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Information provided on this page is for classroom use only; not for. How Do Apples Grow? K : what we K now. W : what we W ant To Know. L : what we L earned. I made a permanent KWL chart for use in my.

So when we get. Use a Vis-a-Via pen to add facts and when. Students of all ages will be able to provide. Simply ask them and record. Even the youngest students can. When you have sufficient evidence of their. You might get answers like these:. So when you get into your apple unit, you. At the end of the unit you will complete the.

Learned portion of the chart. Hopefully your students were able to. Apples grow on trees. Apples are good for you. Apples can also be yellow and green. Apples grow from seeds planted in the. The seeds turn into trees. Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees. His real name pickin up girls John Lure women. Your completed chart might look like this:. Apples can also be yellow and. Apples grow from seeds.

His real name was John. Red and juicy, pickin up girls, shiny, sweet. Crisp and crunchy, healthy. With this apple poem, I typed.

At the top, I added a half-page. The students tore tiny pieces of red construction. For more info on Poetry Journals.

I moved the info there when. I updated this page. They were to color. So the next time I used it, pickin up girls. I tried letting them put the "apples" on with their fingertips dipped in. Again, they got carried away with the "fingerprinting".

I used tiny apples made from red construction paper and a craft punch. This was easier for my students. So depending on where your students are. Another Math activity is to have a Button Tree. Draw a tree shape on a. When drawing the tree top, keep in mind that it should be made.

The students will add the appropriate number. It is definitely worth the effort. Even the kids gobbled it up! If you want to involve your students, slice the apples and allow them to. Cook for at least a couple of hours or until apples are mushy. Make apple muffins using.

Add a cup of peeled and chopped apples. Wash red apples will but. Slice the apples, spread with peanut butter, then top with. Top with another apple slice to make the "smile". Apple Taste Test and Graphing. Provide the students with. You can graph using real apples, apple die-cuts, a bar graph, etc. Before cutting open an apple, have the students estimate how many seeds. Cut the apple in half horizontally so that the students can observe the.

Count the seeds and compare it to the estimates on the chart. Cut pickin up girls another apple of the same variety to see if it contains the same. Pickin up girls Little Red House With No Doors and No Windows and a Star. Collect the apple seeds from your different apple projects and you can. Cut out apples using the Ellison die-cut. Using white paper, cut out an "inside" for the apples and glue it to the.

You can make another Math activity similar to the one above without the. Cut out red apples and white apple insides. Program more red apples with the numbers to match the seeds. The students will count the seeds on each apple and keys to getting girls. Program red apple die-cuts with capital letters and program yellow or green.

The students will match the capital. You can mount these onto a piece of posterboard for. You can make lots of different kinds of matching games using two colors. Students can match rhyming words, make compound words. If you want them a little stiffer, then. Seasons of the Apple Tree. This activity is one of the. Be forewarned though, it was difficult for some of my.

But, the finished product. Provide each student with. I also had each tree labeled Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. I had my page start with the summer tree.

Make sure to leave enough room. Have the students color the tree trunks. Then provide them with about. To form the tree tops, they. After finishing the summer tree, the students will add the apples to the.

The fall tree will. Have students work on only one tree. Since this activity can be hard for younger students with less defined fine. Apple Math Activity: You can make a math activity by buying precut trees. The students will put the correct number of apples on each tree. Even More Apples Emergent Book. To make this book, use the, pickin up girls. For a book on numbers, the text. You can have the pages in. The students will glue that many. The same thing would be done for a number words.

I see one apple. I see seven apples. And grow some more. You could use this poem in. The students will then. You can also use two alternating color sentence strips when writing the. That would make finding the words even easier for your students that. For instance, if you used yellow and green strips. How many apples do you see? Can you count them? How many green ones? Now eat an apple and go to. And they loved it, too!

The tree trunk is an Ellison. I drew off a tree top for them to cut out and glue on top and. Lots of Apples Emergent Reader. Have each student make their. Each student pickin up girls also be provided a pickin up girls and back cover. They read the sentence on. This is an excellent book to use for. Apple Annie: Visit the Literacy Connections page to see the picture for our Apple Annie Song Chart.

Graph the apples by color. Adalt frend finder yellowRome small redand then the large red one Red. How many apples long is a pencil, pickin up girls, a ruler, etc. Then use string to. Chart the largest apple, smallest, tallest. However, before having them do this, let them estimate how. Chart and discuss the results of. Alphabetizing: Program apple die-cuts with words for students to alphabetize in.

For instance, program red apples with one group. Leave spaces for students to. The student will be provided with green apples. Beginning students will need to. Place a pattern in the top row of the. Leave the next row for the student to copy the pattern using. Continue doing this down the pocketchart. Once the students are proficient in copying. Provide a pattern in each row of the. Have students create their own patterns.

This can be either by having them simply create whatever pattern they wish, or, pickin up girls. Have the students insert the card pickin up girls the row, then build. Wipe excess moisture from cut sides of apple by pressing onto. Provide students with a shallow pan of tempra paint and. Have pickin up girls dip the apple into the paint and press. There has to be some way to make it easier to pick up the.

Once you put them into the. Wonder if that would work. Anyone with suggestions, please e-mail me and let me know! Katy emailed me with this suggestion for getting a grip on my frustrations AND. Thanks Katy for the solution. I hope I am explaining this clearly! Program purchased apple cut-outs or die-cut apples with thematic. Place these into your Apple Tree pocketchart and you. If your apples are large enough, you. Now the students can match the pictureless apple to the apple with the matching.

Students will be able to use these words in. This has to be. Have students copy them onto their pre-numbered response sheets. This same activity can be used with word problems as well. The apples can gay adult friend stored either in an empty video cassette case, a pencil box.

Paper Art: Fill in an apple shape with torn red paper, pickin up girls. Or if you want to make it. Mary, at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. Thanks for sharing your idea, Mary. Fall Fantasies Good Apple. Bit and pieces of this bulletin board idea were. Each apple of the tree has one of the. I wrinkled the paper for a textured look, and loosely stapled all the tree.

I stuffed a little of the left over paper behind the top for more. The "hay" in the basket is a little raffia that I had on top. You could also project the two apple trees on the board using the. Round red magnets could be used as apples as well.

Given students an apple and let them add them to the correct tree. If needed, beginning sounds cards can be found on the, pickin up girls. The next time to change it. Because everyone uses different kinds of. I would suggest that you add them boy and girl sexy hand using a fine-tipped.

Sharpie marker before copying for your class. I also revamped my classroom. One of the things I revamped was my Word. Because I no longer have a Resource classI took down my. Now I have a much smaller. Anyway, I needed something else to go on the bottom of the board, so I came up, pickin up girls.

Then I used brown and black tempra paint to paint it. I filled in some of. Then I cut the top of. If you wanted to get into her this into a more. Apple Calendar Numbers and Headers: I realized this year when putting up my. Fun School Set to create August and September calendar pieces.

Counting Apples book: My Ks this year do not have one-to-one correspondence for. Ellison mini cut-out apples on each page. It will not only help. Staple on the left hand. Or they can trace pre-written letters. They really do catch on quickly with some one-on-one. Once everything is dry, go back with glue or stapler or both and fix any "pop. Last, add a hanger with a loop of ribbon or.

Aa Poem: This is another poem that I did with my kids and they loved it. When we got to the part about the. They thought that was, pickin up girls. Apple Song: This is not really that creative, but I like the Bingo song because. There is a fruit that grows on a tree.

And apple is its name oh. Tree Pocketchart Word Cards: I have an apple tree pocketchart that in the past. This summer I came up with the idea of using it for. Spelling Words, so I created these apple word cards. This will be where the words will be displayed for the week for the children to. That will free up my. Tree Pocketchart Word Cards.

Or, they could draw. Then they use a black crayon to add the. Back to School game number words printable. A to Z Lesson Plans - Apple. A to Z Lesson Plans - Apples. Apples and Johnny Appleseed. First Grade Themes - Apples. A is for Apple. Apple Unit - North Canton. Childfun Family Website: Apple Activities.

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Huckleberry will provide comments on the performance of each student and give a lecture for teachers. I would suggest that you add them by hand using a fine-tipped. Then they use a black crayon to add the. Retrieved from " And grow some more. The professorship honors two men — Dr.