we didn’t started videos about snake gourd, padavalam
is very common here and everybody interested to plant the same. from my kitchen waste one
plant started growing and now it’s spread over my
terrace, plant didn’t get any special notice from my side. but it’s growing healthy and started producing
flowers. this particular episode is about some tips
while growing snakegourd in kitchen garden. seeds are used to produce seedlings, it’s
outer part is hard and it will take more time for germination. we can soak seeds in plane water for 12-24
hours, germination take 4-10 days. while growing we need to apply more organic
fertilizers, can give groundnut cake , cow dung etc in 1-2 week intervals. we can male flowers and then female flowers
appears, pollination will happen naturally via bee or other flies. or we need to do it manually, cover the fruits
after pollination, this will be very important. fruit flies will attack snake gourd fruits
and they will inject eggs, we can protect by cover using paper or plastic. see you again with
another episode of terrace gardening, subscribe if you like the video.