Namastey! This my update of Miniature/Mini rose update. Look at the flowers. This plant is full of flowers. I will show you whole the plant closely next. I made a video on this plant earlier when it was attacked by thrips. I showed you how to cure plants from thrips attack with home remedies. Now it is the month of March. And in March how to care rose, I will show in other video. Due to lack of time I am not able to make a video of this topic. So I am showing it’s update. This plant is growing in only 10 inch pot. Miniature Rose Miniature Rose or Button Rose is perfect in 10 inch pot, will look beautiful. Look at the beautiful flowers. It has a another color variety which is white. It is pink in color. White color is also very beautiful. In summer,many people can not save rose plants.Everyone buy in it in winter, their plants blooms good flowers but in summer plant will turn quick and finally die or leaf burn will occur.So to prevent rose plant from these types of problems I will make a separate video. So what types of foods we should use this time?Organic or chemical?How to save plants from insects whole will discuss in a complete video. Today I show you only the update of this plant(in March,India). Hope after watching this plant you are happy. If you will try a little then I will also produce good quality roses in your terrace or lawn. Care of a plant which is in direct soil is less than care of a plant in pot. Plant in pot like time to time food supply,water supply and should prevent from insects. Insect attack in direct soil plant is less than in potted plant.Any plant in terrace are mostly attacked by insects. So it is my today’s video.Hope you like this. So please give it a like,please subscribe my channel and share my videos to your friends and relatives. So thank you very much.