low cost natural pesticide using rice water
and other components today we are low cost effective natural pesticide
using household components, our previous videos about rice water usage received all positive
response. those videos got good views, today we can
check another episode about the usage of rice water. this will work very effective against aphids,
white flies etc, result may vary person to person. 1-2 liter of rice water need, it have a sticky
power and we are utilizing the same here. add 1 handful of good quality neem cake and wait for 24
hours. we need 10 grams of garlic now, grind it fine
and mix into this solution. our low cost organic pesticide is almost ready
now, squeeze neem cake and through out the wastage. mix well and filter it, you can use an
old cloth piece or small net for the same. again filter it, otherwise it will block the
holes of sprayer. apply this solution directly over leaves,
especially upper parts. spray it under sunlight for better results. we can control aphids on long beans (cowpea), white flies etc, repeat
it in 1-2 days interval and, this can be used as a fertilizer. dilute the solution with 5 times of water and
apply in 5-10 days interval.