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Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the turnover of the most powerful seat in the Free World signifies change and the ever-flowing web swingers mexico of time. Read More This week, our main man KingBaliw visits parts previously unknown to Trike Patrol by taking a trip down to the southern city of Davao. As we like to say here, Filipina Beautiful girls on beach Has No Borders, and that includes provincial ones.

He stalks a hot young Pinay on the sidewalk and then scoops her up in the world famous tricycle. Once back safely inside a cheap seedy short-time motel, we learn even more about her. Her hopes and dreams…her wishes and ambitions…and most importantly, her appetite for random strange cocks. Once she got that thing in her mouth, she realized she bit off more than she could comfortably chew.

Read More Not even sure where to begin on this Filipina Pussy Patrol guys. This one has everything. Doc and I were cruising through the streets of famed red-light district Angeles City looking for a fresh piece of strange and go in behind a jeepney carrying a hot, dark-skinned Pinay. We told the driver to stay with it and despite almost getting squashed several times, he managed to do so pretty well. This girl was sitting right in the back of the Jeepney and noticed us gawking at her.

Since we were two young handsome guapo white boys she smiled and waved back instead of being repulsed. Her Jeepney came to a stop at the gas station up on Perimeter Road and that is when we waved her over. This really was a sensational looking piece of Filipina pussy if there ever was one. She was still a bit apprehensive at first, beautiful girls on beach, but Doc did a good job of relaxing her with his sweet southern charm.

So there we are, cruising down the road in a trike with the beautiful girls on beach rolling, when we come upon this dark-skinned chick in a red shirt. Her back was facing us as we pulled up but I thought I recognized her so I told the driver to stop. Sure enough, it was Anna, a wild bargirl from Roadhouse Club that I knew from before and who is well-known amongst mongers for giving a mean Asian deepthroat. She also always stuck out in my mind because she has more of a Brazilian look than Filipina I would say.

Read More Happy days are here again back in The Philippines for some more of our famous Filipina porn adventures. Ann here was a lively little girl we found having a drink outside a food vendor near the mall.

She was sitting there all by her lonesome just waiting to be plucked up by us after our short afternoon patrol. Once we spotted her, I dismounted the Trike, walked right up and introduced myself.

After a short chat, Ann was fine with accompanying us back to our hotel room to escape the heat. After a little warming up, the clothes started coming off and Ann showed us her cute little brown body. She then jumped in the shower for a quick rinse, and we filmed that soapy sudsy goodness for you too. This was a girl just born for Filipina porn. Once I took my pecker out, things got even more exciting, beautiful girls on beach. She happily obliged in giving some decent brains on me, before hopping on the cock for a nice ride.

Filipinas are always happy and willing to help out a foreign visitor in need; even if that need means spreading their legs or taking a facial cumshot for them. So after Steven stretched out his legs a best way to love a woman on this outdoor pussy-hunting excursion, he noticed a lone Filipina standing by herself in the shade.

Playing the lost tourist part perfectly, he duped this sweet looking LBFM into showing him the way back to his hotel. Her name was Sharmaine and she was the soft-spoken type, but something about her hinted at the possibility for action, and perhaps even a messy facial cumshot. As happens more times than not, the girl was totally game for grabbing a trike with Steven and they were dropped off in front of his boom-boom hotel moments later.

Once inside, all of the pretension disappeared and Sharmaine was going for his drawers before the room got cooled by the cheap chinese aircon. The Trike Patrol Story. Hot young spinner gets pussy demolished in this amateur Filipina porn video.

This week, our main man KingBaliw visits parts previously unknown to Trike Patrol by taking a trip down to the southern city of Davao.

One of the hottest pieces of Filipina pussy ever fucked on camera! Not even sure where to begin on this Filipina Pussy Patrol guys. Horny Angeles City bargirl gives wild Asian deepthroat in tourist sex vid. Cute and friendly LBFM shows flexibility in her first Filipina porn video.

Happy days are here again back in The Philippines for some beautiful girls on beach of our famous Filipina porn adventures. Trike Patrol guy gives messy facial cumshot to Pinay he just met.