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You need to use sexual. And my friend, play excit, for all. So, I did what any real student of anything does who is unable to, play excit. Recently, years later, I found myself in the opposite position. Josh, remark: Well Josh, play excit, the fortunate thing is, unlike my friend from that.

Now let me show you play excit you can play excit and. So, he play excit to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure hot girls n dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends plus plenty of failures along the wayhe launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.

Hey chase, I really like your articles a lot and how you put so much work into them by explaining everything detail by detail, play excit. Please explain that one to me.

I just want you to explain why she acts like this and how can I get her home? Your read is right, she clearly is interested. Indeed I never vocalise anything I can get across non-verbally, ie. Most girls even the less intuitive ones will pick up on implied interest. What are the dangers of this type of tension? I can see maybe it comes off as disinterested, but I think Ive got round that, and indeed it seems to be drawing girls into touching me first, play excit.

Absolutely auto-rejection is a big part of this and until I read up on your attainability thread I thought I was putting too much effort in, so I was backing off while doing this and getting absolutely nowhere, play excit. Funny story, I sat down next to a friend of mine while we were with a group. I was playing around with proximity at the time, and we were close enough where we could feel our arms brush against each other when reaching for stuff on the table.

Eventually she had to diffuse and blurt out "OKAY YOU ARE WAY TOO CLOSE". I responded to this by scooting closer. Nervous tension is fun : Brilliant article Chase, one of your best. Your point on spilling the beans is spot on, being an open book only provides for a boring, unexciting conversation and which you are left totally vulnerable.

It also allows more to be held against you, play excit. I find The more you talk the harder it is to get what you want. Thanks for the insight. The less you talk - once you know how to make the talking that you do do count, that is - the better the results you tend to get to a point, of play excit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Maybe I can help a bit as I would consider myself the strong silent type and struggled with the same thing for years.

You gotta be strategic. You have to seem cool, but you also want to be a man of mystery. He seems like a chill guy, I play excit what his story is. Handle your fundamentals and you can play this card to great effect. Chase, i just read the article again, Attraction has an expiry date. You would know that by sometime soon you will get a lot of women play excit to what you called it "take your seed".

So i was thinking how do i qualify and the knowing as such to know which women is genuine and which one is great for me. If so, have a look at this post, which is on that subject, and let me know if that answers your questions: the post help me in screening out qualities i like.

Afterawhile, you realize your friends and girlfriends influence much on your life as also mention in "What to look for in a girlfriend". I am like lost between screening, qualifying and then deep diving, because as you meet more people in general, you do realize not all is going to be play excit fit with your screening, play excit, and you would also like to be a genuine man whom at least be relatable.

Ideally, you want screening and qualifying to be a natural part of your conversation - for it to go hand-in-hand with your deep diving and other discussions with a girl.

Check out " Is Qualifying Women Really That Important? I wish I read this a week earlier. Recently I talked with a couple girls about sex, not knowing that it would be a turn-off.

And also one of them is teasing me about it, not the bully type of teasing, play excit, but like. Should I just move onto different ones? The most efficient use of your time here is, yeah, simply moving on. The waitress teasing it sounds like was too much. I wonder, how do you re-establish lost tension? How do you keep the sexual vibe between the two of you taut?

What most of it comes down to is remaining "untamed" in your relationship. People are most drawn to and attracted to the mates that they feel play excit need to keep working to continually attract and secure, and the mates that they always feel are there but not unconditionally.

I post this question few months ago in "attractionexpiration date" article, but because that post is inactive for some time i will ask your advice here hoping you will answer me. I have one for me important question and need your advice, play excit. In some earlier comments you sad "Thing is, who those girls are changes as you do. How do you produce that ideal lover type in her mind? Push particular buttons very hard, what exactly do you mean by that? What is that buttons, and what is very hard by your standards?

I am asking this because i had more than one situations, where i met a girl, we see each other more then few times play excit dates, for example waitress in bar i am hanging outi think she is type of girl who had hers fair share of guys, likes casual sex, play excit than again somehow even though i think she likes me we flirt and tease each other a lot when i called her out, she refused, with excuse that we are not similar so relationship wouldnt work.

Then when i suggest that i am not looking for serious relationship, her response was that she is not "that type" of a organic-fertilizer.infoe i think that is not true, and worst of all, that she has been with all sorts of guys so i can say that she doesnt have some high criterion for guys, just like sexhow the hell do you produce that " i am right lover for you" effect?

And one more question related to first one. By my opinion it is idiotic, pathetic and needy, but what do you think about situations where guys brag themselves in front of a girl? I am talking about situation where he tells her " come to my place, i am going to give you great time in bed, i am going to show you what a real man is, if you didnt show up you will miss out great sex bla, bla, bla" In my country there is saying dog who barks doesnt know how to bite.

I always though that girls also think that if you are strong on your words you are lame in actions, but what frustrate me is that i think there are girls with whom i blew up,and nothing happened, and those kind of guys "bragers" actually get some results?

I really love your articles, and no one has helped me more in my love life than you, your article on how to get laid on the first date also worked! Am I thinking about this in the right light? What would be an appropriate situation where you could touch the breasts to create exciting tension? This is exactly what I was looking for for my weekend.

I also made the mistake a lot of trying to turn the target on via words. Just started reading this blog recently, great work bro. I have a question regarding this whole no talking business. I have never looked at techniques women this way before and currently consider talking a huge asset when creating sexual tension.

I find when I use this with appropriate touch then it works pretty damn well obviously all will be adjusted to the girl. Just talking about topics such as sex, or even play excit an objective appreciative angle and walking away can communicate that you are a sexual being and are totally fucking cool with that. That frame can escalate tension anyway no?

I was wondering if you had an example? Play excit years ago, while still married, the Wife and I started, as most do, to add "Spice" to our sex life by "Talking Dirty". At first, we were pedestrian,at best, but, play excit, with time, it became an exciting addition to our sex life.

As we progressed, play excit night, quite spur of the moment, I added a couple of "Little" things which, again, proved to be a real addition. The first time, play excit, we were having intercourse, both of us were very aroused and increasing tempo and intensity, as we always did, heading for an out of breath conclusion, with little talk of any kind at this point.

Of a sudden, I stopped my thrust, while still completely inside, said. She went nuts, gasping loudly after she spoke and I pulled out the inch. I let tension build with an eye on when she needed to re-start. It was a regular part of sex and we came up with several variations.

What would this be called? Everything you say is right on the mark! I will definitely be applying these concepts tonight and hopefully advance further in my seduction abilities! Confidence is needed to pull these tricks off. It has made me more calm and relaxed, and just overall better-looking. I had no idea what was going on until I stumbled upon this article.

Play excit site is amazing. So much in-depth detail. I came back to "the game" cold, and found out that women were skeptical about me, imagining that I was an poseur or imposter, owing to their knowledge of the growing PUA community and the publication and dissemination of information about how naturals behave and their inherent attitudes, play excit. I even witnessed and experienced guys who were as bogus as three dollar bills get shut down by women and then kindle attraction with them by mocking me to her, like I was the joke they could both enjoy.

Sad state of affairs. And I wondered why I could see so easily through them but the woman, who invariably imagined she was the judge of things, could not. Maybe my tests are so subtle that they do not perceive them, but I certainly gain the information I am seeking when I employ them. Anyhow, during my cold freeze, and it existed for health reasons, among other things, I confess that I would go after easy prospects, women who all but fell into my lap.

That was a terrible mistake, as I knew it would be, because those types tend to use a destructive form of jealousy; they knock your esteem in order to try to lessen your sense of self perceived value.

What I found out early in life was that many women were seriously attracted to me. And it made no sense to me, because the very hard message I was receiving from other guys, including my old man, was that I stood at the bottom of the totem pole. What I did not understand was the fact that what they were employing was a malicious mind game based on envy.

They were quite effective, play excit. Where other guys were being shut down in a heart beat, I was witnessing green light after green light with highly attractive girls and young women. It was like other guys were bitterly frustrated and sitting at red lights and grinding their teeth, while I was looking at a string of green lights in all directions.

Yes, women used to walk past me into clubs with their date, and then quickly return for a quick shag, then re-enter the establishment to find their boyfriend. I knew this, and every woman in the club knew this, typically from the moment I made my choice.

And I would make my choice subtly, and it was always cemented from that moment on. Actually, what would occur is that one to three women would notice me and then ALL the women would notice me, then all heads would turn in my direction, as the guys all wanted to know who all of the women were looking at. From what I could see, the majority of the guys were basically pleading, "No contest", and imagined that I could walk out with whomever I choose, including the girl that had come with.

Naturally, I did not mind this at all, and I figured other guys were getting their just desserts, because of how I had been treated by other guys growing up, play excit. I traveled the world with a sense of adventure, and discovered that European and other women were also smitten.

One woman, after cutting my hair, asked me if I was ready for my blow job. I let a friend drive my car one day. While we were out, I asked a girl and her younger brother if they wanted a lift, she was extremely eager, and she surprised me by hopping into my lap, what really play excit me was when she instantly began grinding her ass against me. She was very cute.

I felt uncomfortable for her brother, and I made her stop. I would drop several women I was play excit with on the same play excit just to start fresh. Here is the thing, though.

I was always severely criticized and put down early in life, those guys actually knew what they were doing. My father definitely was old enough to realize the harm he was doing.

The outside affirmation never really jibbed with the internalized image I have of myself. I never played games with women. I have always been myself. Basically, there is something inside of me that calls out to women, and they hear it.

I am transparent and they are mesmerized by what they see. But then, as recently, I hold their attention at arms distance. I recently joined a new gym, women half my age could not wipe the smiles off of their faces as they stared at me eyeball to eyeball, play excit, from any distance.

But as I let time slip by, the begin to doubt their original assessment, because they believe that had they assessed me correctly, I would have hooked up with someone; in which case play excit competition for me would have increased. Instead, I let the attraction die down by failing to approach anyone. These girls know that I have extremely good genes.

I would not have this physique if I did not have good genes. Guys half my age find it inspiring, because they realize, or at least imagine, that there is no reason that they cannot look great and attract women when they reach my age, it reaffirms their commitment to keep working out. At the new gym, the new staff see the attention that I am getting and they try to steal it away from me by hassling me for no reason, but they always have a legitimate excuse.

Well, they have a reason, it is the same reason that my young peers employed when I was a little kid. Actually, I realize that their is a name to their game, because they gave it away. They commonly call it "gym politics", suggesting that it is the policy of the gym. One of the gym attendants referred to the principle of "negative repetition," in weight training. And it was very clear by the malicious gleam in his eyes that he was actually discussing their agreed tactic, which is negative repetition, or repeatedly correcting me for some petty reason or other, play excit.

And everyone else in the gym looks mortified when they do it, play excit, because they typically do this after they have noticed that I am garnering significant attention. That makes them eager to pounce. And there are guys who do this in pretty much any group activity that I attend.

It is a life lesson that keeps getting thrown up at me. At the same time, their behavior is so foreign to my own way of being that I have a difficult time dealing with it, though most people, I imagine, have long ago learned how to deal with such tactics. I have gotten a good deal out of reading your articles.

I understand that my problem is compliance, rather than confrontation, or making a joke of it. I try to make light of it but I feel so much anger that I keep my mouth closed, because they are not being legitimate. Just before reading your article, I shook hands with one of the gym attendants and play excit him for his correction after he informed me that I was to play excit down the perfectly clean equipment after using it.

Then I explained to a worthwhile attendant that the other play excit were offering me training advise and they knew nothing about what they were talking about.

Now, I have to deal with the runt of the bunch, a pip squeak who is trying to police me around the gym. However, I kindly explained to her that there was no need for her to wipe down the equipment. And the thing is she felt self conscious about the process, play excit, probably because of her age.

I am certain that few guys would qualify themselves as potential suitors. At any rate, I kindly explained to her that there was no need to wipe down the equipment, that it looked was it was. She actually took this to mean play excit her sweat impression on the machine was something I found beautiful.

Women see me, they think sex, and everything I say because sexualized in their minds. Everything I say takes on sexual import. So, today, I am not so angry at the little runt of a gym attendant. I would never play excit tried to reassure the young woman that the equipment was clean had the attendant not given me a hard time about the equipment that I had been using, which was equally clean.

That is how it goes, women of all ages convert what I am saying into something sexual and the attractive ones feel a spike of sexual energy, play excit. The unattractive ones have very negative vibes and they try to dampen your energy and esteem with caustic looks; as if they were rejecting you, and I do receive a more than my fair share of these glares, sneers and stares on a near daily basis.

It does play against the subconscious, play excit, all of that auto rejection by grossly unattractive women, play excit. For me, for the most part, being a natural is self actualization. However, there are a lot of malicious people out there as well, women as well as men, who will go overboard at trying to throw rods between the spokes of the wheel.

Women who are envious of the women I date will quickly think up something to impress my date with the idea that their date has something that I do not have; I can see the wheels in their minds frantically turning before they utter something or take some dramatic action.

That is meant to transfer the envy the woman feels towards my date, play excit, from herself and onto my date. More often than not, I recognize that I could beat the snot out of these individuals, but their entire feeling is to separate me from my date at any cost, so I play excit ignore them entirely, and remain focused on my date. I guess you could call such incidents high tension moments, but it is as if an insect had landed on my table play excit I am trying not to call attention to it by squashing it.

If I am with a bad date, one who plays into it, either out of a desire for drama or because she wants to take me down a notch or two, in which case such interlopers are her allies, then I quickly recognize her disloyalty and she is no better than they are in my eyes. And that can occur if the woman has low self esteem and is hoping to see my esteem diminished. I was in one coffee shop with a woman who kept taking "friendly" jabs at me.

Everyone in the place was aware of what she was doing. It was like osmosis or something. Everyone picked up on it. And several women who were clearly more attractive than my date were giving off vibes that they would be only too happy to take her place, and to treat me with greater respect.

I got the distinct feeling they wanted me to get up play excit of my seat and make a B- line towards them. Eventually, I told the girl I was with, that several people mentioned to me that I should find an apartment play excit a university; and she instantly looked crestfallen. At the same time, a large number of women instantly began nodding their heads up and down in affirmation of the idea. They were all university students. I wish that everyone believed in abundance and that everyone supported one another in their life pursuits, but from what I have experienced throughout life, it is far from the case.

There will always be people who are either envious, jealous or both. And many of them will act on their negative impulses. One of the keys you say to effective seduction is comfort correct? Instinctually I know it goes like this. Its not about how popular or good looking you really are. You can try improving that stuff until your blue in the face but if you dont have play excit fundementals and dont persist and ask to get the girl home on the first play excit and you dont move her some other dude is gonna come in and make you look stupid.

It happened to me when I was younger and thought that women needed to be romanced and taken care of and then they would want to bone lol you bone them hahaah. If you want a women youve got to ask and youve got to move her and take the lead and if its social circle, hook up with the outliers every time, it works. Im anxiety about starting off in game officially.

Chase, you are my teacher and you have done a good job, and now Im your student and I dont wanna let you down. You could say that I was meant to learn from you what I had known all along. Ive said some pretty nice things about you on this site and I think your the best.

David Or just need a refresher? Skip play excit main content. And I heard this, and I thought it sounded, play excit. How and when to create it. I see you mention touching and proximity to create this. Well Josh, the fortunate thing is, unlike my friend from that. About the Author: Chase Amante. Related Articles from How to Start a Relationship with a New Girlfriend. What are you thoughts on this? Has that been play excit experience?

That explains a bit of it thanks. Nervous tension is play excit : reply, play excit. Brilliant article Chase, one of your best. Glad you thought so. Great quote from you here:. This will get you noticed while at the same time preserving your mysterious aura. So, like Nathan - sociable and chill, but understated. If so, play excit, have a look at this post, which is on that subject, and let me know if that answers your questions:.

Choosing the Right Qualities play excit a Woman. Humility, play excit, Beauty, Independent, Cheerful women. Howdy Play excit Sincere- I like the analogy!

Chase, play excit, hey, thanks for another great post. I answered your question in the comments about a month ago - you can see my reply here:. I Kidd you not, any man reply. Nice article I had one question. Hope this question finds you well. If only I knew this a couple of months ago.

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