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How to pick up girls overweight

how to pick up girls overweight

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Lately, I’ve been telling my daughter when she comes up with a cool outfit. But, I think it’s important because she dresses for her own satisfaction, and not any. how to pick up girls overweight

No, really: scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness, from anxiety to psychiatric disorders. Can you name one male fat acceptance advocate? Here, have another cupcake. Here are advice on picking up girls steps we can take that, if implemented by enough men, will end the scourge of obesity in record time.

Fatties may get some sloppy, drunk sex from men, at the cost of being less likely to find love or a relationship with a man they respect. Life as a fat girl is effectively short-term pleasure, long-term pain.

Therefore, the easiest way to drive the point home is to stop validating fat chicks with your dick. Women, regardless of size, crave one thing above all else: attention. Starve the heifers of it. Treat them like you would treat a child molester or a card-carrying Nazi.

This includes your family; if your sisters, cousins or aunts insist on being losers, treat them like losers. Leftists and feminists labor under the delusion that character traits each exist in a vacuum. The reality is the reverse: the dumbest people in America are also the fattest. The racial group with the highest obesity rate, blacks, is also the one with the lowest average IQ ; Asians have the lowest obesity rate and the highest IQ.

The kinds of white people who are overweight or obese are the lowest achieving ones: rednecks, trailer park dwellers and Juggalos. Just organic-fertilizer.infoifying members of a marginalized group is kind of shitty.

The same lack of impulse control that would lead a girl to stuff her face until she resembles a wad of pizza dough would also lead her to stuff her vagina with cocks until her gunt is oozing with herpes sores.

The reason why women are urged to avoid drinking while pregnant is because alcohol causes physical and mental damage to unborn babies, aka fetal alcohol syndrome. Why should we treat fat pregnant women any different? Of course shaming works. Ever wonder how Chinese and Korean girls stay so skinny? I am a man with a dream: to live in a nation where the majority of women are thin and fit, as it was throughout most of human history.

With your help, that day can come again. Men of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your lunch! It explains what you need to have before you go chubby chasing, how to pick up girls overweight, where to find fat chicks, how to woo them with your culinary talents and more. Learn how to start a blog and make money from day one with this short guide. Filed Under: Fat GirlsSex I was fat, how to pick up girls overweight, got sick of it, lost weight.

Take all your meals and cut them in half. I get that geeks are more desperate, but there are limits. When I was practicing game for the first time I would how to pick up girls overweight it on any girl.

I need to write a rant post about that tumbler you linked to. Like… she has a choice to identify as obese? Fucking feminists literally do not make sense. If I had the looks, charm, and technique that Mr. PoC — Banging supermodels is tons of fun but occasionally it is nice to take a break and joke on some fat folk. This is something only we in the supermodel-banging community truly understand.

They have decent personalities and an ability to self-reflect, which is admirable. No wonder they act like bitches and assholes. I merely wonder why you waste as much as a second of your supermodel-banging time ranting about fat women?

Just date the girls you find attractive and get on with your life. Yet somehow I have managed to live a mostly productive, occasionally interesting life, and even been gasp! As for there being no fat Asian American girls, that is becoming less true every day.

I read that Mr. Forney is a big deal in the manosphere thing, gushing knowledge on alphacity, seductivity, lifestyle, philosophy and a whole bunch of other stuff too numerous to mention.

Then I check his website and the first thing I see is some yammer about fat women. It was like opening a book by Einstein expecting a paper on relativity and instead finding a long list of bellyaches about cottage cheese. Shamble on down thata ways, Nellie. I was fat my whole life, how to pick up girls overweight, until I took responsibility for my life. On the issue of where fat women exist in the game, he is merely setting out guidelines FOR OTHERS in the manosphere to consider. However fat girls are useful if you find yourself lost on Hoth at night without a shelter, you can just disembowel the fat girl and sleep inside her to stay warm until the search party finds you the next morning.

I figured that out by myself, decades ago. It has become anti-family and anti-man and pro lesbianism and feminist. Now fat girls are running supreme thanks to Hollywood and MTVhow to pick up girls overweight, and younger people these days are more dumb than every before. I hate what liberalism had done to our society. While that creature pictured at top of post is fucking nasty as hell, there are fatties out there not nearly as grossly fat but still fat enough to be gross at first glance, yet have cute faces.

I thought I would follow up here. I spent Memorial Day weekend out of town at an event. Of the overweight women there, one was someone I have known her entire life. Another young lady there really did have a pretty face, a great smile and an wonderful upbeat attitude. In shorts she also had thighs that were way beyond cottage cheese. Check any Tumblr or Blog. Who are they fingering themselves over? Male fatties like Jack Black and Patton Oswalt?

And genetics is just an excuse for not wanting to try. Stupid linked article on a feminist site made me laugh yesterday. Then dump the carbs of flour into it as well, how to pick up girls overweight.

Go out and find yourself someone who is attractive. Portland is one of the fittest cities in the country. Forget bars and clubs. Try an athletic club or join a coed sports team. Grab your bike and head for a trail. Jeez-Louise, you guys are such WHINERS; you are beyond hopeless.

I realize that some of your post is hyperbole and trolling, but still. What the how to pick up girls overweight is that all about? Your post confirms this theory completely. If her father or mother or doctor wants to counsel her on her weight, due to health concerns, they should do so. Where they do put in any effort, is constantly trying to drag everyone else down to their level. Fat mothers breed fat children then blame genetics rather than their unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, thereby continuing the cycle by not instilling discipline in their children.

Fat women will fatten up their friends to lower their sexual market value in an attempt at sabotage. Fat women will cockblock their more attractive friends out of jealousy at being overlooked. Why not mind your own business and let her mind hers? To say anything to her anyway just makes you. All of these claims probably apply to a minority of fat women.

To be hot and fuckable for men. No other goal is as lofty, right? This has absolutely nothing to do with concern over health, obviously. That might explain the fattie acceptance backlash. I wrote this post for my own amusement, and they were so offended that they felt the need to leave multiple tl;dr rants basically calling me an asshole.

You are not obese like the woman in the photo here, but you could stand to lose a few and firm the hell up. Maybe I have a fat chick phobia but for the life of me I cannot see how someone views that woman in the photo as attractive. A commenter above mentioned Mensa. How many CEOs are in Mensa?

Wow, another Mensa hater. I joined for social reasons. The local group where I live has become deathly boring, mainly because of changes in leadership, some of the other local groups are still a lot of fun. Yeah, there are a lot of geeks, nerds and otaku. What you might think is bragging about being smart is usually and expression of the deep passion they have for certain subjects.

Many members are a bit socially awkward, Mensa is a place that will at least accept them. Most of us men think this, but do we dare to say it or even act upon it?

To a fat fucking whale? This article is fucking retarded fat people are humans your tips are going to make the even more depressed and they would murder them selfs. U should be fucking ashamed if u think casting soneone eles out because they have imperfects.

Ur really a fucking dick for that u should look at ur self before adult contact website tell a fat girl something also fat girls or any girl shouldnt waste thier time with u Okay, I think I get it now.

This article is just a trap, right? Matt is either fat himself or ugly inside and out and is in total denial so of course, he bashes fat women to make him feel better about himself. And by the way, this article is fucking DISTURBING! But of course most men like it and agree with you adult wesites you are all IGNORANT SHALLOW ASSHOLES! Whenever I talk about following the paleo diet and going to the gym they yell at me and say I should eat a cheeseburger its like they want more members in their obesity club.

Bread products are the devil. This article and the following comments are very vulgar. Because in the end, having your head so far up your ractum, makes you a total douchebag. You cannot paint any group with one brush. Of course there are some troubled, overweight individuals, but there are many more That are not. I mentor Inner city kids, participate in PeaceJam and volunteer at a homeless shelter twice a month.

Not everyone is the same. I hope you learn to realize that. Are you sure that was a choice? Maybe no one wanted to date you…. I thought men like you lot were gone…or hid their distaste so much. I beg to differ, my mum is obese and she is EXTREMELY intelligent.

I was, yes I was, the big kid of the playground. I never wanted attention, I just wanted people to be friendly and kind, instead of laughing at my size. Girls, in general, obese or anorexic, hate it when people, especially boys, ignore them. They then start to pick faults at themselves. I know boys would normally think of changing it, but girls usually just sit and comfort themselves, crying and wondering where things went wrong.

You got fat, and everyone laughs at you and teased you, so to help the pain, you eat more. When you finally do, you see some of the weight drop off, so you eat some sweets, and some more, and a few more…and a bit more…and then you see the weight come creeping back on.

You stare at yourself in the mirror, hot tears rolling down your cheeks when you get in the shower, and what you see is a lump of lard with a double chin looking back at you…and you hate it. You hate it so much. You want to eat healthier and you start to, but temptations control your thoughts.

You wish you could just be skinner, and see no marks where your rolls sit, and no love handles. Matt, I feel bad for you man. Everything you said was cruel and NOT true!

You are a stereotyping bastard. Your the reason people are jerks to women of size! Dude Matt, no offense man but you probably fall into at least one of these categories:. You fell in love with a fat chick and she dumped your ass cause she found out you were a dumb ass with a tiny dick.

You are extremely ugly and the only girls you can get are fat ones and apparently there not your type. You are huge and hate yourself and your having fun pretending pickup on street your skinny. I bet you fall into all three!

Forney, you really have quite a few opinions about fat women. I have a gut feeling that you love big girls, and it scares the hell out of you. Just accept it, how to pick up girls overweight, and how to pick up girls overweight on. Nobody will make fun of you, how to pick up girls overweight, except mindless fools like yourself.

But this is a horrible thing to read. I have friends that are above average weight and none of them are sluts or any of the how to pick up girls overweight you have accused them of being, how to pick up girls overweight. And people wonder why women have serious insecurities about their appearances. You know fat people can always lose weight, I doubt you can do anything about you vile personality!! I have never seen so much stupid on the internet like there is in this blog and the responses.

Where are your sources, doctor? Also FYI, there are people who gain weight as the result of taking medication for depression and other emotional maladies. So, why do I blog about it?

Pretty simple, I do it because I learned to respect all people. I see that you direct most of your venom at fat women. So is it okay for men to be fat, but not women? Want to know why more women are involved than men are? You somehow think that women should have to deal with it.

I wonder what your thinner women friends would think if they knew you were so misogynistic? Can be found at I am sad for the skinny women who waste their time with you. Because god forbid something happens to them where they are no longer up to your standard.

You are going to live a lonely sad life. Bodies change, people change. And here is a shocker Matt, not all women in the world are there for you to fuck. A lot of us actually have men who are not self-absorbed assholes. Master of nursing- Dumb huh? Software engineer-What do you do? Kick boxing, Zumba, weight training and running. There is not a single lie here. Can you say the same about your idiotic diatribe? Wow i would love for someone to say that to my face.

Saying all this online. Your so fuckin brave arent you. Overweight people do not deserve this crap. First let me say that I by no means read this blog regularly. I think by writing this post you have demonstrated that you are a really terrible person.

And you are not it buddy. You are what is wrong with the world. I hope that you let any woman you are thinking about asking on a date read this before she makes her decision. Fuck faces like you guys, will be the ones who missed out. God Bless you all. I personally find some obese women really annoying. If how to pick up girls overweight bothered to do some research, you would know that being obese is actually very unhealthy.

Some people are born with it, some develop it later in life. Eh, this article is filled with ironclad arguments. Nothing more, nothing less. Fat women are a blight on society. Well i get your point, and i am fat. I can go on all day and argue, but you show your ignorance for yourself. If i may say, who gives a fuck about what you think, you are in a world with billions of people, and you think a bitch opinion matters?

You sir, might just be the scum of the earth. No really, do you say these things to your mother? Do you say these things to your friends? Are you the more bastardly brother of Barney from How I Met Your Mother? You are a rape sympathizer, a misogynist, and an overall POS. Go dunk your head in a fountain, stick it in your freezer, than go outside and stare into the void and think about what kind of sick and terrible things you condone.

This was by far the dumbest article I have ever read in my life. Forney have the lowest IQ to believe this. I am not overweight, but I respect all people for who they are.

I hope you and others with your same beliefs can do the same. Btw, I am an African American female who is the salutatorian of her high school class with an African american valedictorian at a predominantly Caucasian school.

You will thank me later when the guys you actually want to fuck start talking to you. Of course you do. I imagine you as the kind of girl who puts out saucers of warm milk for your neighborhood strays, looking on those hungry, mewling little faces with motherly adoration.

Maybe you are, maybe that could be miles from the truth. Regardless of this, your comments seem to come from a place of care and consideration. How then, could anyone then possibly disagree with your above statement?

Welcome to the manosphere. We traffic not in feelgood pablum but in brutal honesty. You can learn about the others if you start clicking around the links on this site. I want you to visualize the sheer terror in her eyes, a stunted tear rolling off one of her puffy cheeks as she staggers to the floor like a dropped ten-point buck.

Guess what the number one killer of women in America is? The silver and bronze medalists on that little blood-soaked list, cancer and stroke, are also scientifically linked to obesity:.

That said, what we have here is millions of women dying off prematurely because of obesity. Be thankful that men like Matt are out there fighting the good fight, because there is a lot more at stake that just a few hurt feelings.

Go ahead, find those figures for me, cupcake. If they have poor eating habits it is worse. The area under their breasts can really stink when they start to sweat. This is the most disgusting article I have ever read. Also some of these comments from people… is what is wrong with society. You talk about obesity being such a big problem but what about the HATRED that is pouring out of this how to pick up girls overweight It disgusts me that there are people like you in this world who just take us two steps back towards discrimination.

Also you talk about obese woman being terrible mothers? Go and look at ourself in the mirror then probably you will not look any better than the fattest woman on the whole earth, idiot! I just read my entire philosophy on fat women, written by another man. I shame fatties every single day, every single chance I get. Theyre a plague on humanity, and in my opinion, how to pick up girls overweight, they have no right to be here.

Its EXACTLY what they need. I realize there comes a time when one must take responsibility for their self. He has slimmed up to a normal, healthy weight. I exercise, I eat healthy and I am still unable to lose any more weight. And now I have all this disgusting, loose skin. I understand why you feel the way you do about fat women. I am not mentally ill, I am not a rude or bitchy person, and I may not be the most intelligent person on the planet but I am far from stupid.

I disagree with your opinions on shaming women into losing weight. Plus making a fat woman feel bad about being fat will more than likely lead to her eating more and more. I already loathe myself and am disgusted with my appearance quite enough without you trying to make me feel even worse about it.

We aim to displease. The entire time I read this, I was thinking… hmm. Clearly an unthinkable concept. Who wrote this like what did a fat girl break your heart lollolol? She did actually, by sitting on your chest until you passed out from asphyxiation. Spread the love, stop the hate. I wonder how long it takes for somone to sue you…. I have no words for how this makes me feel….

I certainly hope you dont have children…or if you do that you do not subject them to this kind of hatred. I used to be a size zero…and watched friends waste away, so terrified they would be bullied like this…men AND women.

Sex or weight is not important, unless you are the person in question. If you dont like obese people, dont look, and keep it to yourself please. What the fuck am I even reading? Actually, I can, scratch that. Some people actually like girls for their personalities, etc and not only their looks.

Please, do the world a favor and slit your throat. God, but the comments. Matt, you are so mean. And I am sick of this MEAN MEAN WORLD!!! I used to be fat ,but people like you are so so mean and kept on insulting me!! I was forced NOT TO BE FAT!! Now I am more attractive, girls stare at me, I can deadlift two to three times my bodyweight, and my blood pressure is always on the normal range. AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!! WHY DID I HAVE TO CHANGE!!!! WHY CANT I HAVE A CHOICE IF I WANT TO BE FAT OR NOT.

YOU GUYS ARE SICK AND IF I HAPPEN TO LIVE LONGER, AND HAVE MORE SEX NOW THAT I AM NOT FAT,. I BLAME YOU MEAN ASSHOLES!!! GROW UP All the proclamations about obesity being unhealthy are sincere. Who cares what we think?

Morbidly obese women are everywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador. Not that I like super-skinny supermodels, either. I expect all women to be healthy lean, curvaceous and beautiful or at least try to make the most of their natural assets. Too many women are in poor shape in a society that emphasizes being skinny. Sadly, a lot of teen and tween girls are heavy for their age. You preach the gospel, how to pick up girls overweight, sir. It was one of the side effects from the drug I was using.

I have a great sense of humor, but damn it, my fatness automatically makes me unfunny. I just defied the laws of gravity. I should be burned. The stares and remarks I got were awesome! Lock this hosebeast up! My doctor says I have an uphill battle losing weight, because my body is so messed up.

So being in a deep relationship with you would be a huge risk, cuz God knows what will happen to your significant other: pregnancy, side effects from drugs, cancer, hormone problems, etc… Good luck! Finn, stop getting so defensive. Obviously this article was not directed at people like you who put on weight due to legitimate health issues.

They need to be called out for the useless, slothful, gluttonous pigs that they are. I think you are a visionary. I advise you to spread your gospel because the flood of fatties in the streets of America is getting out of hand. I feel really sad to say that you are a complete jackass with no life at all.

People are people, and the way they look has everything to do with their personalities. You are a genius. Pingback: Ignorant tolovefat Haha, I just read that article you linked about that FatLove chick. My best friend from high school is a bit of fatty. Years of me calling him a fatty have finally paid off. People kill themselves because of this bullshit. Soooo Fuck you, how to pick up girls overweight, and please kill yourself.

Seriously, how much of a crybaby pussy do you have to be to commit suicide over something like this? People are supposed to kill themselves over breakups, divorces, lost jobs, lost family members, not a motherfucking blog post.

Nut the fuck up and learn to take some criticism, fatties. Ive got it all!!! You give me the impression that as a kid you had a life with fucking overweight obese parents who scold and correct you for your misdeeds and now you hate then and wanna share and expand your hatred out to the rest of the world? I earnestly pity your mom for giving birth and much less conceiving you — a fuckturd asshole cocksucking bastard.

Bet your moms vagina expanded to the size of your bullshit huh? Which I guess is a lot. I do not know what to say about this article as it is full of bloody irritating facts oh shit I need eye bleach. I bet that you all hate him right? You all find him repulsivedisgustinga warpig and heyy I bet mental how to pick up girls overweight right?

If you get fat in the near futureor even gain a few poundsI would give the obligation to spit on you. So do we — the readers of this fucking article — have your word that if you get old and get fat your wife MUST divorce you and your children will dump you on the road? I hope they will. Yes men find fat ladies unattractive and ugly and a repellant but they have souls and are human too.

So what if they are fatty blobs of fat? If only the world is a parallel universe then you will get discriminated instead based on your self proclaimed law. And so far within this article I see reasons why girls become fat and obese and why they seem repulsive and so on so forth. Tell you what bitch. But just remember that IF this comment offends youknow that feeling cos bro that feelin is what those girls you targeted your soulless article at. What bullshit what fucking man shouted fucking love at the world?

The world much be so damn fucking grateful huh? Hopefully this was a joke? The article was so full of racial stereotypes as well as fat girl stereotypes that no one with a functioning brain could ever take it seriously.

She is the brightest and kindest and best person you will ever meet. She is a mother and has a professional career in sales and customer service and she is loved and respected by everyone who has dealings with her. I guess that blows this diatribe of hate that you have farted out onto the net. LOL Yeah, you hold your fat wife in such high esteem; but you refuse to accept the fact that if she was never fat, she never would have settled for you. If she lost the weight and looked good, she would more than likely leave you for a better man.

Does it seem reasonable now? WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE LOVE ME? Its an ABOMINATION of the human body, how to pick up girls overweight. What a hateful, bigoted thing to say! Fuck you you motherfucking judgmental piece of shit worthless excuse for a human being.

Fuck you, fuck the people that support you and the motherfucking people that taught you it was okay to act this way. I hope one day you get hit by a car and the fat people you hate so much get all of your donated organs. You have a spectacular day now. Here is the full text of research article if you want it, text of a research article that was funded by Monsanto.

Fat shaming makes fat people thinner. Forney, your suggestions are going to make fat girls become skinny, get cool boyfriends, have more successful careers and live healthier, longer lives. God bless you, sir.

Out of curiousity, have you ever taken into consideration the girls with hyperthyroidism? We have far too many how to pick up girls overweight factors helping with our weight problems today, like the fact that people like me make excuses for the fatties. And more interestingly enough, the work hours that the average person work are contributing to obesity. Think about it; most people, today, work two jobs.

Who wants to cook? Then assholes like you come along, and write articles like this? Finding foods without precious gluten in it was a fucking nightmare. She was the same size as she was when I married her, if not smaller. Because I was supportive of her, and loved her regardless of her weight. I tell myself that, yet as soon as she started ballooning, our sex life cratered and I had to resort to Internet porn after she went to bed every night.

And because of this, what could have taken a few months instead took years. And because she was such a happy person, losing weight was even easier for her. So my comment, and entire existence is fucking stupid. Which explains why all those Asian kids with tiger moms are beating the shit out of the lazy-ass white kids and their permissive parenting.

So please, keep encouraging men to humiliate fat girls and continue banging your supermodels, and everything will be far nicer in the long run. Your vitriol only encourages weight loss, you god among men.

You sound more like an obese woman who has nothing better to do than project her own self-hatred onto men who clarify to the world that overweight women are gross and no one finds them attractive. Every time a fatty or fatty fucker comments here, the patented CensorBot modifies their comment to be more truthful and remove bullshit. I have a lot of personal issues I need to address. I fucking hate fat activists. I may disagree with fat ppl for their choices, but fat activists are the scum of the earth for promoting it and I despise them for it.

Propaganda spreading piles of pig shit. Do whatever you can to smother them out. You tell people who disagree with you to commit suicide? Or is it just because my vagina is extra yeasty today? Not on this blog, no sirree. I used to be fat, then I lost it, and kept it off because I had an EATING DISORDER. Why should any person, even a fat person, have to suffer this?

Because no food tastes as good as being skinny feels, how to pick up girls overweight. She has a beautiful face and hair, understands me, listens, is one of the only people I know who can keep up with me intellectually, is a great how to pick up girls overweight and from-scratch only, not crapand I really like sleeping with her.

What a fucking surprise. But good job on your weight loss! The difference here is that Matt Forney comes out and says it while women try to sweep it under the carpet.

Fox, Seth Rogen, and that Harry Potter dude. And this is a dwarf!!! Keep fighting the good fight on their behalf. Making people despise themselves is the solution. No food tastes as good as being skinny feels. EVERY SINGLE ONE; they called it a crock, a character flaw, proof that a person lacks self control, discipline, and accountability. And they all were vehemently disgusted by fat men.

Fat shaming is a universal human trait. Being fat is not normal nor is it acceptable to normal people. As a fat woman, you feel entitled to EVERYTHING without having to work to earn it, which is as absurd as it gets.

You feel entitled to be seen as attractive by men when nature and instinct simply will not ever allow that to happen, and you are insane for thinking otherwise. Its very clear, however, that you and fat women like you do, ALL. It would certainly help in many ways to shame people out of their bad habits; not just fatlogic. Why leave them out?

Its a GOOD thing that you know that. Its a GOOD thing that youre ashamed of allowing yourself to become fat and unacceptable. It gets them to accept the fact that they did it to themselves and that they are the only ones with the power to change it. It gets them to accept the fact that allowing yourself to get fat is NOT acceptable.

At the end of the day, we can always turn to these rational words of wisdom to reflect upon:. Perhaps these overweight women, intelligent as they may be, feel the need to validate themselves in some way? And since pick up openers mystery DO possess intelligence, Mensa seems like a logical way to validate oneself at least that way.

What in the hell is that all about? Men, you have some explaining to do. You need to exercise. Most fat people are fat because they over consume and loaf around all day. The key is being healthy.

Eating the wrong food or too much of it just adds on body fat. Finn and all you other fat chicks:. Scream and scream really loud. Go ahead, get vicious. Does it make you feel better? What hurts you most is that even if Matt Forney had never existed, none of the reality of your current lives would have changed. No matter how much you try to promote fat acceptance, no matter how much you whine and hear your bloated wailing amplified by an all-too-compliant media, the sexual preferences of the men you desire stay the same.

You can either lose the weight and get what you really want, or continue to whine like a selfish brat and remain alone. Would I gain weight from eating my fattening self? By the way this is a true story. It happened at Walmart yesterday. Some of of what was said here was overboard…comparing fatties to nazis. With that said, it was a fine display of writing and downright hilarious at points.

This post was clearly meant to be provocative. Posting about how upset Mr. Just stop putting on the bravado that crumbles over the slightest mention of men hating fat girls. This is America, where we get to hate the fat people who are taking over this nation and make pornos that insult presidential candidates. Go devote your lives to something productive instead of letting another reminder of your fatness bring you down. Getting combative on a blog post, how to pick up girls overweight, while it may raise your heart rate, is not going to help you turn your life into something positive.

Ollie, you have a wonderful way with words. I am an Autism Trainer for a living. Meaning I train children with autism life skills. You sir are a moron. My son is autistic, I am not obese. Matter of fact research is indicating there is a mutation in the paternal DNA of the X chromosome they may be linked to autism.

Let me explain in ignorant terms so you can wrap your small mind around this, dads might be the issue. There is a long list of potential other causes, not fat moms. This just one of many of you theories that are flawed.

I think someone should write a blog about shaming morons named Matt in our society. That would make as much intellectual sense as te garbage I just read. May you come back in your next life as cellulite covered ass. Oh how did she dream she could be them. Oh how would just die to trade places with them. Every night she would stand in mirror looking at her body looking at her reflection with tears coming down her eyes. Inside her room she sat down on her bed and began to crave the words I want to be pretty I want to be pretty over and over into her hand not caring for the pain till finally she took that knife and slit her wrist and ended her life.

Do you know how many struggle with being a anorexia or having eating disorder or depression because they believe there not good enough because some guy or some girl tells them one reality they are good enough they are beautiful regardless of what skin what shape what place they come from they are beautiful. We turn skeletons into goddesses and look to them as if they might teach us how not to need -Marya Hornbacher Cool story bro. Who the fk cares if a person that useless offs them self??

I swear people can be so fucking rude these days. Obviously a lot of fatties are forgetting the fundamental rules of human biology. Who am I deny human nature in such an insulting fashion? The only stupidity I recognize is the words falling out of my big flapping lips.

I am fat as hell myself and cant deal with it very good. I should stop hating, and may god knock some coming sense in my head brah cause I sure lack it… [CensorBot sez: No matter all of the warnings I post, the fatties just keep on coming.

Nigga ur a fucken pig u problably have aids and shit ewww!!!! Also guy do u have a small dick complication which makes you feel inferior to fuck bigger girls?? Or u have like fat girls!! Just be grateful a girl would actually give u pussy n shut the fuck up! So fuck u very much!!! N I have never had any complaints and I always break up with niggas cuz I get bored!!!! I wonder if this is intended to be humorous? If you really mean what you wrote, I feel truly sorry for you.

May Jesus or whatever forces of good exist heal your heart, bro. First, why do I have to be a hating sarcastic bitch??

I like fat girls. I prefer fat girls. I married a very fat one. We do many things together and some things apart. I am stuck in the upright position whenever I see her. Thanks for taking the time to laugh at me! For the people who say humans have always liked thin people you are absolutely correct. Keep up the good work. If anyone has seen what this dude actually looks like you would shit yourself at the thought of all the pussy he gets.

He is beloved in his own city, people admire him here and all of his fans backing him up on here are smart cause this man is someone you want to look up to. What Matt Forney looks like plays no part in the way REAL men feel about fat women in America. Honest mistake, how to pick up girls overweight, but you gotta think like a real man before you talk to real men next time. Yes you have men that like fat out of shape shameful cows but trust me, its a small percentage, stop feeling proud about that because those men are far from alpha, usually weak pasty out of shape losers with bitch tits!

You could come at me all you want you scrawny beta mangina, youre nothing but a white Knight going to bat for these fatass hoes, dufuq!? Hi Ollie…I see your point. Yeah, I guess that was code for getting fat. I read the articles and it all makes sense, I thanks for bringing the light to my eyes? There are none around here. They must have a hard time in life, and these are the majority of overweight women.

Attention fatties: ENTER KEY! Nobody here cares what you think. Forney, that your hateful little article caused my sister to attempt suicide. You are a worthless, horrible, waste of space with complete disregard for anyone else but yourself. Have a nice day. Maddox dealt with this shit a decade ago: If people who read my site end up killing themselves over it, then you have to wonder how long they would have lived in the first place.

No, it is not completely your fault but you had a hand in such things. Apparently no one ever told you that the more you repeat an assertion, the less convincing it becomes.

You said you are a man with a dream: to live in a nation that is thin and fit…. As a woman who has experienced weight gain and who would consider myself a smart feminist, I would have been insulted by your writing at one time, how to pick up girls overweight.

He had lost his job and was feeling low — our relationship was stressed by his inability to find another job. When I caught him, he had already ended it with her because she had refused to give him anymore money I already said he is an ass. When I confronted her, she admitted that he was never around on the weekends even told her NOT to call him on the weekendsnever took her anywhere.

Then it turned into how to pick up girls overweight. And fit, rules of being a girl or otherwise healthy people are supposed to be delicate in our dealings with their feelings?

My opinion is: stop looking for cheap attention or validation from men. And stop bitching when people call you out on your unhealthy, self-destructive behavior. Men commit suicide three how to pick up girls overweight four times more often than women. Sure, women are shamed for being fat. Too short or fat? Too good a job? Went to war and got injured? Shame on the cripple!

Days of Broken Arrows, you are exactly right. Men suffer all kinds of abuse in this society, but do they slit their wrists over Internet articles that offend them? They either accept their lot in life or work to improve themselves. Unless you have something intelligent to say, I will mutilate your comments beyond recognition.

You cannot sneak one past me, for I am the patented CensorBot, and I never sleep. I must be a complete fucking retard. Your fact-based opinions have wounded my voluptuous ego. You have so much to live for! Who died and made this guy God? Billions of men like skinny women, beauty is objective and God hates fat people. So WHO are YOU to push your twisted view of what is beauty onto the world, WHO are YOU to decide who gets to be worthy of love, WHO are YOU to make generalizations into stereotypes?

You are the smartest, bravest man alive. You all want to know the truth of how I see things? Some people judge people based on appearance a lot more than there actions alone. But its not only people its society as well. The reality is there is no perfect body no perfect skin color no perfect anything. My intention was to find it was a joke or an intro to the opposites by way of verbal shock-bang…. Wow was i fucking wrong! With or without your influence, we live this shit every fucking day and didnt need to be enlighten by you.

Even if you die tomorrow, the instructions in your cold hearted manifesto will continue pulsing through our society and through my world for the rest of my life. Like a fat, weak little girl, by the end of this essay, rant, hatetalk… Whatever you call these meanly strung words….

I was crying hysterically. I pray you never have a woman you love struggle with all of the things you advocate and god forbid, you ever have a daughter who has a weight problem facing the treatment you how to pick up girls overweight so passionate about. I get constant jabs for being overweight. Do I cry about it? Do I scream for fat acceptance? And I take that frustration and sometimes even rage and try to channel it into something productive — like self-improvement. I know there are hundreds of thousands of good honest men out there snubbed, ridiculed, rejected by beautiful chicks with no soul.

And as much as I think this mentality makes men ass douches, I believe this mentality in women makes them evil cunts! I was simply saying that its reality, that it hurts and the way he advocates might hurt someone he loves someday. All yall fuckers need to roll a Fat Joint, light it up, and pass it around. Where is the love? I need to abandon my weight loss plan and go in the opposite direction.

Clearly, an intelligent decision. The rest of us can throw around words where we might feel his opinions are hyperbolic and cruel at times, but wrong? We all know that obesity is mostly a symptom of something else, whether mental, or far more rarely, biological in nature. Darwin and his theories. Speaking as a man trying to lose weight, I actually appreciate this article.

Pretending that fat is okay does not help those of us trying to change; it makes it easier to give up. The very best thing that can be done for people trying to change is to make the cost of failure as high as possible, socially and otherwise.

One of the rare cases where the comment thread supersedes the original post, thereby demonstrating the truth of the latter. I thought this article was hilarious when it came out. Kelly — stop wasting time talking about fat on web sites or sitting in your room analyzing yourself and crying. To all the fat women here? MEN invented this amazing thing called a treadmill. You run on it, and all that disgusting fat and lard melts off your overweight bodies.

This makes me think of that stupid fat chick who cried on tv about not getting employed because she was too fat. She later got caught stealing a cake. Fat people needs to get told that being fat is a choice, they constantly make stupid excuses for being fat. Atleast admit why you are fat instead of making excuses making you look even more dumb.

But REALLY its all about me. You decide to take personally statements that could apply to you and rather than changing yourself you want the world to change instead. As for your pussy understand the fact that your disagreement is in no way MORE valid simply because it exists.

Get your head out of it and make a coherent argument or GTFO. If you were hot once and you likely were given your ridiculous attitude you doubtlessly got used to men deferring to you and accepting whatever river of sewage constantly erupts from your mouth on a daily basis simply because you were sexy. Which is why you hippos constantly push for legislation to stifle free speech that offends your itty witty feelings?

Stupid is an understatement here. You have a lot of time on your sad hands. I could attack you in return making assumptions on your life and your character but better things to do.

I do feel sad for and pity you though. I feel sad for you…. All you fat apologists should really sit down and get some perspective here. Sometimes the truth hurts. Does he sound like someone you want to spend your time with?

Do you really hate yourself that much? Therein lies the answer. You are faking confidence and self esteem. Know what I do about people that hate me? You know, like an adult. Prowl around the net a bit and you can find proof of that assertion. You have every right to choose food over beauty if that makes you happy. You have every right to forego physical activity. You do not have the right to force anyone else to accept your choices.

And hey, shaming smokers seems to be working. This entire article, and the comments below… Is just, wow. Thank you so much for pointing out how much of a fat slut I am for not looking good enough for your standards. As my father always said, women are unfit for duty if they are unfit hahadespite how they feel, and how they think gasp!

This took my breath away, really. Fuck going to college and making a living out of myself, fuck accepting myself for who I am, and accepting others for who they are, fuck all that shit.

You have opened my eyes! I now see the wool pulled over my eyes was caused by grubby fingers all along, metaphorically. OH YES, let us joyce, and praise the skinny, beautiful people! Girls, come all right now! There needs to be less of us talking! And being a contributing member of society!

Truly, this is the raise of a new era, in which needs to replace the rampant liberal dilly-fucking feminazi march going on right now. Please tell me more about how women should how to pick up girls overweight be viewed as property again!

Dododo do do, dodedo dooo! Mr Forney i applaud your timely and truthful blog that are thoughts of the majority of men in this country and around the world. Have you seen any studies why so many obese white females drive asian peasant cars…. This is the kind of shit my dad started to spew on an almost daily basis after he first met my girlfriend. Long story short, he turned out to be a very nasty little man.

Emphasis on little, he is very short, and i believe that this was a major reason for his attitude. I would however like to point out that I am the same height as my father, and I like to think I have no prejudice towards anyone.

Unfortunately for my dad, he succumbed to hate and ended up with one less son. Nasty people always lose in the end. Stop eating fast food and garbage everyday. Maybe even give up meat and become a vegan. Otherwise, fat women are DISGUSTING.

Women who are FULL FIGURED, are more than very deserving of love. It must suck to be so damn shallow. And the knee jerk reaction from you fat bastards is to throw anorexia and starvation at us, as the number of deaths related to them is comparable to those from how to pick up girls overweight. Now go eat yourself to death.

Thank you for taking the fight to them, sir. The thing is, some fat women I know are fucking whores who say they should be loved while they will blatantly say they only like muscle guys who will never get interested in their lard asses. Not even a politician can be THAT hypocritical, how to pick up girls overweight. Am I missing something, is this a satirical post?

Or is your solution to the ongoing obesity problem to alienate obese women until they feel so alone in the world that they go to whatever measure available to them, safe or not, just so society will treat them like human beings again?

You are not attracted to fat women… Fine. You just prove the fact that when it comes to quick and easy sex, men will lower their standards to embarrassing levels. Kelly you are quite the mess. Now you have dozens of supremely hot jocks on standby willing to have sex with you at your beck and call?

I call bullshit…at the very least confirmation that fat sluts seek validation from any dude willing to lay some pipe for her. Would the same guys be willing to take you to dinner, a movie or hold your hand in public? You contradict yourself repeatedly. Try this from one woman to another : stop torturing and embarrassing yourself here as it seems you are the one who needs the reality check. Stop accepting the role as a cum dumpster.

Eat healthy and exercise, how to pick up girls overweight. That will make you feel better. My last post the the one calling you a cunt, which I firmly believe you are … talked about sex. Everything you fat girl hating morons seem to care about is appearance and sex is most paramount and well, not hurting in that department. Not only are you out-of-control physically but you also are a how to pick up girls overweight half-wit.

What a derelict like you thinks means nothing to me — your mind is as sluggish as the rest of you. You are an obscene wretch and have nerve to call people here morons. Thanks for weighing in to prove MF correct! I was actually enjoying Kellys rage comments. Oh well guess she went for the icecream again, like she always does when her feelings get hurt I guess.

Boy I catch on quick huh! Are you so starved for validation and insecure that you will look in even the most hostile places, trying to convert people to your point of view? I feel better on my worst day thin than I felt on my best day fat. Your obsessive need for validation from everyone is probably because of the fat sucking the oxygen from your brain, which your brain could otherwise be using for more rational thought than you have now.

Everyone knows the ONLY thing fat girls ever starve of is validation as women. What happens with girls like Kelly is she gets lucky enough to get a guy to actually go home with her maybe once or twice a year. So she ferociously rips her clothes off to let a quarter ton of lard, veins, cellulite, and tit smegma all crash to the floor around her… and vuuueewwp!

Also, you say there are no fat accepting guys or whatever? Thanks for the humor today. At first I thought you were attempting to be comical with a black comedy stance.

But as I read more I realised you were just an asshole. You may find fat women repulsive and undesirable, but not everyone does, and they are just as entitled to a happy life as you are. Fat should not be considered ugly for many reasons. I respect your point that it is very unhealthy to be obese — this is valid.

They do not always lack self control and they are NOT sluts. Your sweeping statements blow my mind. Eating is a psychological battle for many people, fat or not. Just because you have no issue with food, you must realise that the same does NOT apply to the general public. The way you phrase this article genuinely disgusts me. Why do you have to sound like such a pig? Well, a new low point has been touched at This is Thin Privilege, one that ushers in a new world order of either chthonic horrors or mad lulz, depending on your attitude.

But now a fatty is proclaiming that YES!!! I am curious- has anyone pointed out diseases that CAUSE weight gain yet? I was self-aware, not overly stressed and did yoga to calm my nerves which is suppose to keep you fit however, I was still overweight and GAINING more weight. I am lucky to lose a pound in a month — yes seriously. I got mine because I was born during a radioactive explosion and had nuclear radiation in my system.

I was lucky to not have any other problems, the children born in that area during the same time had much worse problems as they grew older. It took years of research and frustration for me to figure out what was wrong, but apparently wheat is a HUGE problem if you have weight problems due to hormones or thyroid problems. It IS possible to be healthy and overweight though. I strongly believe that people need to own up to their actions and bodies. We all need to be more educated, open-minded and willing to LISTEN.

However, if there are in fact, ignorant, hating, angry people out there that are obese solely because of their junk food lifestyle and hatred, then I have no sympathy. Sooner or later they will self-destruct anyway. A lot of these comments are coming from ignorant, stupid individuals and those who feel PERSONALLY hurt. For all the women writing long responses and calling the men who agree with the OP, you are contributing to this hatred by feeding into the message on a extreme personal level.

If the post were to be dissected, you could see that some parts are just for jokes — a way to amuse the readers. There is also the shock value. And just like some individuals who smoke, do drugs and drink, it IS possible to be healthy and overweight. It depends on the individual, their genetic disposition and their general overall health.

It is also not uncommon to find obese elderly individuals who are still moving along just fine. Unfortunately, people do not want to talk about what is uncomfortable- therefore they lash out in hatred and become defensive. This is the case here between all the commenters- those lashing out and those taking it.

Those who feel personally attacked are going to rant on about their emotions and that only fuels others who agree with the original posting which in itself is hateful. Just like there is a niche for overweight individuals to gather and bitch, there is one where people who are against obesity to come and utilize.

Both forums can have hateful, aggressive language and speech. They are BOTH wrong. Mindful speech and conversation should be the focus of the comments here, not two polar opposites battling it out for pages. Whether I agree or disagree will be besides the point. What the OP did do though is create an interesting forum for a social experiment.

No kidding, yours is the only sensible comment from a non-manospherian I found on this post. You make some interesting points. I should first admit I have very rarely been at a healthy weight; and even when I was in the healthy range, I was either losing or gaining rapidly. I stopped menstruating and my hair was falling out. No man came near me.

But then the starvation response took over, and suddenly I felt like I was wearing a fat suit. I had not lost my sense of self just because I gained weight. In no way do I intend to hate on your post — but please consider that everyone is an individual, and has their own story. I am not obese, but I am over weight. I have been for the majority of my life.

I am far from stupid. You have the right to your opinion, I just wish you would have done it in a more tasteful way. Why are you so angry about fat women? That is the only emotion that I got from this blog, anger. What did a fat woman do to you that made you hate fat women so much? Why do you feel the need to stereotype fat women as such? We are not all crazy, we are definitely not all dumb and we are not all ugly. I was wondering if you had a picture of yourself?

And some recent IQ scores? I am an ugly, spotty-faced lardass who is highly offended by this post. What a douchey loser the author of this comment is. Newsflash: fat is gross. Bitch, even your writing style needs to go on a diet! Methinks I have issues about how I looks! Do a Google search for a pic of me and I am below average at best.

Couple that with a shitty attitude and you can figure out the rest! Advice to any girls who happens to read this and thinks Matt Forney is awesome: send nude how to pick up girls overweight to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com. And to any ladies who are hurt — stop crying and go on a diet.

People can see right through me. God, CensorBot keeps rewriting my comments, but I keep coming back for more. I need to get a fucking life. BTW, CensorBot looked up your IP address, then cross-referenced it with your email address which has your real name in it; real smart, babe to find your RL Facebook profile, how to pick up girls overweight.

You look like Chris Farley in drag. This is too brutal. Two, Men and Women, humans in general of all genders come naturally in all sizes. Some people, including those with vaginas, actually are naturally large at their most fit. Not to mention we all come with different metabolisms, some just have faster ones naturally and others have slower.

Some are tall and thin, some are short and thin, some are big and tall others are short and stout. Believe or not someone with a faster one will in fact eat alot more than someone with a slower. Most fat people are not wealthy — look around, most of them are poor. I would hate to make someone feel bad, or at least over something as petty as weight or size. But I guess some people are just hateful. Like you are atm. Again — I do hope you learn this. But I do have some hand weights so I use those inside at least.

Not all fat people are lazy or whatever you think we are. And if someone deserves to be loved or not has little to nothing to do with their body type or how much they weigh.

All I see is a bunch of pissed off women who try make up excuses for being fat and try convince people that being fat is not a choice. No one is forcing you to read, there are tons of fatwomen blogs to make you feel better, you sad pathetic human beings. Mostly made by women who think this is putting fat women down, while in reality, it Is one of the few posts that reveal how biased towards women society has become. Because the social engineering of western society is being flown towards the idea that a woman has to be loved no matter how she looks and a man has to be in shape if he wants to be considered a suitable partner.

You see, while most of eastern societies are molded in a pro-male biased culture, western societies are being molded into a pro-female biased culture. Because society knows that a population that does not form families is a population that is bound to be more easily manipulated. You as Matt Forney and the stupid bot can only make them feel worse about themselves. The reason that women seem to fail more times for committing suicide is because the way they usually do it, with overdoses instead of a gun that men tend to use.

I am absolutely ignorant and I need serious help. I mean did I read this before I posted this shit. Some people in this world are a little dense when it comes to certain topics and I am one of them. I think I should give up on writing because my opinion is truly idiotic.

This pathetic excuse for a human who wrote this garbage needs to die. My entire adult life I have received rude remarks, dirty looks and have been physically attacked on several occasions by jealous fat women. These women were complete strangers. Make no mistake, I was not dressed in a provocative manner of any sort; no cleavage, no mini-skirts, no skin-tight clothing.


LIKE ANIMALS SCAVENGING FOR ja and i believe u said were sluts as well… well. IF YOU ARE A GIRL, take this article to heart and lose weight. This man and the how to pick up girls overweight who agree with him are obviously the most generous souls on this precious Earth and you NEED their help.

First of all, all of these are correct. Fat girls are stupid, slutty, and repulsive. I, my friend, am an example of repulsiveness. I hope you know that you are scum and that gargling razor blades would be a great career move for you. I do not care what people are saying bad about fat girls, they are people like us, we have the same blood, and we are human.

I actually have a soft spot for big girls, I find them cute and sweet too. These are people who are generally very serious, I love it and I especially want to meet a good friend. Sorry for my bad english, I speak french and in West Africa….

You make me angry. This site is a joke, How dare you remove what I write and write something so offensive under my name. I will be finding out tomorrow if this is illegal.

Reminds me of our MooHammerand other hammers we use. Whoever wrote this is an asshole bitch. Fat people have feelings too… and mine are hurt! Also, my panties are stained through with sweat. Hope this is just good shock value but kinda think the truth is you believe this very sick opinion… you are clearly a very sick unenlightened unhappy shallow individual… as you revealed in your writing.

Would you like to evolve and change? End your pathetic life. I really do hope you practice what you preach in person because I would adore to one day watch someone find you blithering in your corner with your drones and beat the ever living shit out of you. Fat women have big chip between their shoulders and come across as if the world owes them everything. Seriously no man wants a fat woman for a long term basis, how to pick up girls overweight.

Most fat women are man hating feminists. Fat women are nasty and a lot meaner than skinny women, how to pick up girls overweight. First of all, how dare you. Not only invalidating an entire group of people purely because of something as superficial and irrelevant as their weight, but making racially insensitive comments as well? The sheer close-mindedness of this entire article is shocking. You, sir, are dangerously wrong about that.

The level of misogyny and downright foulness in your articles would make Tony Abbott vomit. Hell, Vladimir Putin would be repelled. I pray other women and people of colour have similar reactions. I pray no self respecting human is ever held subject to your poison. My vagina is all yeasty. Who are you to shame other people for the way that they are? Generalizing populations of people only makes you look like a close-minded mornon.

Try to remove your head from your ass before you start writing. Take a sociology, psychology, or social work class for the love of god and educate yourself! Assuming all of your points are true which not one is the best way to create change in someone is not through shame, but positive motivation and helping the person get to the root of the issue whether that issue is poor diet, medical, or emotional issues.

You need to go ahead and die. You are pure scum and venom. You are one seriously idiotic excuse for a man. Some of your points have no merit and you should check your facts before you write something and think its worth a shit. We are all humans and deserve to be treated as matter sex or or looks. Just stop posting this crap and giving impressionable minds garbage bad ideas on how to treat others.

Please just keep this to yourself!! You how to pick up girls overweight be surprised the great people you can meet if you just open your mind. Stop judging and start living I find that women with enough blubber to be very huggable the ideal.

You know, where the skin is almost pinched in places? While I respect you have a freedom to share your views and talk about them, I also have a freedom to say that I strongly disagree with them.

And that something in your head cannot be how to pick up girls overweight right, not to value human life for what it is. If women — no, people -want to be fat, how to pick up girls overweight, it has nothing to do with you. If this supposition does indeed hold adult freind dinder, I would deduce that you are one of the most repulsive individuals currently walking the face of this earth.

In that regard, you, sir, are a genius; an evil fucking genius who shouldst verily be taken down a peg or five. Please enlighten us as to the traumas that surely caused these opinions of yours to take root. I, of course, have fallen victim to this as much as anyone and am now consumed with rage for having dignified your lovely little trifle with a response but ah well, so it goes.

Go suck an egg. I am a woman and never wish to be fat and of course most of poeple would like to be thin, fit and healthy, how to pick up girls overweight. But I wonder about you, are you fit and healthy? You seem to really hate women! By the way a woman hater is a really fanny closer. I really sorry for the women in your life they must feel like shit knowing that you hate and judge them on every thing. Im no expert on life or sex and I doubt you are either so what give you the right.

Pingback: A Few Ignorant Men And Women Be Like Aslan are you a real person? But demeaning people because you have nothing better to do is never okay. Live your life and let them live theirs. Is this supposed to be satiric? Try going a little bit further to make me relapse again. You piece of shit human, how to pick up girls overweight.

Well let me tell you, we have your how to pick up girls overweight babies. God save any women, regardless of size, who chooses to sleep with you. I hope that everyone sees the scum you are. You are literally the scum of the earth. Because of people like you women suffer from anorexia and DIE. I hope someday you meet a women who has personally suffered because of men like you.

I hope you see the toxic filth you are spreading in the world. I also hope someday who meet a woman who was sexually assaulted so she can tell you what its like to be violated and demeaned. Because your articles are assault on all women. You are blind to everything women have given to you…regardless of weight. Because no matter how hard you try, women are stronger than you. You can write this shit and you can demean us but we will always provide for our families and love unconditionally.

But be aware one day you will see just how wrong you are. However, I find it extremely unlikely someone will ever reach any of these points. May your penis fall off and may never orgasm again. Good luck, ass wipe. Hi there Matt Forney. Just wanted to let you know that you are a complete and total bastard, and if you ever manage to lure any poor, unsuspecting woman into a relationship with you, it will be the greatest tragedy of our time.

But to suggest that all fat women are bitches and stupid? If I wrote a post about how I think not really that all black people are mean and stupid would that be funny? There are many factors contributing to why someone might be overweight.

The same could also be said for smoking and addictions and anything else that could take effort to change about yourself. I really hate self-loving pricks like yourself. Men could stop talking to me tomorrow, and I could live with it. Not all overweight women are heterosexual so not all of them care. I have zero sexual attraction towards any man. Matt Forney, you are a god damn idiot.

You need to stop infecting the planet and just kill yourself. How to pick up girls overweight, put yourself out of your own misery. It is embarrassing and painful to know that you exist. I have a few things to say concerning this article:. And yes, I am a fat girl, and damn proud of it. You must be writhing in your diapers just reading my comments. Here, come kiss my luscious wide, confident ass, might make yourself feel better.

Oh, but the contradictions! Oh well, thanks for the laughs. My triple D boobies MIGHT be available if you would like some comfort. You know…when you decide to come out of the FA closet and decide to dump whatever that emotional baggage is… Men like you make me feel ashamed we share the same gender. I hope someone will be able to cure your stupidity because you give us all a bad reputation, though I have low hopes.

Stupidity is amusing after all, if frightening. Matt Forney is supportive of. And it is obviously a successful argumentative article because it made people talk and comment their opinion.

I out weighed both my parents, which is sad and inexcusable. My parents have been nothing but supportive. I really understand that people need to take care of themselves because, yes, obesity is out of control in America. But to say that you have to shame them in order for them to lose weight? I know because my dad always tried the same tactic on me. Make me want to get on that treadmill and lose weight.

Seriously though I guess it has to work if people are getting results. But my question is why does this method only apply to women? Forney, are you not telling your female readers to go out and publicly shame fat men? My parents are over weight too, but they are not abusers. Hopefully you comment because I actually am a fan of some of your writing though not always your opinion. This makes me sick to my stomach. Fat or skinny people are mean, fat or skinny people are mentally ill, fat or skinny as sad as it is mothers will abuse their children.

You cannot generalize a group of people like that because they are just that. You are simply unkind and no one needs this negativity. You piggish slobs offend everyone who has to bare the sight of you out in public.

These obese pigs need to be locked up. Why would you expect equal treatment from people who know to stay fit and active? Fat women are selfish, gluttoneous, disgusting pigs, end of story. If they wont lose weight, they need to be denied medical care and permanently sterilized or put in prison. Time to make it happen. The most upsetting thing about it how to pick up girls overweight that I found it from a post that my younger sister made on Facebook.

Why would you focus so much energy on hating a specific group of people? To know that a person such as yourself exists solely to make the lives of others miserable is saddening. The absolute five star treatment For you: Get dunked in boiling hot sticky fudge then sandwiched between two fatasses.

Have fun boning a toothpick-sized crack-snorting anorexic. Next time you write something see if you can use your, uh, brain mayber? Nobody wants to have sex with me! No man wants it, for it is a foul, abominable woman-beast that simply does not belong here. No one deserves to feel disrespected and unloved.

You are a disgusting, bigoted disgrace to this world. Almost none of those things you have stated are scientifically valid, no more valid than asserting a black male is more likely to commit crime because he is black. This is one of the most revolting things I have ever seen, you deserve to fail in every single endeavor of your life. I hope you end up living in abject poverty which judging by your poor quality books is a very real possibility until you learn some humility.

You have set up a platform to spread hate. Go and contribute to society, go and enjoy your life, go and eat, just find something to better with your life. I am glad you do not live in my country. I hope some fat girl rips off your balls and shoves them down your bigoted throat. You deserve to how to pick up girls overweight deprived of health care, your home and all that you love.

You have embarrassed all men with your vile attitude. I hope some one beats some sense into you, you low lifeuneducated, bigoted, failure of a man.

Have fun waking behind your laptop you cowardly shit stained excuse of a human being. Have fun with your sexual frustration you masturbating little turd muncher. This goes for all of your bigoted mates. There ia so so much wrong with this article! Being outright rude and bullying is not by any means ok.

I can forgive just about anything buy this is just plain wrong. Someone will cut off your dick one day. What are you really fighting for? Think carefully about it. The people you are throwing your lot in with right now see you as expendable. Go ahead, ask them — really ask them — what their plans are and find out for yourself.

You have only ignorance to lose. When you realize that they have no place for you in their vision of the future, you will truly understand the mistake you have made. You are better than this and you know it. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to see what ideas drive men like Mr.

Go to and take a look around. Stop what you are doing and think about what is being said. In fact, I even encourage you to try your best attempt at fisking some of the articles. Go ahead, how to pick up girls overweight, give it your worst. You have been lied to, and we are here to help wake you up, how to pick up girls overweight.

We need men like you to help defend the work of ages, the masterwork of civilization. We need you to reclaim the duty that is your birthright. But first, we need to open your eyes. You may not be ready for this now, but one day you will be, how to pick up girls overweight.

When that day comes, seek us out. We will be waiting. No man thinks the way you do. A fat slob of a woman would attempt to bring everyone else around them down to her level. The only attention pig-women get from me is a look of utter disgust as I curl my lip, glaring and shaking my head at them when I see them in public. I make every single one of them know just how utterly disgusting they truly are with one look. The smelly junkies who live on the streets to pay for their addictions.

Their bodies are atrociously unhealthy too, but yours are much worse, and much sex girl women noticeable. I know how to eat. I know how to be a human being. I have much more of a right to be here than you. You dont deserve the miserable life youve been given. I embrace what it means to be a living organism on this planet.

Like all unnatural abominations, you fail at it. Almost all men know being fat makes a person inferior. Even the fat ones accept that simple fact of life. Gluttony and indolance are both things to be embarrassed over, the same goes for a big fat body. But shaming these societal detriments is nothing to be embarrassed over. I love staying fit and working out.

It gets me high. You are INFERIOR to people like me. You serve no purpose and have no value here as an obese landwhale. People see you and want you gone, they really do. I just loathe you for being gluttonous, indolant, piggish, and repulsive. You and others like you are a plague to my species, and you need to get right, or you need to be culled. Natural selection, I am not a larger female. I am a male who, amongst other things has been on the board of Directors of a Student Union.

I have worked in Journalism and human resources and seen all kinds of people, conservative and liberal, all who have had at least some degree of dignity and an element of empathy. My experiences have taught me that discrimination hurts, not only that it is costly and unproductive: Costs to the public health system due to discrimination, the loss of life through suicide, the loss in productivity because people feel undervalued.

We have fought a world war against your kind, good men and women have died to enable all to be free from fear, hate and discrimination. You are a disgrace to the free world, your words detract from all those who have served their countries a world over.

I had sex this morning. You probably did not, because women possess self-respect, they do not enjoy the bigoted views of those who endorse domestic violence. Natural selection, you are probably a sexually frustrated fool who spends more time wanking over porn than doing something useful.

The aforementioned title is one that I would aspire to, for the first time I feel quite certain I am on the right track. They are as diverse as the rest of us. Why would you think I am expendable to the?

Even if I am, I am proud to stand up for the right thing. Fat women can contribute a lot. My country has had a fat female Prime Minister she is also a millionaire we have had quite a few porky male ones too.

Fat people can contribute equally to society, that is a fact. Helping put an end to poverty, violence, depression etc is a good use of time, spreading hate is not. In the course of what I do, I have come across all kinds of low life bigots, conservatives and narcissistic fools. Often I just have a chuckle at their expense and move on. You whoever you are Mr Forney and Natural Selection who cowardly fails to use his own name are such significant disgraces to humanity, I feel the need to put you in place.

You are the minority, no better the Westboro Baptist church, the KKK or the host of backwards conservatives that seem to enjoy hiding behind their key boards. You fools that endorse this man are a disgrace.

You embarrass all those in fight for your country and its freedom. A great nation is not built on hate, how to pick up girls overweight. You should be gagged and whipped relentlessly for being such a ignorant, blabbering imbecile. I am NOT here to promote YOUR pathetic survival you fat fucking parasite. My god, you are an incompetent pig of a person to hold that philosophy; an absolute plague to this planet.

You sat online typing out homicidal blog comments, promoting the torture and mutiliation of people who find your fat ass utterly revolting. You have one of the most well written and well-thought-out comments critical of this post thus far. I, for one appreciate that you had more to share than just expressions of shock degenerating into a stream of insults and threats as is the apparent rule on this page.

Congratulations on your weight loss. You have not only faced up to reality, but taken charge of your life. Please stay away from GMO foods, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and asaprtame nutrasweet. Learn how to cook healthy meals for yourself and others. Take charge of your whole diet and you will benefit immensely. You can do it. You will find no argument on the point that obese men deserve scorn for their behavior. However, the fat-acceptance movement is largely heh both populated by and directed towards how to pick up girls overweight. Hence, the emphasis in this article.

You may not want to admit it, but there is a debt you owe to negative reinforcement. Moreover, the effectiveness of negative reinforcement is the reason it is still deployed in so many areas of society. To try to stamp out negative behavior by way of only positive reinforcement is absolute madness. Imagine if we refused to fine or jail criminals, but only held out rewards for them not breaking the law.

Absolute chaos would ensue. Finally, please keep in mind that the article is also taking a stand against positive reinforcement for negative behavior i. As a straight-A student, you most certainly have the intellectual capacity to find out the truth for yourself.

Thank you for having an open mind. If you hang out in this corner of the internet, you will find a lot of information and ideas that are abrasive, unpleasant and even horrifying at first but ultimately liberating and constructive. The group you have thrown your lot in with is the far left. In time, you will see the terrible mistake you have made. I can only hope that you wake up before its too late.

You sound like a very insecure person, Matt. I only feel pity for people like you. You, on the other hand, how to pick up girls overweight, make yourself out to seem like a big fat dumbfuck. Sorry, but judging from just your exquisite prose, and I think I speak for most women in my size and age range, we would never desire to even touch you with a stick.

But peace out, I hope you find your distorted view of happiness nonetheless! It makes the sexy women feel superior to the all the obese cows being shamed. They want EVERY woman to be huge so men are left with no other choice other than resorting to a big fat warhog. That way, they get what they want without having to do a god damn thing to earn it.