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Games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon

games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon

Play games from Disney Channel, Disney XD, movies, Princesses, video games and more!. have action games, adventure games, arcade games, driving games, girls online, puzzle games and shooting games. We added new free online games.
Cooking Games Cooking Games ยป Baking Games for Girls You'll jump for joy when you see what you can bake with our baking games! With all the cupcakes, muffins, pies.

Welcome to Girl Gamesthe largest free game site made just for girl gamers! This month we have some amazing games like Flower BoomTumble! The Little Girl and New games are added every Thursday, so check back for all the latest free games online! Girl Games - Play Free Dress Up, Cooking and Decorating Games Search for Games: Play Frozen Anna and Elsa Games!

All of the characters are special here because they were made by you, for you! The Little Girl Try to help the little girl to get her food, be careful with the wolf! Flower Boom Control and move a snake avatar around a dark space, eat dots, defeat and consume other players to grow the avatar into the biggest and longest in the instance of the game.

Discover the wonders of the world! Princess Aria: The Curse Help princess Aria find the hidden objects in the castle, defeat the witch and save the family. Royal Story Defeat evil, build your kingdom and become the loveliest princess in this fairytale land! Sell items and as you grow, more items will become available, and the more busy your shop will become! Family Barn The most enjoyable farming experience online! You will begin with a plot of land which you will expand by farming, caring for animals and managing resources.

Work with friends to achieve your goals. Toto in the Frozen Land Can you help Toto to save all his friends in this Frozen land? Take your trusty pickaxe and start hacking away at the rocks and blocks as y. Stick Pou Adventures Pou is on stick-tastic adventures! Adventures of Spongebob Spongebob has been cloned!

Together you must make your way out of these crazy levels! But be careful, when you move away from a block. The block will fall! Make sure you cover him correctly, because even the slightest drop of alien toxic will destroy his suit! Whack my Phone Whack your virtual phone! Pick any phone from the main menu and destroy them just the way you feel like!

Penguin Adventure Your goal is to help penguin mama find all her chicks. Use your skill to collect fish on the way to score points, avoid obstacles and enemies and try to stay alive! Pokemon Tower Defense Hot Game Start your own pokemon adventure and save the land and all the pokemon from Team Rocket!

Dream Fields Dream with these magical fairy creatures! Create a fabulous fairytale world for these proud puppies, funny foxes, and save their lovely forest home from the villains! You and your friends spent the entire night playing games and having fun before falling into a deep sleep. When you awoke from your d.

This wacky entrepreneur has gone on another wild adventure and needs you to work at his pancake shop. Moshling Boshling The glumps are known for their insatiable appetite for cake, and Dr.

Strangeglove has decided to use this to his advantage. Strangeglove is always looking for new ways to give the Moshi Monste. Bad Piggies Online Prepare these Bad Piggies for their own wild adventure! Cut the balloons loose, combi. Freeze water, avoid oil, and douse flames to help this cute couple escape. Remember, the only way out is up.

Plan and play with Fire Boy and. Angry Birds The Angry Birds are back, and this time, they are Chinese! Shoot those flappy birds across the ma.

Stop the roaming undead with freeze guns, one-of-a-kind grenade launchers, or spinning s. Do you make gem matches in your dreams after playing this delightful game?

Shine the spotlight on the different jewels and connect all of those. From cooking up a storm in the kitchen to unwrapping a pile of presents, there are plenty of opportunities for clutter to build up during the holida. Baby Hazel Christmas Time Baby Hazel is preparing to celebrate her first Christmas by decorating the house and wrapping presents. Froggy Jumps This leaping frog wants to get across the lake, but it has to jump from lily pad to lily pad to make it there without getting wet.

Use your math solving skills to answer the math problems provided. Well, get your mops to wipe up that fruit a., games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Sarah wants to go out and party with her friends, but her parents have ordered her t. Muscular Rush Physical fitness is a great way to stay healthy and feel great. This athletic girl loves to train very hard at the gym. Questopia The future is a never ending maze full of mummies, monsters and goblins.

Choose your class and venture through, killing all who cross your path and looting their bodies for upgrades. Launch a campaign of epic blood shed and heroic victory while defending your homeland from the evils of the outside world.

Upgradeable everything and never ending evolution make. Wentworth Wentworth is a really lazy cat. But now, Wentworth is six months behind schedules, and he. Relic RPG Once a member of the royal guard in charge of guarding the few remaining holy relics left behind by the lost gods, Fjor was among the guard that was attacked when three strangers in azure robes sto.

Treasure Island How would you fair on a treasure island? Well, these valuable treasures are hidden from view, so only a treasure hunter like you can find them. Use your magnifying glass to plot out a course and. Alien Education People are stupid! And now the only way to educate these arrogant apes in the ways of the universe is to abduct them, carry them away, and destroy their entire society.

Launch the dogs through the air, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon, and attack the var. Running a quaint bed and breakfast is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work!

Dungeon Developer Be the dungeon, control the dragon! Set traps, place gold and lead this hapless band of adventurers directly into the claws of giant bats, zombies, skeletons, ogres and other underworld fiends! Little Protectors Smash penguins, zombies, snowmen, the grim reaper, aliens and other ghouls in this all to cute and addictive tower defense! Feed, groom, and care for speed dating pua assortment of cute animals in this farm adoption game.

Run, fly, swim and win in this hot new sequel. Take care of your garden and keep it healthy with water and fertilizer then harvest your crops for money to put back into. Take their order and serve them before time runs out and they go hungry! Sun and Fun Help this charming hostess take care of her guests at this happening summer spot! Serve up smiles, ice cream, cotton candy and summer time drinks while making some love connections and collecting t. Gone to the Dogs Adopt a dog and whip it into shape for the big race.

Pick out trainers, food, treats, collars and bet on or against your dog as you train and race your pup to victory. Start off in Games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon and serve local delicacies quickly and with a smile then take your restaurant on. Clan Wars: Goblin Forest Build and breed a mighty army of blood thirsty goblins to protect your own stronghold and destroy your rivals! Upgrade your tower and its cannons, advance the armor and attacks of your troops and c.

Cover Orange PP Hide your Oranges and Apples! Rescue a Chicken Some of your feathered friends have found themselves in quite the predicament! Click on the bails of hay to help guide them out of harms way and into the waiting basket. Amuse Park Design, construct and manage your own Amusement park, make millions in the fast paced world of Ferris wheels, bumper cars and haunted houses!

Keep your customers happy and have fun. Towerburg The king has asked you to help him build his empire beyond the clouds. Construct a series of mighty towers from the ground up using only a crane and your keen hand eye co-ordination. Omega Crisis The human civilization is under attack from evil aliens! Armed with the Experimental Omega Cannon and the most advanced galactic defense technology and resources, your duty as Commander is to prote.

Pet Caring Game This adorable adoption center needs your help taking care of cute kitties and puppies. Feed them, play with them and pet them when they need love. Take out their litter and keep them safe, happy an. Your job is to use flame throwers, electro lasers, bombs and flak guns to stop them from breaking through our defenses and ravaging everything we hold dear.

Sweet Hamster This cute little ball of fun needs someone to help him with a few things like eating, bathing and cleaning up his cage! Its not all work though, have fun in the running wheel or relax in the living. Duck Life Run, Fly, Swim! Seasons of War Doggy Shelter These poor pooches are in need of some tender loving care. The Forest Temple - Fire Boy and Water Girl Hot Game Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in their adventure! Control both characters at the same time to solve platform puzzles!

Activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect. And as the owner operator of a cake and candy specialty shop!

Its your job to keep the good people of Yummyville well fed! They can be picky though or in a rush. Diner City Hot Game Start your own restaurant business, make lots of money and beat your competitors! Cute Baby Nursery Pay attention! This beautiful bundle of joy needs you to change, feed and play with her. As you get better at your job more babies will be added to your care.

Help Heather pamper clients around the world! Werebox Geometry is yours to transform and command in this mixed up puzzle game of physics and the supernatural. Your city has been invaded by transforming red wereblocks! Its up to you and your boys in bl. My Sweet Dog ALeanr all about your new puppy as he grows up, feed and take car of him till he gets old enough to learn fun tricks!

Puppy Salon Pamper some of your cutest four legged friends at the trendiest new pet spa in town. Pedicures for their little puppy paws, baths, haircuts and more are on the agenda for today as you take care of.

Defend Your Honor The king has offered command of his vast army to the Man or Elf who returns his missing Golden Statue. Civilizations Wars Civilization is hardly civilized. When war with giant scorpions and turtles breakout, there is no time for please or thank you. Lead your army through a campaign of victory against ever increasing.

Pony Kindergarden Feed, comfort and care for these cute pet ponies as they go off to kindergarten. Legend tells of a small warrior who will save the kingdom. Enjoy this action RPG with tons of fun and challenging boss battles! Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Defend your empire against wave after wave of enemies trying to burst your bubble! Use your upgradeable tanks to hold back the onslaught and travel through multiple levels of bad guys and terrains.

Civets Odyssey Join the adorable Civet on a puzzling Odyssey through adventure, danger and riddles. Thwart the attack on multiple worlds with real time upgrades and an ever changing battle honed strategy. Hold your Ground Build a tower to defend your king and his guards from an onslaught of cannon balls and sling shots. Place masonry stones, adjust for wind and raise a mighty fortress, immune to even fireballs! Romance Maker You can make love happen! Piece together the elements of a darling love story and then watch it all unfold.

Fortress Gaurdian: Horde of Arrows The Dark Orcs are upon us! Halt their march first with a volley of arrows. For those who skulk their way through the onslaught and dare seige the castle with their villainy offer them the cold, sur. Hotel Management Welcome to your brand new job is to serve your customers, and to do it quick!

Keep them happy and they will tip you well. And day by day improve your hotel. Snomageddon There is an uprising of snowmen! Mutated and evil they are attacking your hometown and it is up to you to stop them cold in their tracks. Box Office Turn your box office into a huge enterprise.

Upgrade, sell to customers and make lots of money! Will you help take care of his shop and customers while he is gone? How to Raise a Dragon Choose every aspect of the life of a dragon, including its appearance, its abilities, and how it treats the humans around it. You can choose to become a benevolent guardian, a fiery tyrant, a necro. Big Battle: Tanks Side-scrolling turn-based heavy metal carnage is back! This time with more weapons, larger explosions and earth-shattering SFX!

You have to play with the baby, feed her, bathe her and much more. If you click on the baby you can see if she is healthy and happy. You can earn mon. Creeper World Training Simulator Many worlds have fallen to the Creeper and now the final stronghold is under attack.

You will receive proper training so you can fight this scourge. Defend Odin city from the approaching mass and. Level Editor Reach the exit and collect as much coins as you can! Sneaky Texting School is for texting.

Pet Restaurant Your tiny cute customers keep coming, so hurry up, earn some honest pocket money serving them their favorite dishes! After the Party All of your friends agree that the party you have thrown last night was a super success except it left a huge mess! Gazzoline Deluxe Pump gas, attend customers, and make a fortune running your very own gasoline station! Rise of the Tower Raise your tower ever higher in the sky as wave after wave of opponents try to bring you down!

Let it Glow Make the right connections, complete a circuit and feel the energy flow through you! Shopping Street Start your own retail business and earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow! Suntan Rush Help these sun seekers get the perfect tan, avoid getting burned and most of all have a fun safe time in the sun! The quicker you serve them their favorite carrot juice, the higher is the chance to make the bunny happy and to get your precious coins!

Hill Defender Incoming hostiles are little more then sitting ducks as you sit back aim and let your auto fire cannon take out any threat. Whether waves of infantry marching up hill, the steel tombed tread and dr. Max Damage You control a high powered canon cause the most damage to win!

Heros Arms An action and magic filled quest in a far off land. If you like Zelda then you are going to love this game. Help her bake fresh breads, groom cute pets, style hair and create tasty ice cream treats! Eridani Eridani is a space based real time strategy where you build your base round the edges of planets. Mine resources from asteroids to build various combat ships and interplanetary missle that are fire. You can do wonders! Draw your way through the colorful world of your notebook, and reveal important secrets of the painting!

Elite Forces: Defense Hot Game There are games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon playable heroes on the map that will assist you in your defense. Ice Cream Factory Use this factory to make the ice cream in a fun, fast way that all of the customers will enjoy. Our hero decides to go for a ride but things go horribly wrong as parts of the machine are scattered across time. Interact with the environment, solving puzzles and. Orblisk Hot Game Fight your way through an unlimited amount of enemies by attacking them with either the Wizard, Monk, Ninja, Warrior, Ranger or Necromancer.

Be prepared to upgrade your strengths if you wish to sta. Epic Battle Fantasy A addictive turn based fantasy strategy game follow the directions in-game and enjoy! Territory WAR Stake your place in the field of stick man battle and ensure that no group of sticks stands against you! Capture the high ground and rain grenades, sniper fire, or boots onto your enemies! Buy weapons and armour, upgrade your abilities, and earn.

Multi Sum Draw a line to connect numbers that add up to match the Magic Number. Connect to the bonus orbs to earn extra time and get a score multiplier.

Test your skills as a super nanny playing this fun gi. Lead your people to freedom by choosing the best possible strategy. Cake Lover Prepare and sell cakes, learn new recipes and buy upgrades with the money you are making and the dating coach movie online you earned enough you can just take over the entire cake house and travel to a new, more challengin.

Lead your troops and try to win the battle. Fafu The Ostrich RPG Save the world from the evil leopard demon in this fun action rpg! Well now is your chance to run your own shop and make ton. Yellow Cat Ice Cream Help cute Kitty here and make sure the Yellow Cat restaurant will have the best customer services and the tastiest ice creams in town! Savage Save the princess, kill dragons, and capture the flag in this amazing RPG-RTS game! Artifission Celtic Village Ever wanted to control a village?

Well, now you can! Backyard Buzzing Build your own bugz army and take over the entire backyard. Hollywood Perfect Hair All the teen stars from Hollywood like to get their hair done at the Hollywood Perfect Hair Saloon! Are you up to the task? Solve puzzles, collect and combine items and meet strange characters. Train yourself by fighting an assortment of enemies, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Raise your skill level and be the best Bleach you can be.

Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior It was dark, as dark as night could be. Somewhere, nearby, the smell of burning timber and thatch gave air a sort of pleasant stench, that and of course the smell of blood.

Swords Saga A sword-fighting RPG game. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Zelda: Seeds of Darkness Sonny As a zombie fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world. Feudalism Feudalism is a part RPG and part combat game. Your hero begins as the ruling force of a small town and must conquer the entire known world one village or city at a time. Stick RPG A stick RPG where you may get educated or fight at bars. Use Boxmen A fun platform adventure puzzle game.

Try and find a way to the exit point by casting simple-minded clones to do tasks for you, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Sounds organic-fertilizer.infoe it is! Bernstein blames you for losing the money. You call the shots in this choose your own adventure game with multiple paths and endings. Ginger Dawn The world needs more redheads. Your mission is to help our flame haired heroes spread their recessive ginger genes. Tank Wars Move your tank around with the arrow keys and fire.

Solar Chiefs ONLINE Multiplayer strategy war game. GemCraft Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to. Ant War Did you ever want an ant farm, ever get ants loose all over your home?

Start a simple anthill and grow into an amazing ant empire. All new tournaments, ranged weapons, magic spells and powerful new champions to battle. Coffee Tycoon Coffee Tycoon is caffeine powered coffee shop empire building fun. Choose from dozens of store upgrades and coffee recipes to customize your business.

Hewitt Help Hewitt find a girl for the dance in this awesome adventure RPG. Attack of the Furries Gekisen Gekisen is a game with limitless posibilities and strategic depth that will challenge your mental and decision making skills, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Never End Try to find your way out of this maddening maze! Rotate the room around in order to get to the exit! Dragon Conquest Pit your dragon against the computer dragons in this RPG dragon fighting game.

Strategy Defense Find and rescue Fayla family and destroy all the enemies of the Land of Doven. Omega Tower Defense Build lasers, missles, shock generators, slow fields and blade launchers to stop wave after wave of creep in this strategic tower defense game. Aliens: The Board Game A wicked round based Alien fighting game! Move your team and to command them to fire at those evil alien hordes just like in the movie!

Handpick the team to efficiently move from room to room and bypass all of the security systems. Assemble the right cre. The Adventures of Guy - RPG Wizard wants you to search for fifty magic stones for him! Battle Play this turn based RPG fighting game, a great time waster. In this role play game, you are Ray and the decisions you make will determine whether you will stay alive.

Full Moon Help this rabbit gets what he wants in this point and click adventure game. Now, over a year and a half later, the sequel is finally complete! Not only is thi. Every level has a solution!

World Domination Use tons of weapons and tricks to achieve total world domination. Gazzoline Attend your clients quickly games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon create the ultimate gas filling station. Pump fast to make mad cash! Goblins, Orcs and the dreaded dragons are all out to destroy your castle! Build up your factories, houses, upgrade, train troops from barracks, build towers and defend aga.

But as things go and time passed, the people exploited all resources, polluted the water, land and air an. Avenue of Death Many have failed in their quest to survive the tricks and traps along the Avenue of Death. You must collect coins and more importantly matches in order to escape the Avenue of Death. Protector: Reclaiming the Throne An evolution in defense gaming, Hire your units and manage their development as you destroy hordes of mindless creatures! Reclaiming the Throne adds many new ideas and enhances several old ones to., games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon.

There are two bosses tha. Baby Care Rush Babies are cute and lovable, but when there are so many of them, things can get pretty crazy. You have to feed, bathe and amuse all the babies that come into your daycare babysitting facility. The Day The Office Melted Set in a comic book style world, you play as Mr. Using your mouse to click on various objects, you must cool items down to stop your arch enemy Ms. Dee Hydration from melting the office. PUSH: The game Looking for a challenging puzzle game?

PUSH will take your spatial reasoning skills to the limit. Just nudge all the jewels and gems into the gray cubes to win. Warbears Use skills of four special agents to complete the mission of saving a bank from the robbers! Perfect Hair Can you manage a busy hair dressing salon and give all your customers a perfect hairstyle?

This is the Only Level Too Jumping spikes, repetition and simple puzzles in this fun fast moving action puzzler! This Is The Only Level The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left! Help him beat it in all his metagaming glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way th. Swedish Saveloy Quest game where you need to earn enough money games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon pay back the mob before they find you!

Lemonade World Sea of Fire Picnic Basket Defense The latest twist on the tower defense genre. You are having a picnic. The ants are attacking. You are going to have a hard time with the Termites and the Queen Ants. Sunshine Shopaholic Sunshine Shopaholic is a great shopping game. You will be able to choose one of games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon two characters and pick up all the items, managing to avoid all the obstacles that you run into in the street.

Only the strong will survive! Rotting Onslaught Survival horror meets real time strategy as you command marines against the undead hordes! Hunger Strike A strategy game similar to Tower Defense, but where you have to use your credits to buy and upgrade towers of fastfood to fire at the invading hordes of hunger pangs before they reach from your sto.

Spy a Solution and save Barry from the pit of unemployment! Brash Benson A retro-styled action puzzle-platformer. Cookie Tycoon Your objective is obvious, make the tastiest desserts on the planet and sell them to anybody and everybody! Hire and fire people, upgrade your store, train staff, make a profit. Elite Forces: Conquest Droids are threatening world domination and there are only a few humans left to stand up to them!

Defend key territories from an onslaught of merciless droids as you struggle to protect the preciou. Final Sustenance Mini RPG in a Final Fantasy style featuring Greghory. Can you avoid becoming lost in jail forever? Harry up, he has to go see Zelda! Monsters Den A party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG. Create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes.

Then battle to the depths of the dungeon, increasing in strength and finding pow. Happy Gardner Use your gardening and management skills to the maximum - grow fruit trees and sell the produce.

DotVille Try to build DotVille and make your citizens happy. Battleship Torpedo Attack Check out this cool battleship variation, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Revenge of the Stick A cool Stickman tower defense game, keep the Stickmen from escaping from the computer by setting up a good base defense! Smithys Quest Help Smithy get back his golden spork stolen from him by the evil clown in this humorous adventure game.

Remember to inspect everything with space bar. SuperManager Try and become a millionaire in this fun little supermarket simulator. Star Trap Star Trap is a combination between a space shoot em up and a strategy trading game. Fly between planets shooting aliens and grabbing loot and then trade on neighbouring planets for better weapons.

Evil Nights Can you save the people of Thruxton with your powerful magic spells? Tarnation Defend the garden from Tars, bugs made of tar that will pollute the water.

It has heroes, power ups, auras and a host of cool features to go along with the awesome graphics. Ramparts Build your defenses to stop the on-coming horde of monsters.

Select from four types of towers including poison and ice! Dotville Deluxe Be king of all dots in this fascinating strategy game! Collect colour fragments on your colour Lens to accumulate abilities used to destroy colourless fragments.

Warp to defeat fragments in both dimensions. Stick Bang The stick giants have long hated their kin. They are altogether an unpleasant lot who constantly war on one another. In this game your objective is to try to eliminate all your stick giant foes. Word Maze Find the letters in the maze in the correct order, make sure you avoid critters trying to get in your way!

Zelda: Lampshade Pumpkin Battle An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He must be stopped. Antbuster Ants found your picnic and want to steal your delicious cake!! Defend your food, placing cannons in the field to kill the ants.

Evolve your cannons to grow their fire power! How much you will survi. Inquisitive Dave Classic item collecting, problem solving adventure RPG! Explore your way through a strange world in this pixel-adventure RPG. Collect items and intera. Run his sweat shop in this fun and exciting tycoon like Christmas game.

The Greast Escaping Paris Help Paris Hilton avoid the guard and escape from jail! Sliding Penguin Pull the penguin and aim at the hoop, fun and simple!

Battle Star Empire Alien Craft Evil Aliens attacked our planet and you should stop them. You are the only hope for all Earth citizens.

Your brave soldiers and powerful tanks waiting for your commands to smash those evildoers. SpongeBob SquarePants Advance through this RPG with many odd and strange missions. Defcon : Minus is a fun defence game. You are the lone surviver of a raging battle and have to fight off the missiles. This time you will have even more ways of achieving World Domination. Spies, Diplomacy, Propaganda, or an all-out wa. Seven Deadly Sins Mild mannered Ed has been challenged to depart from his mild English ways and commit the seven deadly sins.

Enter the quiet English town of Gorpsdale and use your skill, guile and ingenuity to find. Murloc RPG Join Murk on his quest to prove himself to the Stranglethorn Murloc clan! Based on the popular leveling fodder in World of Warcraft, this game finally gives these unappreciated victims of low leve. Veterinary Girl Help Veterinary Girl keep these pets healthy, clean and happy. Take care of cute animals and nurse them back to perfect health!

Battlegrounds Lead your warriors through the mission and build a huge army. Do not let your soldiers die or you will lose. Pandemic Evolve, Games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon, Kill!

Pandemic is a game where you get to evolve you own biological virus and wipe out mankind! Turret Defense Start by defending strategic points and then use your mech to win the war!

Linion RPG Fellowship of Kings RPG Slay monsters, collect new armor and weapons, level up, and save the land of Waterdeep from Tarsis in this epic RPG. You job is to help him get it back.

Telepath RPG In this great role-playing game you play a Psy, someone with exceptional mental powers, who has been honing his skills at the Academy. Now that you have passed the final tests, the adventure has ju. The police are arresting random workers. And you, a minor worker, left in the dark about most things, are next.

Evade capture and work your. Kingdom Fire Epic Journey. Build your character how you want while learning tons of spells and battling hordes of Monsters. Be Unique Be Unique is a manic, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon, multiplayer, multiple-choice game where you score points for being different. Defender Defender is an Isometric defense game that merges multi-layer strategy with RPG elements.

Take command of one of three different kinds of sailing ships and try to make it all. It a strategic game with campaign and two player modes that you can customize!

Nimja Clanquest All hail the new leader of the Red Faction! Engage your military mind and unite the land under the crimson banner in Nimja Clanquest, an online strategy game. Attack enemy clans and earn money for. River War Based on the traditional Chinese board game Dou Shou Qi, River War is the simplest and truest form of two forces pitted against each other. Turn by turn you must move your units across the river to. Be an evil dictator or a hippy in this sarcastic take on the future!

Ball Dodging Xtreme How lucky do you think you really are? Pixel Monsters Pixel Monsters is a turn based battle game where the player must first design a monster which they will then use to battle against a series of computer controlled bosses. Star Defense Squad A slightly different type of defense game.

Protect the galaxy from the quasi-mean Commander. Build and upgrade probes to protect your main ship while asteroids and objects fly your way.

Insanix Keep on the move while you weave and dodge and pickup boosters along the way. The Coffee Party The man with the moustache over his nose is throwing a big party but all his guests are a bit late! Help them to make it to the party in time by giving them coffee! HogBor Help HogBor make it through each of the deadly levels. Dungeon Defender An interesting blend of Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, and RPG. Play as the Dungeon Master and send your minions to defeat the heroes!

It is more RTS-ish and has lots of new units, buildings, scrolling maps and such. As you play, more buildings will be avaible for you to build. You will also be. FlashCraft Build different towers strategically to keep the evil forces at bay. Critical Mass Place your cannons strategically and destroy the balls before they reach critical mass. Statbuilder At last, Statbuilder is back again for the first time.

Pandemic EoM A new Pandemic game! This one is just as addictive as the first. Arrows Move around your ball by pushing your cursor arrow into it facing the right direction, and pushing it into other arrows and fun obstacles, while avoiding the spikes!! Be warned though, sometimes th. Gauntlet Astrum Defense Astrum is a planet with high-grade deposit of uranium, the general trade resource.

Industrial Guild laid its forces over richest region of the planet, games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon. Defense Guild has sent you to protect the plan. Squares and Blades Squares and Blades is strategy fantasy combat at its best! Choose from one of four classes to do battle in an epic unfolding storyline.

Will you be the master of Squares and Blades or just another. Samurai Defense Defend your japanese town against hordes of enemies trying to destroy it. Agyta A RPG adventure like the older console RPGs. Fight brutal monsters, explore a new world and solve puzzles.

Mobile Weapon Zero This is a RPG where you are the pilot of a Mobile Weapon. Explore the world and upgrade your weapon in order to defeat the final boss.

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Defend Odin city from the approaching mass and... Omega Tower Defense Build lasers, missles, shock generators, slow fields and blade launchers to stop wave after wave of creep in this strategic tower defense game. Bake your way to the top! How Well Do You Know Buzz Lightyear? Its up to you and your boys in bl...

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In Block Movers you must move the green block to the exit. In each stage, use your desired toppings to decorate the cupcakes and make cupcak... You have a business to run, boss! Test your knowledge of coat of arms in Asia and Africa! Marry Me Cake Decorating With the momentum of their romance behind them he asked for her hand and she gave it freely. Help the queen create one of the most beautiful cakes Arendelle has ever seen. Shoot past the keeper and make a goal!! games like how to pick up girls in a dungeon