Hi-fi! Good morning everyone! Everyone, everyone, everyone! Everyone who watches us, I want to ask you how our zoo? On ikla Birds do not sleep for a long time! It’s awesome how nice it is! As if in some kind of fairy tale I woke up. Our Swallow, the wet nurse, Our little one ready to fight! Also woke up and listening to the chirping of birds. I rubbed the glass, all nadrail. Moshkar all washed away. Coffee brewed, a whole cup of aromatic coffee. Oh! Great morning! Look like tweeting, handsome. Stunned, joyful at heart. This is the situation here. Early morning, more night practically. The time is now, the beginning of the fourth! The beauty is ready to go. Waiting for the start of the working day. And we are now running over there, pay taxes, and rush the way. It’s time to act, let’s run. And then we must hurry. Until 7 am get up at the firm, pull out the chip. And start to relax. Right now we will pay taxes put in here ticket. Let’s see how many will count. Enter pin code no one needs to know that only i should know. That’s it, the ticket went out, the receipt is out, all paid. You can go. It is given 20 minutes to leave. For 20 minutes must leave. This is a cafe on the border. Works 24 hours. This is the border. Cafe is wonderful, rested visited the zoo. Like a bird market visited. And now you can walk to the Swallow, here it is, the people are still sleeping, everyone has their own plans. Your schedule. There is already the sun trying to rise. Here we come to the Swallow. I got up specifically in the corner, so that no one would interfere. Calm and quiet. I lay down yesterday, slept well. We put hammers, here are the birds chirping! Do not sleep well to them. That’s it, that’s it! We are going to quickly, The beginning of the country was set now we put hammers, hammers went knocking. And we’ll drink some more coffee. Oh! Lepote! What would I live like that! So here we are in the cabin. Our hotel looks like this. We are all in order. Chic, brilliance, beauty, tra, ta, ta, tra, ta, ta If you don’t make a mess yourself, then no one else to plant a mess. Here is talked have debated you can and start to work. Forward gentlemen, forward! For orders! In the morning, the voice has not erupted. We must work, stir The minute has passed, another 4 minutes. And rush forward. All things have done, Now you can go and work. Now show our payment what taxes paid. Give the ticket to them to save, until next time. Insert a ticket here, here, will check it out Wait, and write goodbye. Until new meetings. Let’s go home! This is our illa. Until next time. Some leave, others call in. Someone works at night. Everyone has their own schedule. And here we go on the Estonian land. Cameras are all around. We were recorded that we drove into the territory. Check if the roads are paid. We go further. Here come on the Estonian spaces, the road is clear nobody there. No wind silence, yesterday there was a very strong wind. From the sea blew, the counter was. The car rested against the wall. And today it just flies, by the way on the street plus + 8. and this is the middle, almost the end of June. Across the sky Will not say, what it can snow. But it will be warm in the afternoon. Here so meets Estonian land. We are positive, all chiki-peaks. Or as some saying, all chiki-bunches. But we will not do bunches, not the situation. I don’t even allow myself at home litter in his the office. There, behind the bus rushes. Is running out. Let him pass, let him go. We will move on. Bus, Eurolines. they blinked light at him, let him go around, look at the culture. We did him good, headlights blinked, and the bus with Lithuanian numbers, in response to silence. I do not want to offend anyone, but what kind of driving culture is this? This is not only Lithuanians, Yesterday we drove and missed the Estonian no thanks, no hello, no goodbye. This is the culture of people! And then they want to be called colleagues. What are these colleagues. This is so, thoughts are heard. But while we go chatting, watching on the forest. Forest, he and in Africa forest. Behind still catching up, I’m going 87 km per hour colleague is already catching up. Probably 92 km goes. This is 100 percent. We’ll see. Catch up, skip what problems, no problem. We are cultural people Now we will fill AdBlyu. Open lock, so here. Lock opened. Will be pay, we will insert card. Written to pull out the card, check, and we will dial the code. Code typed you are welcome, fifth, put on our special gloves. here are our gloves. Take the hose and here we insert. And the movement went through the pipe. Fill Adble. Something like that! 100 liter tank poured somewhere 90 liters. Maximum. So that to the fullest extent never could not fill. And consumption AdBlyu somewhere 10 liters per 1000 km. It happens 11 liters. Because of the weather or so the load is heavy. There is a consumption of 9 and up to 11 liters. Rides consumption. So fill it up. Well, in short, poured AdBlyu, poured 75 liters. 30 euros came out. We have an AdBlue price in Estonia 0.39 cents. In Latvia worth 0.54. This is 25 cents more expensive. AdBlue is more expensive in Latvia and the fuel is cheaper. And so I try AdBlyu pour in Estonia, it is cheaper. And I fill the fuel in Lithuania, there is even cheaper. We have 1.22 fuel in Estonia. 1,227 was, now. In Latvia 1.19 worth fuel. And in Lithuania, I now refueled 1.07 worth. So consider the difference. You try, you try, you try for the company looking for where it is cheaper to save more. And in response, nothing, notices nothing. No thanks. Absolutely. From such an attitude, special desire to strain no. I work and work. So our company loomed. Our Espack, hi-fi! Espack! We make a circle of honor, the final touch. Circle of honor. Look at the pipe because the wallpaper is in two tiers. Center of gravity is high It turns out that it is filling up. At every turn, you have to take this into account. The last climb and almost got it. On the oncoming train, barely missed each other. Surprisingly, nobody there. Also do not want to let. June 23 holiday and June 24 holiday. The shop is closed today and tomorrow. Something like that! Hey! Points can be removed it is necessary to say hello to the guard. And he does not recognize wearing glasses. Hi, I’ll go to the little one later. Our store is empty, so unusual. Holidays, weekends. This is our old car worth it. I’ll get on top. Because the wallpaper will have to be Shoot the store on the left side. It is necessary to get up so that the passenger could to park. Do not disturb anyone. And so it was easy to unload. Also, do not disturb anyone. I think it will be so very good. On this we will round out Many thanks to everyone who watches us. So it will be quieter and better heard me. Thank you very much to everyone who watches us! Our channel who we are interested in. Who did not have time subscribe, subscribe. Hurry up. You can also drop into the last car, This is me joking! See, have fun, relax. Cook with me, lunch, dinner. Sit down and watch. Calmly, slowly, look, for pleasure. See how the life of a simple trucker is going. From Estonia! On this round, all the best! To new interesting meetings! Alya-ulyu! All chiki chiki!