I greet you on the channel Raisa Goryazhenko Dacha garden garden flowers unusual name this video chicken is not cock urea is not organic caused by frequent comments under my video about the winnie match in which just such information is instructively asserted ammonium nitrate is a mineral nitrogen fertilizer and urea is the purest type of manure organic then immediately disappoint such commentators ammonium nitrate and urea is a mineral fertilizer these mineral fertilizers are produced in nitrogen plants about these industries told in the textbooks on chemistry still school program I remember it today in many countries Fertilizers are produced on modern plants. descriptions of these processes and the installations themselves are in the Internet books, textbooks, journals specialized various books editions dedicated to mineral fertilizer I will remind you that ammonium nitrate dry nitrogen content is within thirty four percent urea or carbamide is also called the most concentrated of nitrogen mineral fertilizer which contains 40 6.2 percent amide nitrogen form chemical properties about the features of use using these mineral fertilizers can tell a lot but I have another task now the task is to understand why on the Internet and in under my videos often slip the statement that urea is organics like manure I found the answer to it after studying history to create not urea but urea was called urea due to the discovery preceded precisely the study of matches at 1773 french chemist or marine three isolated urea from a liquid waste product human urine at 1828 the German chemist and doctor Friedrich Weller received urea-like substance by evaporation dissolved in water cyan then ammonium from that very moment begin historical chemists countdown history organic chemistry since the first organic compound was obtained synthetic by nature urea or carbamide is real mineral fertilizer which is used in the chemical industry in agriculture, food and other industries the various branches of our lives and the production of the product I use urea for off-root dressings in the composition of various cocktails want to know more experience in making such cocktails and many many other interesting ones subscribe On our channel, but before completing this video I will remind you of important information about urea weight available gardeners gardeners items of measurement of this mineral fertilizer and so in one tablespoon incomplete, that’s how much they took and some 10 grams of urea was dumped there matchbox without a slide, that’s exactly equal to 13 grams there, but 200 grams to my glass 130 grams of urea Well, here is a brief information about the match Vinni today I have everything ardent for brichenko I hope I answered briefly to this question be introduced to study more deeply the process itself and exactly making urea ammonium nitrate but all this is a process of consciousness mineral fertilizer well, on such a positive note I say goodbye to you until the next video I wish you peace and kindness and health