Good afternoon, dear
friends, my name is Nikita Company TruckSystems. Today I’ll show you the work of our emulator AdBlue (+ NOx) by truck Iveco Trakker The connector on the control unit AdBlue SCR disconnected. Since the ecu AdBlue SCR disconnected and devoid of bus communication CAN, it is possible to dismantle the entire system AdBlue SCR + NOx, if desired. Let’s see what is displayed on the instrument cluster of the vehicle. Turn on the ignition. Start the engine. Indication lamp “check engine” is missing. Errors in the system Adblyе SCR not. Adblye level of almost 100%. Truck acknowledged Adblye SCR system completely intact. Now the data about the health of AdBlue SCR truck gets to the emulator Adblue. We look forward to cooperation with specialists from any point of the planet. We ship any necessary quantity. Emulators AdBlue (+NOx) run on trucks and buses with Euro-4 and Euro-5. The issue price we can always discuss. Delivery times are minimal. Thank you all for watching videos. All the best. Excellent mood and infinite love!