Hello, dear viewers. My name is Nikita. Company TruckSystems, Russia. Now I’ll show you the work of our emulator AdBlue and NOx sensor on a truck Iveco EuroCargo. With Cursor engine 180 horsepower Connector from the control unit SCR AdBlue removed. He disconnected and does not communicate with the systems of the truck. Connector removed from the NOx sensor. It is de-energized and is not communicating with the control unit and the AdBlue system of the truck. Now you have the option of dismantling the entire system AdBlue SCR, if desired. There will be no faults. Lamp “check engine” will not be signaled. Let’s see what the instrument cluster displays the truck. Start the engine. Display light bulbs “Check” is missing. The liquid level in the tank is displayed Adblue almost 80 percent. System AdBlue SCR pleaded completely intact. Thank you for viewing this video. We will be glad to cooperate with all over the world. All the best. Have a nice day.