Today we are going to tell you about the process of medical science through which a fetus is prepared in the test tube. And after that implanted in the uterus of the woman This technique is a boon for childless couples. In this technique, the egg is removed from the female ovary and its contact is done through sperm in the fluid medium. And after this, fertilized egg is transferred to the woman’s uterus. This process is done in five stages In this process women are given suppressive injections for the first two weeks and the menstrual cycle is suppressed. In this stage, reproductive hormone follicle stimulating hormone-promoting drugs are given. It starts forming more ovules than usual. During this time the entire process of ultrasound is monitored. Ovary’s Eggs are accumulated by extremely small operation. This process is carefully repeated several times so that the number of eggs could be increased. The collected eggs are put together in a naturally controlled chamber with the main sperm. After few hours the sperm starts to be injected into the egg, this process is called endocytoplasmic sperm injection. Thus, Fertilized Eggs become embryos. Selected one or two most healthy embryos of this are later implanted in the uterus. Certainly the IVF or Test tube Baby method has proved to be a milestone for all the people who had lost all their hopes because of being childless.