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How to pick up girls who dont speak your language

how to pick up girls who dont speak your language

Here’s a fun fact to brighten your day: fat girls are crazy. No, really: scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness, from.
Everyone it seems wants sex tips, sex hacks, how to make love better. How to keep the hot in relationships. How to turn a woman on. People come to me every day.
Hey Chase, I've read most of your articles; very helpful stuff! However I have a few questions still. I'm not sure where to stand when I'm trying to pick up girls. how to pick up girls who dont speak your language

If you are going for a hooker, sure why not, but then of course she has a bad character and even if you can bang her for free she will try to get some money another way. But then if you are really out for some serious relationship of course you are better off looking for a girl that has a regular job.

They like foreigners because they think they are white, handsome and want this adventure with someone that has a completely different culture and background, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. Of course still a lot of them are looking for a Farang with money to have even more financial security. If you do smile however chances are that she will smile back. Or my ex-coworker that is married to a Norwegian guy, she has a pretty good job and income and now decided to quit and follow her husband to Norway to take care of his sick mum.

And I have student girlfriends who never ask for money but clean my room and do my laundry every Sunday. Which kind of hooker would do that for you? None, with no exceptions. Believe me I tried. Why would they they are not used to work anyway. Just stay away from the bars for a month and you will meet those foreigners telling you different stories.

One of the advantages of being able to speak Thai. The truth is that the general saying of guys that had bad experiences with Thai girls, been cheated, squeezed for money and ending up with a broken heart have made this experience with hookers most of the time.

If you stay in Thailand for longer you can also observe and experience how Thai guys are dating the girls. Because they know how to date a Thai girl without spending much money or just pick up karaoke girls after they finished working, not just motorbike drivers like to do that. Redcat lives his dream by living and traveling in Thailand. On Thailand Redcat he shares his experiences and advice to all aspects of night life in Thailand. Been going to Thailand for years. Do Thai girls have real love for us?

Ages agoI asked my Thai girlwho was petite and very fragilewhat she wanted for her birthday … Her answer — I want Kawasaki KSR motorbike. That relationship ended quick smart. We talked about things when I return, got meet her mum and sister in Isaan country, take her to Phuket for her birthday all that stuff. Before I left I did open bank account for her with a small amount of baht she sent most of her money to mum as usual non of her own to buy her house so I said put a little bit in this account so mum wont know.

Left Thailand all things organised looking forward to going back. She say she left Pattaya went home I say great. I be back look after you???. We communicated by from there on. Told me not to send any money which I ididnt intend to and not want me anymore, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. I might be old stupid and all the rest but this girl seemed different to what you read like in this post stuff she did not want money, marriage or kids but she great with them in pool at my hotel.

As I say I went to Thailand for a holiday not for sex had both. Reading all these comments I would seem to be just another stupid farang to me I still think she was a little bit different all she wanted was to have dreams and happiness as we all do. I am going back to Thailand base again in Pattaya maybe she will be back maybe not but as you can see I have a habit of running into her.

I know what I should do if I meet her again but not know what I would do. Never send them cash they just want your bart. No bart no sex if you want an empty wallet see a thai girl. Most foreigners have a wife or girlfriend background poor. The girls with money and education are for middle and high class Thais or the better man foreigner. Would you in your own country get married with a hooker? Would you hand her all your money and business and house, would you pay for her brothers Motorbike or Alcohol, would you pay for all the dinners and parties.

NO, you would NOT. Just the idea that you have sex with your beautiful wife from a torrent mystery method and to know she swallowed more semen than pick up books could produce in your life time, not to mention all the different dicks.

But she will love you he darkling. Never had the problems I heard of so much. They have more than us anyway. Everything you wrote I agree. I just say some girls are not super bad. I would never send money imagine she love me or stop work. Not that it matter if she stop. I have seen it all, Good read. The most attractive woman I ever shagged so say.

And was close to going off sick so could go back and see her. Your article as well as others have made me realise I could lose so much for sloppy seconds on a stunner. My Thai go go hooker seems to be completely honest. She go for free if young and handsome. I believe her, she come easy. She say she can come if she wants. She looks very good and we have good sex and company. She claimed that many go go feels the same.

Some take drugs to be horny but not her. She is not into black according what she tells me. She told me the money made her more horny. Ladyboy come two times. Ronald, do you believe what a hooker tells you? Orgazm is easy to fake fools. Yes i belived her. If her intention was to make me jealouse I could understand her lying. She come very easy. Why she need to tell she have orgasm with others? And why she say she fuck for free if young handsome? Come more easy if big cock. She one of those loving her work and will stop only when she to old to find customers, Baloney!

After I politely refused to succomb to her demands, she packed up her belongings and split. Everyone conveniently chose to ignore the fact that Thailand is one of the most openly racist countries China and a few european countries in front of them in the world towards Africans, African Americans, and Indians.

For a white man, this place is absolute paradise beyond belief. Yes, if you go into touristy areas, you will be subjugated to emptying pockets.

In a nutshell, are all Thai women money scoundrels? Get this, they pray to Buddha. Buddha was born in Nepal and died in India. I am a white woman and I had African hair style for couple days, I could not get any restaurant to serve me food, I was ignored completely even when I try to get the waitress attention, on another occasion I saw a couple, white girl with African guy in a restaurant I was dining and they could not get any food, they were ignored completely.

I kept my African hair style for couple days only because I realized I will be discriminated against as long as I have this hair style. This was an eye opening. I love Thai people but this was really bad. While the generalities are just that…generalities…the advice given is quite good.

Take it and spare yourself a lot of grief… My friends experience is different and I would love to get your views. She had been sucked into the system and was being controlled. After three months her boss was arreseted and she stopped working.

From there on in He took care of her, paid for her to stay somewhere and gave her some cash for food. The feelings between them are amazing and she loves just being next to him. There is however a dark side. Everytime he resists paying money she tells him we are finished and she needs to go back to work so that she can pay for the house and he sons education. They both share the same dreams of retiring in Thailand. Thai women are spoiled or dumb or obsessed with money or frigid… Their education even Uni is sub-zero.

Farm girls are even worse and mostly hookers anyway. No bar girl on earth could spend like this woman.

She is a working engineer. She claims to hate it but is rather dishonest and skitzo. But I care for her all the same and will continue to put up with her antics. She is Issan but well educated but fits the Issan mould repeated thousands of times. Leave the kid with Mom and head for Bangkok. This one is very petite and pretty. She enjoys screwing the good looking customers and hates the fat sloppy ones but takes their baht anyway.

The trick is to not get aff login emotionally hooked on these Issan gals but you sure can appreciate them. My only worry is to pick up some std or worse from my own woman. And life goes on. But sex wasnt the worst of it — it was the unbridled spending and expectations. Now I have moved to Pak Chong to live with an old girlfriend — self-sufficient and a great gal.

BUT I cannot clear my mind of the damned engineer-parttime hooker. I know her, her kids and family well and lying to me doesnt work because i know too many people in the equasion. But it is not a smart and healthy relationship. I need to move on and technically have, but the damned heart strings stay attached.

Never in my life have I given a damn about any bargirl type. Eventually I will wake up or pay the price for certain. I go to Thailand frequently and I see increasing numbers of women hooking up with bar girls. I also see lesbian couples paying bar girls to sleep with them and this is commonly seen. There is also a growing number of western women and rich Japanese, Chinese and Australian women who fly in to buy young handsome Thai men for sex.

It makes me smile when western women criticize men for this behaviour but the truth is that western women are no different. Many foreigner are talking about exceptional behavoir of the Thai people. If the women or man have a job never ask money to others.

Even the sexy pretty bargirls only go with handsome farang guys, let alone the good girls, they will exclusively only be interested in handsome farang guys. Sorry to hear that you are striking out with Thai girls. I am in Pattaya at this time, my two week holiday soon coming to a end. I may want to approach her for conversation, this is so for me even when at home. The bar girls are fairly obvious and I think open and honest about how to pick up girls who dont speak your language they do.

The freelancers seem quite direct about the deal. Many older guys fancy young girls for sex, but it would not make a happy relationship. Do not worry that the girl want to know your work and income, it does not mean she is not intersted in you, it only means that she is checking that premises for further relationbuilding is present.

Im asian man from malaysia. So i know many isaan girls due to my relationship. I frequently go to Thailand mostly phuket. Yes most of them is money grabber if not all but most of them and sadly including my girlfriend too, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language.

Luckily she not doing anything to me. But secretly have many farang bf for monetary purpose only the reasons i left her after i found out. Some of the farang bf even give her monthly allowance.

Some of them give enough money to buy a land and build a small house in her village. She look very good lady and frequently go to temple. She will dump her farang bf once they know her activity or the farang man stop giving money. My thai friends not isaan telling me that some village in isaan NE of thailand have all who have daughter who work in town bkk pattaya or phuket have big and nice car or house.

But most of them not even go to school. Im telling this to remind good man who too blind to see. But not all of them is bad of course. I find many of the comments here very offensive to Thailand. We did not meet in a bar and she was working I her own business when I met her.

She gave up her entire life in Thailand and moved away from her family and the Thai way of life to be with me in Australia. She currently earns more money than me and supports her entire family and me in all Thai girls want your money! They just want a happy life with a loving anybody else in the world.

We have a massive network of good Thai woman married to fareng in Australia. They are from all over Thailand and are not in it for the money. Maybe if a few more good stories get out there then the bar scene in Thailand is not the first thing people think about. I totally agree with you Pat. My wife work as a nurse, and have a good income, and therefore could be independent if she want.

When i read about the bad relationship it has always the background from the bar environment. I have never been at a bar in Thailand and will never do, so i cannot give any comments about this girls, but i believe the western men get what they look for. Issent that the same in the western world? My marriage with my Thai wife has over time become a partnership with respect, understanding and love for each other.

We take decisions together, when it comes to money, travel or other things we need, just the same way i would do with a western woman. We have made the buddhist ceremony and the legal marriage. When we had the buddhist ceremony i ask my wife for the sin sot. I see many bad comments about Thai how to pick up girls funny on the internet, But when i see how many farang is behaving in Thailand, I sometimes feel ashamed, how they act.

The respect of the Thai and western culture goes both ways, from me to my wife and from my wife to me. I want with this to honor my Thai wife, and say thank you for our life, with our beautiful children we have, and the great mother and wife she is. Especially in those big tourism cities. Yamitagirls working in Pattaya come from those quiet town you speak about. Well if kind kind is a rare ressource it jsut means she does not represent the Thai population.

I regularly travel to the UK. I am solvent, in decent shape and have no problem meeting women in any country. So the debate is simply that Thai women want your money. The answer is not so simple, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language, farangs come to Thailand in search of love sex they usually meet with someone who is a bar girl or on a low income.

Their is hope that you will support them and yes family comes first. If a Thai girl gets a foreign boyfriend the family almost always will expect support and if you end the relationship the Thai girl loses face as she has probably already told Mama the wonderful things you will do for her.

They are money focused, they have to be. In the UK when a girl asks if you care for her she means are you fond of her. Here caring means looking after and this means money. Again not always true but ask any farang why he came to Thailand and most if honest will say the women. There are many wealthy Thai women with good businesses and jobs and they work hard but realistically they are not interested in middle aged sex tourists who are only here for a couple of weeks.

Be honest from day one, declare your hand and make it clear you have limited funds and that you have saved to be here. Do not make promises you cannot keep and accept that family comes first. This is a developing country with a largely uneducated population. There is little reward for many and ask yourself can you really be surprised if someone thinks this new person in their life may be the answer to her problems.

I personally would not let my children support me but I also know with certainty that they will not expect to support me in my old age.

So either embrace and accept the difference or go home. Stop generalise and most of all dont lie to yourself!! Thailand people are generous and unselfish. Working in a bar did not show up to something bad. And we love each other so much and when ur love is true money,age, distance are just a number.

We havnt meet each other yet but we are together whole day by messaging and skype ,i know she is not into money cuz she is rich she is working and she knows im not rich. Im planing to go and settle down in thailand and get married to my girl. Hope we will be together soon…… You havent met your girlfriend but you know you love her and going to marry her… Welcome to thailand… They will love you there… I can only assume the female companionship in your life has been quite minimal.

If i am correct Gp i can also assume you have not gone thailand before. My advice advice to all that have never been there… Find out what they believe in. And the result will always be the same family… And that means their direct family. Mama, Papa, brother, sister, son and daughters.

You will always realise YOU will not be mentioned… They are from a different culture and you then must accept that in the back of your are a finance ticket for them. If they are poor you are expected to provide and help on the financial side.

This is how you will be valued in their family. The more you getting layd provide and help the more you are respected and accepted!! Most dont mention money, but you will soon get the or mama sick can you help please. Son or daughter not go school because no money to pay etc and the kindness of your heart wants to help because you can.

A big mention to all that want to buy property in thailand because its so much cheaper there. YOU can not own land in thailand. It must be put in a thai persons name. I have worked in business in Thailand with women holding full time respectable jobs. Mary are as bigger rogues as your typical bar girl. I cannot say that all Thai women are good but If someone tell you about it, ask them where they meet her.

I met a Thai girl from Isaan who works as an escort in London — I live in Miami. She is also the person who would give the homeless person on the street money her own ; while I and other European people pretend not to see the homeless. If she had been such a terrible person, she could have played the situation along for quite some time; especially due to the geographical separation.

But she chose not to. At least the girls are honest and upfront about what they do…. I would guess that the percentage of money-hungry, bad Thai girls is fairly similar to what you would find in Western Europe or the USA. We probably do not hear of the successful relationships as these couples are too busy building a life together — hence, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language, the overwhelming majority of negative posts about this topic.

I am married to a thai lady now from Isaan. Also got a kid with her. No I have not taken her home yet. It was easy for me to do the bar scene because I was probably the youngest farang about so never had to pay, apart from meals or going to the cinema. I would not say I was good looking or ugly just average looking but normally every girl at the end of my hand was drop dead gorgeous which would not have been the case back in England. Everyone of those girls were probably learn how to get a girl me as much because I was so young compared to there friends farang boyfriends.

Yes when I got married I built the big house back at home for the mother to live in and gave money to the family, so what, to me it is one family member being generous to another something that maybe would improve western culture a little. It maybe the exception to the rule but to me if you find a genuine nice person no matter what they do for a job and you treat them with respect they will always do the same towards you Almost everyone said that thai girl are bad….

Fyi; here in the east… no good girl working in the bar!! You will fall in love and then she will ask for money. I will start working and living in thailand from starting next year. I am very well educated,and handsome, if I can give an example I had sex with an attractive girl,whom I did not met before, just sit in bus next to me and we started touching each other after a min.

Also it happened in a conservative muslim country. Anyway I am not really social but not bad either. The reason of I am going to thailand is not hookers or sex related. I like to party sometimes but in fact I dont even drink or smoke. I probably wont go barsif my gf or my friends dont go. I will go there because working hours are good, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language, I will have time for myself there are good beaches, people seem friendly I can live my life there.

There are really good thai girls, I met online I checked their social accounts see their lives and talked really long time, however there are really bad ones organic-fertilizer.infosly, you cant even imagine.

It is same for every country there are bad ones and good ones. I want to say that Some guys are idiot. Just plain idiot and maybe even brainless. If you find a prostitute in any country, I mean in any country or maybe in moon she will first suck your dick and then your money. More it goes, more you pay. I am sure You will have no taste. Basically, She is a hooker, that is it nothing more. Some guys tell that only losers, old guys or ugly guys go to thailand. You are right for general.

But the ones who said that have low IQ. Not moron but have low IQ. I will give a simple, easy to follow example for these guys or girls to understand. Soyou can say that this person is just better than others. Also If you dont want your money get sucked just stay away from hookers. Of course there are other women who wants your money somehow but every PLACE in world has them.

Maybe even your girlfriend who wants new expensive shoes or dress. Yes thai girls want your money… thats because it is a low wage income country. So obviously thai girls are looking for Farang to help or give money to them. But … we must not forget the good farang that comes to thailand showing off and bragging how much money he has… buying motorbikes, gold, cars, clothes etc for the thai girl, then when he leaves thailand moans to everyone how she took all his money!!!

I have had many thai girlfriends and after a week or so… i can leave money around the hotel room, i also let them hold the money in their bag when we go out… and never once has she taken any off it!! But as a whole… we must remember there is good and bad in every country…ps. Funny how a man when he gets divorced… and has to give the house and pension and business etc to his x wife. Seems to me it happens everywhere!!!!!

There seems to be one basic, fundamental problem that is being missed here. As for any country in the world, there are nice, genuine, decent girls around, who mix within their social circles how to pick up girls who dont speak your language form relationships from within those social circles. All the nice, cute girls are meeting the guy she met at University, and you work in a place with six hundred people, where there are two cute single girls and being naturally yourself in such a formal environment is about as easy as pigs flying.

Therefore one attends places where you can actually get a girl, but guess what, oh no no, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language, you should not get a girl like that.

There are always exceptions but generally spoken Thai girls are more often after your money. The staggering amount of bad stories written about Thai girls is just an unicum. Read the massive amount of books written about Thai girls etc.

You will be chocked. I have try to find similar information about Spanish girls,France girls ,Philippine girls ,German girls,Dutch girls American girls Brazil girls,Columbian girls etc. Impossible to find similar information as bad as Thai girls. Keep in mind this is not even about Thai Bar girls just regular Thai girls. With dating Bar girls you will get Turbo charges financial problems But the bottom line is. We foreigners are utterly dumb why would you believe a Thai girl so easy for?

The internet is littered with bad stories about Thai girls, the shelfs of the book stores at the airport are crammed with books about Thai girls. They are the epitome of the stereotype. I see many foreigners falling for the venus fly trap and getting sucked dry.

They take a methodical approach in getting money out of you. Like Miles said, most of the time they are after your money. Very many negative comments regarding Thai girls in the previous postings and the whining seems to go on and on.

If you are a casual visitor, how can you expect to maintain a distant relationship with anyone if you are not fully committed. Many Farangs seem to think that Thailand owes them some kind of reverence. Get real and be honest with yourselves about the true reasons why you keep returning to Thailand! I know of countless western marriages that have hit the rocks and how to pick up girls who dont speak your language outcome is nearly always the same; financial devastation for the male and a lifelong impact on the offsprings and all parties.

You must choose your partner carefully in any country and make wise decisions. Most Farangs come to Thailand for several swipe right — to meet beautiful ladies, usually much younger than they are.

The cost of living is so much cheaper than western countries and many things are much more affordable including accomodation.

I live in Korat Isaan and have married a lady from there. I take exception to the derogatory comment regarding Isaan girls. She is the perfect partner and comes from an educated family with several school teachers and university graduates in the immediate family.

The people in Nakhon Ratchasima Province are among the friendliest that I have encountered anywhere, and I have travelled to many destinations worldwide. If you have never been poor, you indeed have been very lucky. Maybe a little respect and understanding for those less fortunate than yourself should be forthcoming! What kind of cynical, hypocritical game is this?

You got to their country with inexpensive to you! Do you treat them as anything different than objects? Why should they want to be with you? What do you guys offer them? Yes, Thai women sell their love. Not just sell sex, but sell love.

What a nightmare it is to have a Thai gf. You hit the nail right on the head. And how to pick up girls who dont speak your language know what?

Our culture is not that disgusting! But yes, Many of us feel disgusting to those hookers. If you want a decent girl but you go and find them from pubs, bars, Patpong and especially Pattaya….

And then you use that experience to judge Thai girls? I just want to tell you the truth about my beautiful country. Hookers all around the world are the same way. There are some differences between western relationships and Thai about how money factors into relationships that seem very different. They are the most easiest girl to get laid with and Im not referring to bar girls just regular girls who are working for banks ,being a nurse or secretary of a big company etc….

Thai girls they are easy to approach because they look at you as an opportunity to squeeze some money out of you in the future, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language.

I read some of the comments above here. Well it is the other way around Thai girls should stop with giving their pussy so easy away. But I guess there is a correlation between money and pussy. And that fantasy and stupid bullshit excuse you have about them LIKING IT! Actually worse than that… will try squeeze every last cent from you. The masters of deception. Go Thailandhave some fun but treat your fun like a business deal. Just fuck em and forget em ……. Find girls with a decent job….

Leave bar girls alone You are correct. For Thai women, the misconceptions about Farang culture are enormous. They really have no idea and it is taken for granted that a woman is to be taken care of by a man. I have had Thai gf with good jobs and they overspend their money and want to be helped out by a Farang.

Fuck them and forget them. How to contact women are you really looking for a good time girl or adult site rankings long term relationship?

If you met a Thai girl that works in a bar then you need to understand she is after the money its really just that simple! Luck for me I knew the bar girl scene before I put my feet on Bangla. Too many foreigners have this false impression about Thai girls because all we mostly hear about is the sex industry, and for the slightly more informed, horror stories about guys getting scammed out of their savings. But this is hardly the whole picture. Having lived here for more than a decade, I can safely say that these type of girls make up only a tiny percentage of the female population.

Your article needs to make it clear that Thai girls are as decent as in any other country. Some guys get stuck in the bar scene because they are too lazy to learn the language or too lazy in general. Thai girls have higher educated and have a good job find money for onself alot than some guys and we were taught in a good family original thai a women must stay at house only wait a men working and find money for take care family but now changed a women now clever smart work hard than some men Different girls work in true they like that.

Caus they dont have educate knowlage lazy dont have a nice job and they want money from forgien tourist. Plzzzz look at thai girls again and look arounds country not only at pattaya or some place tourism …. Thailand has a lot of poverty and ofcourse women look for a richer person. Show you around, drive you, cook for you.

Go to Thailand and have a great holiday Thai people are awesome. Stay away from tourist places. If certain men were deserving of a good woman they would have found one in their own home countries or wherever they lived before.

Farangs can easily find nice Thai girls outside of Patpong and Walking Street — yes of course, if they show good manners and behave nicely. And much more easily than in western countries where girls are often arrogant and a lot more difficult to approach. Thee are the type of scums who have ruined Thailand and are now moving onto Indonesia to do the same. All the losers end up in sleazy bars in Thailand with their dicks hanging out and then they complained. If a man want a women with some class have some class first.

He said all Thai girls are more about the money if they date Farang!!! I was furiuos and I told him that yes he may be right! But not all Thai girls are like that, we are not like the bat girls!!! You will find many hot girls who have good education and work to take care of themselved.

Of coz money can a be a factor in a relationship but not only for Thais! Good Thai girls also will use it to reconsider if she wants to date or in a relationship with you or not. For ex, myself, i graduated from Switzerland and adult frind findr for a good company.

Coz I want to have how to pick up girls who dont speak your language good life too!!! Everyone wants a good life too!! Anyway, not everyone thinks the same way of finding a how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. Some like to go clubbing and try to meet a good looking one.

If you are looking for a nice girl in a normal club not like in Patpong or in Pattaya, one thing to notice is that she will not end up the night sleeping with you at the first meet!!!

Thai culture we dont hook up with strangers on the first night!!! Anyone does that either they are normal hookers or just wanna try it out or just like it!!! But normal girls will go on a process of dating then sleep with you later if you can make them like you and same standard with Thai guys.

So the point is dont use Thai bar girls that you experienced to judge all Thai girls please!!!! And stay away from bar girls and you will find a good girlfriend HI! The are good bar Thai Girls to all working Thai Girls is not bad, I know! But you need time and you to make them know you are not Thai Girlfriend say to me before she go to my home country.

Hove can you be with a girl like me? I believe the Farangs as the Girls say is as bad as some of the bar Girls to. I see who the Farangs just have the girls as sex toys the date a Thai Girl on internet and the meet her and have sleep with her and later say bye Free sex. Is not nice to. Thai girls like to have sex and have a good time just like anyone else. Thai girls get a bad wrap because so many foreigners come here who have no game, dress like shit, look like shit, and have poor social skills.

They end up with low class Isaan girls though, not all Isaan girls are low class or hookers. I see it all of the time when I go to Major Ekkamai. He has a very cute girl on his arm, but from one look at her I know she is going to do him dirty. The poor guys are clueless that their current girlfriend is not the type of girl you want to bring home to mom.

Sorry about my English. If you can not read it. I know my English is not good That life. For example one owned a bar; one had her own business and one owned a beauty Salon. You see a lot of Thai women running cafes which are mostly sponsored by their Thai guy, or Thai women running beauty salons being sponsored by their Farang guy.

How to get from …. BKK Red Light Districts. BKK Go Go Bars. BKK Blow Job Bars. Pattaya Go Go Bars. Pattaya Short Time Bars. Pattaya Blow Job Bars. Phuket Go Go Bars. Are All Thai Girls Bad And Only Want Your Money? Where To Do It. Best Thai Dating Site. Never had any mention of needing money because the family buffalo has died haha. She is not your meeting new women tips, she is your maid.

Think good before you start, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. Of course I will not have a whore. I have seen it all. Crazy night but everybody happy. Bangkok is everything possible. She one of those loving her work and will stop only when she to old to find customers.

Yesif u got a lot of money!! Take it and spare yourself a lot of grief…. My friends experience is different and I would love to get your views. They started seeing each other, they fucked all the time and no money was ever exchanged. Lung, what about dating your own? Well guys — having been through the wringer from high to low I must say that in one way or another women everywhere are about money one way or another.

Thai women not bad all because have good and not good person same like western man also. If a good looking girl is putting up with an old and fat guy, there mostly is money involved. For Thai, foreigners who visit those cities are very cheap! My girlfriend is thai, yes there are some bad and some good everywhere, u just have to find the right one.

Hope we will be together soon……. You havent met your girlfriend but you know you love her and going to marry her… Welcome to thailand… They will love you there… I can only assume the female companionship in your life has been quite minimal.

This is an interesting artical but could be condensed to a few simple statements. I am a Thai girl. I heard many times that All Thai girls are bad and only do want some money.

They just go to the wrong place so how they meet the right one? It maybe the exception to the rule but to me if you find a genuine nice person no matter what they do for a job and you treat them with respect they will always do the same towards you.

Almost everyone said that thai girl are bad…. Thai women are world class hustlers. Lets get a few things straight. With dating Bar girls you will get Turbo charges financial problems. But the bottom line is. Leave bar girls alone. I want to say something!!! Thai girls have higher educated and have a good job find money for onself alot than some guys and we were taught in a good family original thai a women must stay at house only wait a men working and find money for take care family but now changed a women now clever smart work hard than some men.

Different girls work in true they like that. A men just be accessories forgien guys want only sex …, how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. Actually what you described above is universal.

Spot on with your observation Anna. And stay away from bar girls and you will find a good girlfriend. Hearts are going to get broken, that is for sure. Daniel might have something good to say but the poor grammar makes for very uncomfortable and difficult reading. A nice refreshing read i must how to pick up girls who dont speak your language. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply.

White Skin Thai Girls.

How to pick up girls who dont speak your language - there someone

There was no doubt in my mind that right then and there, I had found my erotic blueprint. Some of this is voice tone, some of it is body language and facial expression, and some of it is the words you use. You contradict yourself repeatedly. It was a good learning experience that taught me all of the above. BTW Ian, next time you insult me, sir. This took my breath away, really. Continual effort at communicating would have formed the throat components we now have with which to speak.