hi everyone welcome to our Monday
livestream and there goes Mac but bye Mac hey Mac come here
come say hello to everybody come here Mac is joining in today
have a seat Mac oh good here we go he’s gonna say hi Mac say hi to everybody
well anyway you guys are probably seeing on the livestream throughout the
livestream kind of come in and go and he likes to kind of search for the lizard
snap at the Flies but I’ve got some plants here I don’t want him walking
over so we’ll see if we can keep him away from that but welcome to our Monday
live stream it is actually feeling like fall a little bit here today I think
it’s around 70 degrees which by far is the coolest day we’ve had in quite some
time and I know that some of you are already
dealing with snow I know cliffs on here and he had snow last week max like
telling me to scooch over here he posted a couple video photos on his Instagram
and I was floored it’s so hard to imagine his snow here in California when
the weather has been so hot in the 80s close to the 90s last week so welcome
guys today we’re talking about garden replanting after the wind storm we had
last week and I’m trying to focus on four different things throughout that
process so I’ll be sharing that with you today and I also want to hear from some
of you that might have dealt with some of the winds and the fires last week
here in Southern California I know Brandon’s on here and he
mentioned that his garden was a sustained also a lot of damage from the
from the wind so I’m really sorry that that has happened but the way I’m
looking at it it gives me a chance to replant and grow some things that I
haven’t been able to grow for a while so if you guys saw my Mac don’t step on my
plants here if you guys there we go okay trying to get away from the little
seedlings I’m gonna show you in just a second but if you guys saw my video we
posted yesterday you saw how the garden has sustained a lot of damage and I was
feeling pretty upbeat when we filmed the video and yesterday when Jerry and I
were out here pulling things out I have to admit I was pretty sad I was pulling
out the zucchini plant right here behind me which was absolutely gorgeous
some Tomatoes a lot of the red profusion zinnias I was
feeling pretty sad feeling pretty overwhelmed I had my moment of a few
tears I have to admit but you know what then I got excited about having a new
plan so here we are today talking about it I’m actually gonna upload a video as
soon as the livestream is finished just kind of sharing a few of my thoughts
after our garden cleanup so before we do that though let me see who’s here today
and I know a lot of people are in the chat early so I really appreciate that
it’s really fun to see people chatting away and checking up on how our gardens
are doing and how we’re doing personally throughout the week so I see Shelley is
here from Arizona hi Shelley how are you doing I think we
have some new viewers on here as well today so I want to welcome you guys
I see Oscar here Oscar Cortez Brian’s Jersey garden I’m assuming you’re
watching from New Jersey piano master is here every week William ena has been
here before I don’t think I’ve seen you on here for a while so welcome back
Rita Gibson Renata Luna what’s know that’s a good positive comment I like
that Rita snow is a four-letter word Shea I
talked about Shelley from Arizona welcome again Shelley and Rita Gibson
yes we are safe from the fires they have pretty much repopulated the areas that
were evacuated my daughter actually had to evacuate she was in one of the
mandatory evacuation zones but she was able to return a couple hours later
after the evacuation started and was just fine and Irene’s at the gym
watching so thank you guys so much for all of your well wishes for our garden
and for our safety during the fires let’s jump in here um I want to talk
about the first thing that I’m working on here and focusing on is really
fighting the overwhelming feeling of oh my goodness I’m so overwhelmed to have
to replant so I don’t know if you guys remember a few months ago or maybe the
back last summer or last spring I posted a video on garden overwhelm and tell me
if you guys can relate do you ever go out in your garden and just see all the
things that have to be done and feel overwhelmed like there is absolutely no
way you’re going to get it all accomplished
to the point where maybe you don’t even start maybe you’re sober whelmed and so
like I just don’t even know what to do that you just kind of quit okay so
that’s the feeling that I’m really fighting now is just focusing and and
the way I’m fighting it is by focusing on one thing at a time actually had a
conversation with Jerry and I don’t know if he’s in the chat today he’s at work
so I don’t know if he’s able to join us but actually have conversation with him
this morning and he said you just have got to take it like you do everything
else one thing at a time Garden bed by garden bed so I pulled out
I’m gonna kind of raise up the camera a little bit you guys might remember there
this all these garden beds were full there were the red profusion zinnia is
just hanging over the garden beds it looked absolutely beautiful so yeah that
was kind of tough but I’m just looking at a garden bed about garden bed it
brings on new opportunities sometimes when things die it’s really hard at
first but then you have a chance to plant something new that you haven’t
been able to plant for a while because your garden beds have been full and
cliff here I see that you’re posting I will say that it helps to have an off
season cliff has a month of cleanup and then the holidays and in January start
dreaming again so yeah absolutely if you live in a climate where you get snow you
have that opportunity to have an off season I don’t always have that here in
California because we are fortunate enough to be able to plant year-round so
I do like to try and keep my garden beds full for not only growing vegetables
that we can eat but also to be able to share with you guys how to do different
things how to plant things how to grow your own vegetables as well so sometimes
I do feel that pressure have to be honest to have my garden beds looking
perfect having them perfectly full and be able to have plenty of content to
share with you all on Instagram Facebook and here on YouTube so you know let’s
just take that pressure off and I want to bring you guys along for the
replanting process and maybe some of you are going through that as well feeling
overwhelmed and maybe replanting your gardens and would like to join me and
definitely if you’re in the cold winter you might want to stay warm with
here in California over the winter months got plenty of sunshine to go
around and we’ll share that with you and hopefully it’ll give you a lift during
the cold months so the first thing I focus on focusing on is definitely
staying positive and trying to focus on taking one thing at a time so share with
me in the chat if you guys can relate and if you have any tips for me also on
avoiding that overwhelming feeling of there’s no way I’m gonna get it all done
okay so I see Mary is chatting it up here it’s 57 degrees right now and that
is pretty chilly at least for me Southern California girl here but it’s
probably feeling it really like a really nice fall day there and Patricia is her
comment is yes start with one thing and then the rest will follow
that is so true and that’s actually something that Jerry shared with me I
said I don’t really have a plan quite yet in place and he said you know what
you’re gonna get some ideas start with one thing and then you’re gonna get
excited and have all kinds of other ideas and a plan will fall into place so
taking it one step at a time is definitely definitely hopeful or helpful
okay jo-ann Sherwood hi Joanne how are you doing watching from the UK thank you
so much for joining in today watching your post and no matter where you are in
the world there are positives and negatives to face we who watch your
channel know that you will turn it turn this around thank you so much to Ann I
really appreciate the encouragement and I do like to stay positive so sometimes
I have my moment but then we’ll turn it around just into something that will be
positive for everyone to be able to share in okay Bruce in Las Vegas a wind
and heat now cool hot no cool so hopefully you mean that cool weather is
coming Las Vegas gets so so hot wintertime is probably a really good
time to garden there okay let’s see anything else in the chat here Sharon
has a great suggestion I found that it helps me to make a list of what needs to
be done and then I prioritize the list and check it off as I go every check is
an accomplishment that is so true I like making my list to accept sometimes I
forget to look at them but it definitely does help
help it help you to go back and just kind of so you don’t have it all jumbled
around your mind you’re able to check things off the list and feel really good
about what you’ve accomplished okay let’s see if there’s any other tips here
okay a game nerd mom definitely overwhelmed I need to put up a fence for
my crops that need to overwinter to protect them from critters ox so much to
do take it one fence post at a time okay I hear you there there’s always gonna be
a ton to do so definitely helps you to just look at what’s right in front of
you maybe kind of give yourself a vision give yourself a plan but then just take
it one step at a time and then feel good about what you got done for that day
okay so let me move into oh the other thing I was gonna mention here under the
overwhelm thing is to keep it on perspective I mean look if you look at
everything going on around us we had fires next town over and there are
people who lost their homes so in the grand scheme of scheme of things the
garden is not really important I mean it’s definitely important but it’s not
that important so definitely things can be replanted things things can be
regrown but it’s not like a big huge tragedy like losing your home or having
an illness in the family or losing a loved one or something like that it’s
something we can all share in together and work out together but just to keep
it all in perspective we’re not a big huge hurry here we can take our time and
do things as we’re able so keep it all in perspective okay so second thing here
that I am focusing on and this is kind of just a process here a part of the
process is just taking out things that are dead taking out the old and bringing
in the new so I was thinking about that this morning and doesn’t that kind of
apply to our lives as well be not only to the garden but the way I was kind of
thinking things through this morning is there’s a lot of life’s lessons that we
can learn from the garden so not only kind of getting things out of our life
that we don’t want in our life anymore in order to grow and become a better
person but we can also kind of equate that to the garden is pulling out the
old plants and as I was looking through the garden
yesterday I was really battling with myself okay should I leave this zucchini
plant and it was beautiful a week ago I really enjoyed that zucchini I’m kind of
attached to it as crazy as that sounds but then just looking at the picture as
a whole am I gonna have enough time left to even harvest Sookie knee the
weather’s getting colder is it worth it to have this big space taken up behind
me by a plant that might or might not make it or should I just cut my losses
and move on and start over with something new and fresh and once I
decided that is actually made it a little bit easier to take out the old
bring in the new leave the plants that I think I’m gonna be able to get some
production out of still but cut my losses and move on so once I made that
decision it actually made the clean-out a lot easier I just started yanking
things out and it actually felt pretty good so what I decided to do was pull
everything out on these garden beds and then just leave all the leaves that blew
off all the trees just kind of spread them out over the garden beds and leave
them there because honestly that’s one less thing I have to do I love mulching
with leaves and that way I’m not carting around leaves all over the garden so
just trying to keep it simple at the stay at the same time so just really
starting simple starting with the basics pulling out the old and refreshing and
bring it on the new so one of the positives is I actually got this big
huge bin right here chock full of leaves that we collected just from the lawn
probably one of these and then a whole nother one so I’m always trying to
collect leaves so I’m one up on that okay I see we got some super chats here
so thank you so much we’ve got a couple of them um let me take a look and see
one from I saw one from Heather I’m so sorry Heather
I saw one from Heather go by Christy if you could help me maybe find that it was
at a 299 oh here we go Heather thank you so much $1 super Chad thank you so much
for joining me here today really appreciate your support and appreciate
your super chat thank you so much and another one from max for 4.99 max thank
you guys it’s just so encouraging to see that kind of support
and I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and taking the time to
super chat camera guy and I really really appreciate it
okay let’s see here the wind go I love this the wind gave you a gift leaves
from Rita absolutely Rita it’s great to look on the positive side of things and
to look at all the the gifts that were given to us because of the wind and not
just the fact that the garden got damaged so wonderful
okay Cory’s gardens is excellent philosophy Kim so yeah I hope a lot of
you guys you know I’m learning and growing along with you guys so I want to
encourage you to learn and grow along with me so if any of this encourages you
then that’s one more reason why I want to share the process here of replanting
so um question here from rain bees plant in germinating are your Tomatoes
doing good okay I did pull out a couple small tomato plants there’s a few at the
top I haven’t quite gotten to yet but I’ll probably go ahead and pull those
out too and just kind of start fresh now I did start the ones at the top there
are ones that have been in all summer I did start some new ones maybe a month or
so ago and I just am seeing here my camera sorry about this guys my camera
just got all here alright I think that’s a little better
I did start some new ones about a month ago that actually held up pretty well to
the storm so we’ll see how they do and hopefully those will be able to sustain
themselves over the winter time but I’m definitely gonna plant some more Tiny
Tim’s start them inside and maybe move them in and out during the day when the
nights get cold okay Brandon had a super chat earlier yeah I think I saw that
Thank You Brandon I think I saw that before the livestream started so I
appreciate that I think that was a $0.99 super chat so thank you so much and I
appreciate you being here today and sharing with us that your garden
actually is needing some replanting too after the win okay Jed’s still picking
some tumbling Tom’s in England that’s exciting I know you guys get a lot of
cool weather in England so it’s always exciting to be picking those Tomatoes
even in the cooler weather Sally how are you how are you doing today Sally great
to have you on here and piano master can you do a video on whiteflies ways to get
rid of them and what they do they are all over my yard everywhere Wow piano
master um we actually are not having any problem with white flies right now we
usually have a big problem in the spring when it rains a lot so I don’t know what
the weather’s like in your area but once things once we do have a white fly
problem I will do a video on that um I haven’t really had to spray too much for
them and I’m not sure maybe someone can tell me on here if neem oil will do the
trick with the white flies so let me know if you’ve had any experience
dealing with that what I do want to do is do some more with beneficial insects
over the next like six months or so so you can stay tuned on for videos on that
okay first thing I’m focusing on is combating or fighting that feeling of
overwhelm second thing is I’m pulling out the old and focusing on the new not
only in my own life but also in the garden okay third thing I’m going to
focus on and this has to do with the gardening is the soil it’s all about the
soil if you’re at the point where you’re replanting some things or even growing
something inside if you’re in the wintertime really focus on your soil so
the soil behind me here it’s been grown in all summer long so it really does
need some replenishing now if you’re heading into wintertime a cold winter
time and you’re not going to be replanting right now I would totally
recommend like I’m doing back here covering your garden bed with leaves a
lot of you the the winds are starting to blow like they were here you’re getting
a lot of leaves around the neighborhood you compile those leaves on top of your
garden bed and if your garden beds are empty during the winter time the snow
the rain will help break down those leaves and bring in the worms over the
winter and really help replenish your soil so that’s why I’m going to focus on
behind me here is replenishing through leaves I’m gonna be adding some compost
as I plant and I’m also going to be adding some worm castings so really
going to be working on these Arden meds a lot of times what I do in
the winter is I’m slowly pulling out my warm weather vegetables here in
California and slowly replanting with cool weather crops so I don’t usually
have everything empty all at once so now that I do have it empty I do have the
chance to work things into the garden bed that I wouldn’t normally be able to
replenish the entire garden bed with so that’s another opportunity so I have the
chance to really focus on my soil and replenish the soil so again trying to
focus on the positive and you know not the negative so any tips for
replenishing your garden soil over the winter time I would love to hear about
it that’s something you’re focusing on please let me know here in the chat and
I see Pat Sela has a great suggestion Thank You Pat Sela for piano master
about using neem oil and a little dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap in the spray
well great idea I like that use cold press neem spray the underside of the
leaves white flies show up here in the fall okay Pat Sela thank you so much for
that suggestion that’s one thing I really love about our community here is
a lot of people are interacting in the chat offering suggestions there’s a
plenty that I don’t know about or may not have experience with that you all
out there have so it’s a great suggestion about the neem oil the
peppermint dr. Bronner’s soap it’s a natural soap so that would mix very well
or help the neem oil kind of to disperse through whatever through the water that
you’re adding it to so great great suggestion okay let’s see here yes Pat
still a great great tip once it gets cold or if it freezes the white flies
will pretty much leave your garden okay let’s see here and now that’s true for a
lot of bugs and that’s one thing when you don’t get when you live in an area
that doesn’t get Frost that’s one thing that can be a challenge is you don’t get
that hard Frost or that even that light frost to kill off the bugs so
I saw actually I’ve meant to mention to Christy just posted the will the fall
garden series but I also did run a sale this weekend even though we didn’t do
like a how-to video that I had planned on so I still went ahead and ran the
sale so that you guys can get your fall seeds or your winter seeds started at a
discount I want to mention that real quick here it’s a 30% off sale and if
you can get that over on my website Callie Kim garden home comm with the
code Callie Kim and it does just run through today only so there’s still a
lot of garden you can do even in the cold weather you can garden indoors by
growing lettuce and microgreens you can even plant little tiny Tim Tomatoes
under grow lights or you might be able to now start with your cool weather
gardening if you’re in a southern climate so I’ve got seed collections
everything over there to help you get started so head on over to my website
and take a look ok common here from margie thank you I started my garden
back in July got hooked when I did my search in YouTube
Oh Thank You Kelly Kim popped up really appreciate everything thanks camera guy
Callie Kim and everything some flowers and more Margie that is just such an
encouragement to us to keep on posting content I’m so glad that you found us
I’m so glad you’re here that you’re watching you’re learning and of course
you’re growing your own vegetables and are really enjoying the process it’s so
rewarding and so much fun when you’re able to pick something from your garden
and eat it and then share it with the people around you so it’s so glad you’re
here thank you so much for sharing and I do want to thank everything some flowers
are more for moderating she’s here every week an hour before the live stream
starts she is a master gardener and a lot of you might have met her a couple
of weeks ago on our live stream and just a great person a very dear friend and
always willing to answer a question or lend a helping hand or give a positive
encouraging comment so I really appreciate Christy your help here every
single week okay let’s see what is a safe grow light from Sophie Sophie you
definitely want to go over to YouTube or here on youtube watch my three easy grow
lights setups video that will tell you
everything you need to know for grow lights inside they’re not as
intimidating as you might think once you dig in there’s some really easy setups
that you can easily and very inexpensively on pick up to grow plants
inside so check that out all the links you’ll need will be in the video
description as far as what products to purchase and marry we’ll see you later
thanks for joining us today and let’s head in now to my the fourth thing I’m
focusing on and the replanting process here in the garden is what to plant so
if you’re replanting your garden and I’m heating my own advice here when I’m
replanting my garden my garden what you want to think about is the time of year
that you’re planting in right now it’s we’re heading into winter time here at
least in the northern hemisphere in the southern hemisphere you might be heading
into spring time but here in the northern hemisphere the weather’s
getting cooler a lot of you are obviously experiencing snow and cold
weather here in my garden it’s a perfect time to plant cool weather vegetables so
I’m not gonna be focusing on planting tomatoes squash cucumbers all the things
I would normally grow in the summertime I’m gonna really keep things simple and
work with the season work with the temperature not against it to ensure
that I have the best chance of success for growing vegetables throughout my
garden so we’re gonna be planning some cool weather vegetables the other thing
I also want to keep in mind and that you’ll also want to consider is the
sunlight requirements for the vegetables that you’re planting so the hill behind
me here is pretty much shaded most of the day during the winter time so I’m
not gonna be planning vegetables that need full-on Sun like broccoli
cauliflower cabbage those really need a lot of Sun even though they’re cooler
their vegetables they’re not going to work on the hill behind me so I’m really
gonna be looking for some vegetables that will only need a couple hours of
sunlight a day now as opposed to the area right in front of me here let me
see if I can flip my camera around okay so the area in front of me I’m
definitely gonna need to be doing some cleanup here we didn’t really get to
that yesterday that gets a lot more Sun I’d say maybe four to five hours of
sunlight a day it’s still not on sunny garden in the winter time so
I’ll plant some vegetables there that have you know that have higher Sun
requirements so you definitely want to look around your garden and consider
that because in the fall in the winter months your garden is going to get much
less sunlight than it does in the in the summer it also depends on like our house
pretty much shades our garden most of the winter time so things change in the
winter so consider that whenever you’re replanting or regrowing
and make the adjustment as far as the varieties to plant so I’m gonna plant
things behind me that will grow in a few hours of Sun things in front of me that
will grow in four to five hours of Sun a day so we’ll be looking around for some
really good varieties to be planting a lot from my own seed shop but also
looking around for some other good varieties to plant that will be fun and
interesting and new so that’s always a positive aspect to is to plant a new
varieties that I haven’t planted before so I’m really excited about it okay
piano master is camera guy not here this week okay I think he’s you’re having a
really busy day at work so a lot of times he’ll join us on his lunch hour
but maybe he wasn’t able to catch a lunch hour today
or think came up at work that he had that he had to deal with so thanks a lot
I’ll pass on to him that you asked about him and that you missed him okay let me
just check and see if there was anything else I wanted to mention oh the other
thing that’s a good thing to plant in the winter time and a lot of you may may
or may not do this I bet you though of cliff is on here he does this in the
winter is plant cover crops so I don’t know I may plant some cover crops behind
me here too but basically a cover crop is something that has grown for to keep
the soil covered and to really add nutrients into the soil and it doesn’t
have to be anything fancy you can plant things like clover you can even plant
things like peas and beans which really help fix nitrogen and help other plants
around them have nitrogen or gives other plants around them nitrogen so they can
grow the nice leafy greens that we all liked to eat so I will also post a video
link to a video that I did on cover crops last year so that if you want to
plant cover crops in your garden as a way to rebuild your soil over the winter
you can know exactly what to do on that ok Tony thanks for all your sales on
seeds I jumped into spring seeds to be prepared for spring gardening ok that’s
great you can definitely stock up now when I’m
having the 30% off sales to really stock up either for Christmas gifts or for the
spring gardening season so one thing I want to show you guys here too that
actually gave me a lift this morning I planted a tray of seeds last week as my
fall backups and I didn’t know the wind was coming and going to destroy a lot of
my garden and one thing that kind of gave me a lift here do you draw from my
fall garden seed collection as you see those guys little seedlings coming up
that was pretty cool I actually didn’t have a lot of backups going in the house
because I’d already planted a lot of my fog garden outside so these will be
ready to plant outside in a month or so and we’ll also be planting seeds so
there’s always new life springing out of things that are damaged or destroyed in
the weather so if you look for it you can always find something positive and
the other thing is here on my windowsill this morning we’re some little
microgreens seed sprouting so I think I planted these maybe a week or so ago so
I think there are Rugal Oh microgreens I just snipped some microgreens and put
them into some scrambled eggs over the weekend and here we have some new ones
coming up so it always gives you a little bit of lift if you have something
growing on your windowsill you can grab the the microgreens seed collection
don’t you guys love this I know it’s still a few weeks from Halloween but you
know what makes it makes me slump smile it’s on my windowsill and I know it
would make you smile too so grab yourself somebody just get little
containers at Target I think they’re at Target right now or grab a teacup out of
you’re out of your cabinet and get some microgreens plenitude it’s just a lot of
fun ok so let me head into the chat we’ve talked about the four things I’m
focusing on in replanting the garden here fighting being overwhelmed focusing
on pulling out the old and bringing in the new focusing on the soil and really
replenishing the soil and then looking at what good varieties to plant what’s
going to work for your garden as far as like goes and as far as the weather goes
so I want to hear from you guys if you’re replanting if any of these these
things are helpful for you let me know you can relate to any of them let me
know and if you’re replanting or just growing indoors for the winter I’d love
to hear from YouTube okay Angela just started her microgreens collection and
putting it into small containers okay that is so much fun
microgreens are fun because you can harvest them within like five to seven
days you’re getting that immediate satisfaction of growing something and
then popping it right into your your food there so that’s always fun okay
let’s see what other comments we have Christy’s posting some of the points in
the chat here some of the tips let’s see here lose hi lose great to see you here
I’m growing my fall crops in containers should I plant should I put in at least
one pea plant per container to help fix nitrogen I know the broccoli and
cauliflower need it um you know what lose us really an individual decision if
you want to try that go for a more power to you probably depends on your
container size and how much space you have broccoli and cauliflower you know
are can grow into pretty large plants so as an option to planning a pea plant in
the container what you could do is just you know every couple of weeks make sure
that you were broccoli as they’re beginning to grow anyway when they need
that good leafy growth at the beginning of their life make sure that you give
them a good nitrogen a fertilizer like the good dirt plant food or some fish
fertilizer at the beginning so that they had that nice green leafy growth and
that might help them get off to a good start and then after they’re growing and
start to develop the flowers and the broccoli heads you can give them a more
mild fertilizer like the worm tea or something like that that will really
help sustain them and help them produce throughout the growing season
okay cliff I see thank you so much cliff is making some great comments here about
types of cover crops to plant he’s talking about mustard greens
um things like that so I I know in the past I’ve planted some clover I’ve
planted peas and beans for cover crops and anything else out there that you
guys have planted for cover crops please make comments in the chat so people can
see those and you don’t always have to have a special cover crop seed a lot of
times you can just look in your own seed collections and anything that’s a legume
like a bean or a pea something of that sort will fix nitrogen in the air and
then that will really help the soil be more productive and you can just kind of
let them grow over the winter time and then as the spring time comes what you
do is you do something called chop and drop where you’re gonna chop the cover
crops off at the base about a month before you plant your spring garden and
then cut a lot of decay in the soil and then it’ll really add some good organic
matter to the soil and help get your garden off to a good start in the spring
and you’ll be that much further ahead okay here Sharon I’m growing microgreens
soon with the lettuces indoors wonderful and waiting until February to start the
rest for next season have to hibernate for the winter okay Sharon that’s great
to hear sometimes yes we do need a break for the winter time a lot of you get
super hard Frost’s over the winter and can’t grow outside so I really want to
encourage you to get something growing indoors and it’s gonna give you that
lift to see it something growing on your windowsill something green from the
garden something fresh to eat I saw someone else made a little comment I’m
sorry I don’t know I don’t remember who it was about growing basil on your
windowsill so if you still have basil growing in your garden you can snip off
one of the stalks one of the stems root it in water and then plant it after a
couple of weeks once it’s developed some good roots you can plant it in a little
container and then put it on your windowsill and this has been grown on my
windowsill for maybe a month or so without a grow light without even direct
sunlight and it’s doing absolute beautiful E and this is when I rooted
from my outdoor basil so if you still have based on your garden I would really
encourage you to do that before it gets too cold okay question here from Julie
hi Julie do you have a video on how to freeze your veggies
I haven’t done one for a while I think I might have some that I did several years
back if you want to go and look under my playlist called I think it’s called
preserving your harvest or you can just maybe type in the word freeze and some
of my videos from the past might pull up but basically what I do is I freeze the
most of my vegetables whole my Tomatoes I just throw in a bag and pop them in
the freezer the same thing with the peppers
I don’t usually tend to blanch them because I feel like that’s just one
extra step and basically when you freeze your vegetables and then pull them out
don’t expect to have a nice crisp vegetable those are vegetables that you
can use in cooking like in sauces in stews stir fries that type of thing
they’re gonna be definitely mushy and not nice and crisp but it’s a great way
to preserve it and then pull it out later on when you have time to process a
whole bunch of them like make spaghetti sauce or whatever okay let’s see here oh
wow a piano master that’s so cool I’m literally pruning basil to root when you
mentioned this that’s so cool don’t you love it when that timing works out okay
yes I love that okay everything some flowers that’s a challenge from Kelly
key I’m wonderful thank you how many people can we get growing through the
winter so absolutely Kristi thank you so much I want to challenge you guys if
you’re if you’re not able to grow outside or even if you are I want to
challenge you to grow something indoors whether it’s microgreens lettuce whether
it’s herbs here’s another little thing of lettuce I just started a couple years
ago years ago a couple weeks ago actually and here we go guys I think
those may be one one week ago and here we go already seedlings popping up I’m
telling you guys you are gonna love seeing that in the winter time I promise
you when it’s too cold outside you’ll love this growing inside and I also want
to challenge you and encourage you and invite you to join us as a replant
behind us join us through the wintertime I know a lot of a lot of winters people
will say oh it’s so cold and dreary but watching your channel with the
California sunshine you’re still growing you’re still planting you’re still
encouraging to grow something it always gives me a
lift so if that’s you in the wintertime if you kind of get that seasonal
affective disorder join us here plenty of sunshine here in
California to go around and I would love to have you join us as we replant the
garden so that would just be so much fun okay so let me know if you’re gonna be
growing inside with me here uh carro loon hi Carol
I grow loads of veggies in my homemade tunnel during winter in fact I avoid
brassicas during summer because of the pests okay that’s great I love to hear
that you’re growing outside even in the wintertime and you have some kind of a
tunnel or a hoop house to protect your vegetables from the cold weather so
that’s one great way you can also extend your growing season and I know a lot of
people um I know there’s a gardener Nicki zaboor she’s on Instagram she’s
written several books she lives in Canada so look her up on Facebook and on
Instagram she grows all winter long just like karo does in low-poly tunnels
I think she uses easy even a glass like door or something to cover her tunnels I
was able to grow a ton of greens in the winter time so I totally encourage you
to do that as well okay Nisha accept the challenge growing
strawberry curry leaves and passionfruit wheatgrass basil money plant all indoors
wonderful Nisha she’s growing up in Northern California so I’m great to hear
that you’ve accepted the challenge to grow inside Rita oh wow there’s a lizard
on the fence over here I just thought accepting the challenge bin plant
planning and planting that’s great the saga
si si gardener except in South Texas that’s wonderful the growing indoors
Angela that sounds good I will grow basil and she’ll start microgreens
wonderful Angela I’m glad to hear that Shelly propagate and plant a lot of
basil which is awesome to do that in the wintertime so I’m glad to hear a lot of
you guys are accepting the challenge go for it and we’ll keep each other
encouraged and posted here on our live streams and also on Instagram and if you
guys don’t follow me make sure you follow me over on Instagram because I
post daily updates pretty much to what I’m doing post a lot of my
stories what I’m doing out in the garden on a daily basis and I would love if
you’re growing something to tag me over there so I can encourage you and comment
on it as well piano master accepting the challenge growing spinach and broccoli
indoors wow you really are accepting the challenge because that can be a
challenge to grow that indoors so wonderful
okay Cecil okay follow you hope that means you’re accepting the challenge as
well wonderful okay guys we are gonna I’m gonna take look for one more
question to answer and whoops and then we’re gonna sign off for the day this
has been very encouraging to me and I hope it has been for you too question
from Angela is your Instagram name the same as your youtube name you could find
me on Instagram at Calais Kim 29 if you type in Callie Kim you’ll find me also
make sure you follow camera guy on Instagram because he posts a lot of the
behind-the-scenes stuff usually some really cool one-minute videos as well
and a lot of behind the scenes from the movie studio where he works so you
definitely want to check him out too and his Instagram is Callie camera guy okay
one more garden question does growing in water count yes it does Kathryn I don’t
care how you grow inside during the winter as long as you’re growing
something that you can eat or even something that you can’t eat it’s just
fun to see that green growing inside but hopefully you grow something you can eat
too okay guys thanks so much for joining today thank you for all of your
encouragement after the live stream as soon as I head inside I am going to post
a video just sharing a little bit about how I felt yesterday after pulling out
some of the garden plants so you want to head over and check that out
I want to invite you to join us as we replant and I really appreciate all your
encouragement and positivity you give me a lip today hope you’ve gotten a lift by
being here as well thanks so much for hanging out we’ll see you later bye bye