Hello everyone! This is Mongsheel. Today I wanted to
show you how I fertilize my water culture plants This is the fertilizer I’m going to use I been using this fertilizer even before I started growing my plants in water. I add 2-3 drops of fertilizer into over night water The direction says to give 7 drops, but just like the way I fertilize my orchids, I try to give less. I’m going to pour the fertilize water into the glass jar, and
let the plant roots sit in it for about 10 minutes Let’s let it sit in fertilized water for 10 minutes I had let it sit for 10 min. I’m not going to give new water since the water is clean and I changed it not too long ago I’m going to rinse the roots in running water, and then put it
back into it’s glass jar I rinsed the roots and placed the plant back into it’s original glass jar I’m not going to throw away the fertilized water I just used.
I’m going to fertilize another plant with it Just like I did previously with Syngonium, I’m going to let this plant sit in it for 10 min. While this one sits in the water for 10 min. Let me give you the updates on other plants If you take a look here. This is call Snake plant It took a long time for the roots to grow. If you take a look, there are 3 roots. This is the Syngonium I converted to water culture couple
days ago. You can see the new roots that developed Syngonium developed new roots very fast Once the Syngonium develop more roots I will give some
fertilizer. I’m thinking it will happen pretty soon It had developed 4 new leaves since the last video If you look inside, there is another leave developing. Let me
give Calathea some fertilizer as well I had fertilized my water culture plants, and after I cleaned
the roots in running water, I placed the plant back into the original jar The way I fertilize them is by adding fertilizer into the over night water, and then place the roots into the fertilized water for 10 minutes. Rince the roots in running water and then place it back into it’s original glass jar I fertilize them every 2 months, before the winter comes If you have any questions please leave them at the comment box,
and I will try to answer them as fast as I could Thank you so much for watching and I will be back with another video.