My Self Sharanayya Swami Welcome to Kisanvarthe Everyone have seen rats We also try to kill it But Ramachandra Domesticated it in a Systematic Manner They are Selling it to Laboratory Even They are selling it to 5star Hotels Let us hear the Curious Information about the rate by his words We domesticating rats. This are mainly used for medical experiments To avoid diseases for human beings rats are used for
experimenting in labs. According to Hindu culture we should not consume flesh of rats. But some doctors
recommend to eat rats to overcome problems of
back Bone and knee pain. So many patients consume it. In Chinese star hotels of Bombay there is more demand
for rats. They will purchase 5,000 to 10,000 Rats monthly from us. We will sold for 250 Rupees for one Rat of 300gm Rat domestication is profitable. Thank You Sir for your Valuable Information Thanks for Watching And Don’t Forget to Subscribe