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How to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english

how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Japanese: ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか, Hepburn: Danjon ni Deai o.
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How to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english Adut friends
How to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english Woman to bed
How to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english Aldult friendfinder

In the darkness, the light quickly disappears. Even unconscious the hand reached out to grasp at nothing, while falling there was a sense of tightening in the nether region. Currently, Hajime was falling down a deep cliff that looked like the entrance to hell.

The only light visible was the light that illuminated the ground above. As he continued to fall the light no longer reached him, the surrounding turned black, how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english, Hajime searched the dungeon, and on the cervices of the sides he saw a revolving lantern as the sound of wind passed by him.

Being a Japanese myself, the inequality that he tasted when he came to this world was too hard to represent in words and the hope that this fantasy world would rid of it, the current history of the misfortune that he tasted in progressive form. Monday, the most melancholy of all the days has just started. For most people, at this time of the week would sigh, while the previous day would be heaven to them. And Nagumo Hajime was not an exception to this notion.

As always, when the last bell chimed at school, he opened the door to the classroom with his tired body from pulling an all-nighter. At that moment, Hajime received glares and clicking of tongues from the majority of the male students in the classroom.

The girls did not have a friendly expression either. It was fine if the people were indifferent, but there were those who had an expression of contempt directed at him. Hajime tried to play it off as he headed to his seat, but there was always people who would mess with him every time.

What the heck do they find funny to guffaw at? The laughter came from Hiyama Daisuke. He is the leader of the students that pick on Hajime on a daily routine. The three next to him with the stupid laugh were Saito Yoshiki, Kondo Reiichi, and Nakano Shinji, these four were the ones that picked on Hajime the most frequently.

As Hiyama stated, Hajime was an otaku. His hair was trimmed short and he did not have bedhead hair. He did not have an assertive personality but that did not mean he was anti-social, besides he clearly replied back to people. He was quiet, but he did not give off a feeling of creepiness. Hajime simply liked things like manga, light novels, games, and movies. Yet, why does all the male students show unrestrained contempt and hostility? The girl walks up to Hajime as she is smiling.

In this class, no wait this whole school, she is one of the few exceptions that treated Hajime friendly. Her name was Shirasaki Kaori. She is known as one of the two goddesses of the school, popular among both male and female students and known for her very beautiful looks.

Kaori had long glossy black hair that reached her waist, and large slightly weeping eyes that conveyed a sense of gentleness. She had a straight bridge nose that was small, and thin lips of Sakura colors arranged to perfection. Always the girl with the endless smile, is very caring and has a strong sense of responsibility that often people, regardless of school year, rely on her help.

She is always seen with a sincere expression without any unpleasantness, that is why it is hard to believe she was just a high school student. So, why does someone like Kaori treat Hajime so well? That such a person as Hajime can be so friendly with Kaori, the ordinary male students could not stand it. Uwa, is this Saki?! Is what he wanted to say, but he saw the glint of the eyes and just contorted his face in discomfort as he returned the greeting.

And Kaori just wore a joyful expression. Why does she have such an expression? Furthermore the glaze was so piercing that he could feel the flow of cold sweat. Hajime wondered every single time. Why does someone like Kaori, who is hailed as the most beautiful in the school, associate herself with him. However, he was not going to flatter himself thinking that it was romantic feelings.

Hajime himself, had given up self-awareness in his pursuit of his hobbies. Because of his lack of self-awareness his looks were average and so was his athletic ability.

So when you compared him to her, he was nowhere close to being good enough. Therefore, her attitude is a mystery. Besides that, can you be a little more aware of the Saki storm brewing! I say in my innermost thoughts.

If I had voiced it, I have no doubt that someone would take me behind the gym… The name of the couples picking up girls that greeted him, from the three, is Yaegashi Shizuku.

Her trademark was her long black hair done in a ponytail. Her slightly slit eyes was sharp, but in the depths there is a feeling of softness, this gives her the impression of being cool rather than cold. In fact, her family is in ownership of a Kenjutsu dojo. Shizuku herself is a vetran of her family style. Since she was a child, she had never lost how to stop being a player in dating a tournament.

Next, the one that spoke a little clumsily to Kaori was Amanogawa Kouki. Just like his name he was the perfect man, good looks, athletic, smart, and good personality.

He had silky brown hair and gentle eyes. Kouki was nice to everyone and had a very strong sense of justice. Since he was small he attended the Yaegashi Kenjutsu dojo. Like Shizuku, he was a national level athlete.

Shizuku and him are childhood friends. Dozens of girls have fallen for him, but he is always close to Kaori and Shizuku so the other girls are hesitant to confess their feelings. Still he is a very popular guy that gets confessed to at least twice a month from all over.

He is muscle brain that does not care about the finer details in things. The eyes he has shows playfulness and sharpness. Ryutaro is a very hot blooded individuals that like others that put in effort like him, he does not like Hajime because of his lackluster approach to life.

Even now, he choose to ignore Hajime. Kaori is not just trying to bother you. Rather please just leave me alone! I wanted to argue with him, but there would be more trouble if I did. There was no use in arguing with Kouki because he always felt he was right. He was already practicing his skills, and all his hobbies were perfect for his plans. Hajime did not feel like changing his life style because he had given serious thoughts about it already. How to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english Kaori had not taken an interest in Hajime, he would have lived a quiet student life.

Therefore, laughingly, Hajime let it go. However, the goddess of unawareness secrets to seduce a woman a bomb again like always. The male students glared and clenched their teeth with Saki at that. Hajime took this time to look up at the sky to escape the awkward situation. At that place the person with the best understanding of people, Shizuku, secretly apologized to Hajime.

At that time the bell chimed to signal the start of class, as their teacher entered the classroom, how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english. The teacher conveyed the usually information. And, Hajime started his daydream, while the class started.

Looking at that Hajime, Kaori smiled, Shizuku just grinned, males were clicking their tongues, girls were directing a gaze of scorn. Since it was a habitual sleep, he had a timing of when to wake up. The kind of feeling he got, signify that it was lunch break, how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english. Hajime raises his face from the desk and takes out his basic lunch with a rustling sound. Looking around the people who were buying food were already out the class, so the number of people in class were decreasing.

Immediately, Hajime tried to take a nap after eating his lunch. However, a certain goddess would not all it, for Hajime she was the devil, smiled as she approached his desk. No, who do you pay attention to me now? Without meaning to, an unknown dialect almost escaped from his mouth. Hajime tried to refuse.

However, I have already finished eating so why not join the others? You only ate that much? Kouki just laughs at that and starts to just chat it up. Already, these guys are in their own worlds. Please someone from another world summon him. In front of his eyes, a complex array of snow white circles appeared before him.

The students also noticed this weird phenomenon. He watched as the patterns shined and the force that held him started to hold the other students, he thought it was a magic formation. The magic formation got gradually brighter and soon expanded to the size of the whole classroom. When the students finally processed the situation they tried to move and scream. The light covered the classroom for a few seconds, then a few minutes. When it cleared no one was left in the classroom.

The classroom was devoid of human life but all their belongings, that were not on them, were left behind. He is a muscle brain that does not care about the finer details in things Hmm…how should I say this?

This…is in dire 100 ways to pick up chicks of a proofreader.

Small mistakes sprinkled throughout the chapter. Aside from that, interesting first chapter. Lol annoying as all Hell. One example was veteran spelt as vetran instead Too late, I already stopped reading.

I would just ignore the post, there is nothing we can do about the poor quality of the translations as the translations were originally done for people who have very low standards a community who read mtls or spoilers.

And of courses, how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english, once a translation exist, no one typically will bother to redo the work even if it is bad unless they care that much for the series. Some…no, truthfully, I have a lot of suggestions to make. Almost late as usually, you should come earlier. Suggestion C: Change the sentence in a way that will be better than my suggestions. When he was about to moving away he was frozen.

All but their belongings that were not on them were left behind. However, if so, at least I tried. Maybe what confused you was the mc inner thinking?

It was all machine translated, so it gave me a severe headache, but hopefully new version will be up right after I contact Cat. Female beauty ; Shirasaki Kaori. Kaori female friend: Yaegashi Shizuku. Handsome Shizuku childhood friend: Amanogawa Kouki. Or maybe Mushoku Tensei? So, what the heck is a Kimoota? Thanks for bringing me here. I look forward to the adventure getting to this series pretty late, just got into a bunch of similar LNs recently Tate no Yuusha, Overlord, Re:Monster.

Like wtf, study a bit before writing oh my god. Most people, at this time of the week would sigh, but there was always people who would mess with him every time.

Furthermore the glaze was so piercing. Hajime just gives a bitter smile. It starts off slow, but picks up and becomes much better early on. However, after the first action arc, it all goes downhill again and only gets worse. Who cares what other people think? Anyways the opportunity ended so soon lol This translation made my brain hurt, please do something about all the mistakes.

Did he just want to save some members of the class? Just seems like a irrelevant point atm. Might as well had the whole class summoned. Man… such bad translating… or rather, such bad editing. No more than an hour or so for every chapter that comes out. Should be less worried about getting the chapter out as fast as they can and more worried about giving a quality translation, free or not. If not, then just leave it to someone else who will take the time to get it right.

Really breaks any immersion that was built up and makes me not want to read anymore. Subscribe and you will receive an email every time Japtem releases a new chapter. News Private Policy Reader Facebook Twitter Blogger Dropbox Email. Did you play games all night again? Was it an eroge I wonder? Staying up all night to play eroge is super disgusting. The answer was a girl. If I had voiced it, I have no doubt that someone would take me behind the gym….

When I attempted to end the conversation there, three students got closer to us. Really, Kaori is really kind. The name of the girl that greeted him, from the three, is Yaegashi Shizuku. To their greetings, Hajime just gives how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english bitter smile. Once again, a disturbing atmosphere filled the classroom, Hajime scream in his heart. As I said that, I showed her my empty lunch pack that was completely gone. However, such a low level refusal was not enough to stop the Goddess from trying.

Give me a break! Suddenly my saviors appeared, when I started to produce a cold sweat from the increasing pressure. What are you unable to allow? Hajime complained to himself and let out a sigh. Hajime tries to escape reality. The world would later call this a Spirited Away incident, but that is for another time. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

Poor random unlucky guy… you were the first…. Well, well, well, who do we got here? He is a muscle brain that does not care about the finer details in things.

Hmm…how should I say this? One example was veteran spelt as vetran instead. I just had a look at the raws. Someone needs to fix this. Too late, I already stopped reading. I do blame japtem, because you posted this two years aduit friend and the translation is still as bad as it was.

Thanks for the translation translators! Many thanks towards the Author!! I hope my suggestions are not containing grammatical or spelling errors. Really, I should stick how to pick up girls in a dungeon volume 7 english making suggestions in brackets again….

Is the new ver up already? BTW, I had to write that to avoid a headache from the name dropping in the beginning:. Main character : Hajime. Muscle man Kouki best friend: Sakagami Ryutaro.

You forgot Aiko Hatakeyama. Er, Asterisk, I meant. And the epic adventure begins. I look forward to the adventure. Is this machine translated? Is this MC strong as me? Is this Machine TL? For most people, at this time of the week would sigh. Most people, at this time of the week would sigh. The eyes he has calgary swinger playfulness. If ur unsure about this novel, hear me out.

Here i am again…. Anyways the opportunity ended so soon lol. This translation made my brain hurt, please do something about all the mistakes. And what is a Zawatto…? Ah, I like Disqus comment section. You are not logged in. Novel copyrights held by their respective authors. Facebook Twitter Blogger Dropbox Email error: Content is protected!!

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