft victims at a dangerous risk.

What they do is peoplefinder scam trace every i. They create many duplicate profiles. They have a "limit" of how many of these duplicate profiles can be attempted to be opted out because they trace your i. They still Peoplefinder scam remove the profile. If you call them they will give you the runaround, make light of your situation and take pride in ignoring complaints and opt-out requests.

They could not care less about your safety and even better to profit off it too! If you email them you will receive poorly written vague descriptions from their Indian "headquarters" of what the meaning of census data is, this is in response to whatever your message is to them.

They will send this enraging email, peoplefinder scam. Remember, their job is to make money and it gets adult friend friends off to publicize private and personal info, changing the info if it makes a "profile" seem more juicy so that more peoplefinder scam pay a subscription to see it.

There is something we can do about it, peoplefinder scam. When the FTC and states see the pattern of complaints for that scam company, THEY WILL ACT. I tried it twice. They without further notice entered me into subscription and charging me without the courtesy of notifing me about it.

They say I did not read the agreement but who knows. I think it is a sneaky company. I will try to get refund if possible thru credit card bank, peoplefinder scam. Never give them the credit card number and if you do stay on top ot it.

Once the credit card cleared for the. She then ask me why I am checking the person out and do they know it. I respond by telling her I used my husbands business cc because its a business lookup. Shut this site down! I was smart enough to use a card with a small limit on it. I will be canceling the card this afternoon as soon as my husband gets here to cancel this fraudulent offer charge.

I would never trust anything they put in the reports if you can not get from page to page without having to pay more money. I never got the report that the site told me was being generated. They are making money by ripping folks off!! This should be against the law. I guess lesson learned. They are liars, you can find more of the information with google than with peoplefinders, wow, I took a chance and got fooled, shame, shame on you!

And shame on better business bureau for not protecting pick up artist rules from frauds like this!

They offered a free trial which was not free at all and locked me into a monthly payment without my permission. The three searches I did gave me no useful information at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Also, Federal Trade Commission website will take fraud complaints online and the Better Business Bureau will contact them and follow through.

There are MULTIPLE reports on the BBB site of this company doing the same thing to others very recently. I told them they were thieves and I was contacting my credit card company reporting them as frauds. They could care less. TERRIBLE COMPANY WHO CLEARLY STEALS FROM PEOPLE. Do not get on their site and order anything because they will charge you for things you did not even do. I even tried to call them instead of email them and i got voicemail. These guys are big cheaters, peoplefinder scam.

Even when you decline their offer of a membership, they still stick it to you. The report I got was wrong on top of that. I would give them no STAR. Read the email they send you. PeopleFinders does not display any of them, peoplefinder scam. Other search companies display them, peoplefinder scam. When I called PeopleFinders there was NO interest in looking into what I explained, peoplefinder scam.

I was told several times during the call that they display what they are given. I told the individual that the product was not of use to me then and that I would like a refund. I got the response of "no, per the terms of. But, I will say that I have found that the service is not interested in customer feedback.

I do NOT recommend them friend maker website all as there are better options available.

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HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS HUGGING Angie Hoskins - linda dunn - If there were zero stars that is what I would give. Very difficult to negotiate a credit for the full amounts, peoplefinder scam. PLEASE ANYONE READING THIS BE CAREFUL!!!! Wendy - I went looking for a friend from high school on alot of differnt websites but had no luck, but then I tried The website was cheap and showed me my friends address and phone peoplefinder scam. I called my bank to have my checking account closed and now I am in the process of hopfully receiving my money back.
WATCH THE PICKUP ARTIST SEASON 2 ONLINE People finder is nothing but an internet scam should be put out of business. They are of no help in finding records. See Less Business Information. I used them to find someone and then. Was the above complaint useful?
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