and welcome to the garden this morning
it is a beautiful Monday morning it’s about 80 degrees out here absolutely
perfect and it is so much fun to be in the chat early you guys are just amazing
I love how all the advice is flying back and forth all the jokes and I know
there’s a lot of people out there who want us to get chickens
so camera guys actually in the chat today so we might have to throw in a few
little nuggets of wisdom about chickens today and maybe we can talk them into it
what do you guys think so we are coming off an absolutely amazing weekend I
cannot tell you how incredibly touched camera guy and I are sorry I’m gonna cry
your guys didn’t expect this at the amazing response to our book
announcement on Saturday it was just incredible I can’t believe it we just
had such a blast sharing it with you guys and the comments on the YouTube
video on the comments on Instagram all the comments on Facebook and the shares
guys I just couldn’t believe it I was literally trying to get to every comment
and I know I didn’t I miss people I am so sorry but we so appreciate the
overwhelming response the love that you guys showed us the people that shared
with us their change lives we honestly did not expect it I mean we know our
videos affect people and really change people’s health but to hear the stories
that you guys have sent us oh my gosh absolutely incredible
so thank you from the bottom of a bottom of our hearts and the pre-sales
they came flying into my inbox guys and I really appreciate that I want to share
with you some super exciting a super exciting statistic that I received this
morning from my publisher that we actually the book actually made the
number one best sellers list on Amazon in several different gardening
categories vegetable gardening guarding and holder horticulture and a couple
others so that was as of about 8:00 a.m. our time this morning it’s since gone
down to number three but I think we can get it back up again to number one if
you guys just keep on sharing with your friends keep on sharing the gardening
love and keep on pre-ordering if you haven’t already so in case you missed it
the book will be released on December the 10
and we’re so excited to share with you it’s a gonna be an eight and a half by
11 size 250 full-color photographs from camera guy and our daughter Jules and
it’s all about how to grow an organic vegetable garden for everyone made easy
all the way from seed to harvest and all the steps in between so you guys are
gonna love it lots of step by step photos and directions and it’s just
gonna be an amazing it’ll be an amazing Christmas gift or gift for anyone or
even just for yourself to take out in the garden so you can order it actually
on my website Kelly Kim garden home calm under the my my books tab there’s lots
of different links on there Eco order on Amazon Barnes and Noble in the UK Canada
Australia so we’re so excited to share with you guys and super touch from the
bottom of our hearts again for all the amazing response so thank you guys so
much and I am going to be taking some oh I will also want to say we had a
promotion over the weekend the first 25 pre-sales from the US would receive free
seed packets three free seed packets and then good dirt jumped in and is gonna
include a free bag of good dirt and my inbox was flooded with emails and I’m
still waiting through all of them I know you guys are anxious to find out if
you’re one of those first 25 and I will definitely be waiting through them but
it’s gonna take me a couple of days cuz the response was so overwhelming if you
emailed me and did not include your contact information I got a lot of
emails without addresses so please email me again and let me know your address so
that we can filter through those see who was first and get your seeds out to you
but please be patient with me it’s gonna take me a little bit of time so anyway
guys I’m sorry for the long introduction I want to see who’s here today and I
know we have people from all over the world South Africa and all over the US I
can’t remember and those people here from other countries maybe from the UK
from Canada so shout out if you haven’t yet tell me where you’re from Bart from
San Antonio Texas thank you for joining us Dean I think it is Dean said it was
his first time on today so welcome to our livestream we’re so happy that
you’re here we live stream every Mondays at noon Pacific time
Charles hi from Arizona and let’s see who else is here Tammy from North
Carolina Nisha of course from Northern California here
every week Simone from Pittsburgh California Bay Area Wow I don’t know
there’s a Pittsburgh up there Beauty sweet from Oakland and let’s see here
Bart’s ville Angela stivic said from Kentucky
Yvonne from Spring Texas from Sydney we have Helen from Sydney she says good day
good day to you too Helen I hope we can visit Australia someday I would love to
Jack of course from Maryland Lynne first time on here live thank you so much and
welcome today we’re talking about the sides of the book we’ll get to some book
questions I maybe towards the end of the livestream we’re talking about some of
my favorite summer gardening tips we’re just coming into summer and my summer
garden is just exploding here and oh I see a camera guys telling me we have a
super tap from ocean bound $2.00 from ocean bound thank you so much let me see
if I can click on that and see if there was a comment to go along with it it’s
not pulling it up but thank you so much I really appreciate your super chat
ocean bound and thanks so much for joining us we did have one on Saturday
we didn’t get to as well we missed it um it was from I think was Diane Neary
isn’t that correct and thank you so much Diane we really
appreciate your support and I think I saw a question what’s a super chat a
super chat actually it is a little icon you can click on I believe it’s on
desktop maybe on mobile as well it’s a little dollar sign if you’d like to show
your appreciation for the content that we that we produce here you can click
the super chat and make a donation so we really appreciate it
Oh Diane Gray thank you I’m so sorry we missed it thank you so much okay guys so
we’re talking about our summer gardens here and just coming into summer as Jeff
oh my gosh Jeff just did a super chat of $5 Jeff thank you so much he’s down in
Joshua Tree California in the desert super hot down there but he just opened
a new Instagram account so you guys want to check out his Instagram show him some
love he’s a faithful follower of ours he’s doing some really unique
things with his garden on roller carts and Jeff if you could post her Instagram
I’m here in the chat that would be awesome and I want everyone to go over
and follow him on Instagram he’s posting a lot of really cool stuff so anyway
guys summer Gardens our summer garden is starting to explode the weather is
finally getting perfect for summer gardening in the 80s we have sunshine
today and as you can see behind me we have a I think it’s an 8 gallon long
smart pots raised bed just starting to grow and the tomatoes are filling in the
basil is looking beautiful right here and the pepper garden in the purple pot
right behind me I come out here every day I’m looking at it probably several
times a day because it’s so gorgeous and I’m sure a lot of your gardens are
exploding too so I wanted to share with you a couple of summer tips because as
the summer heats up and maybe those of you in super hot areas can relate to
this once it gets over 85 or 90 degrees the plants just don’t do quite as well
tend the tomatoes and the peppers even the cucumbers the blossoms tend to drop
off excuse me and they don’t produce as much so we want to keep our gardens
producing as much as we can in the summer heat and the first tip that I
have found absolutely invaluable I just can’t go without it in the summer
anymore is some type of shade cloth I love this kind here you can get this on
Amazon and the link will be in the video description but that’s really cool
because you can see through it which means that the Sun will get through it’s
a 40 percent block so some sunlight will still get through but super handy to
cover your plants with you can drape it over your tomato cages put a couple
stakes in your garden beds and it will help oh my gosh another super chat let
me finish that thought here in just a moment let’s see who’s super chatted
Dean oh my gosh Dean a first-time viewer here thank you so much that’s so
generous of you I really appreciate it and I hope you come back and enjoy the
garden community time after time lots of us are here every single week so I you
were welcomed here every week as well and we’d love to hear more about your
garden so this shade cloth that you can drape over your plants when it gets over
85 degrees well still let some of the sunlight get through
so your plants will still grow they may not be quite as productive as they would
be the temperatures are a little bit lower but it’ll really help keep them
from frying in the heat from you know just dying in the heat and it has been
an invaluable tool in my garden now if you don’t want to purchase shade cloth
don’t want to spend the money on it you could also use several different things
you could use like old sheer curtains you can look at thrift stores there’s
they’re very in abundance at thrift stores so that still that’s a little bit
of the Sun Sun through the other thing you can do is use like old sheets that
will completely block out the Sun but at least if you’re having a heatwave it’s
better to block the Sun out than to have dead plants so once the temperature
cools down you want to take off your shake off the core so that your plants
can get the Sun they need and be productive and have lots of tomatoes
cucumbers and all those yummy yummy vegetables so let me hear if you guys
are using shake cloth or if there’s any other things that you like to use
besides sheets and curtains and actual shade cloth to help shade your garden
from the hot hot Sun when it gets over 85 degrees do we have another super chat
oh my gosh I am so flooring here guys this is from Bethy Bethy sari and she
says you are amazing your passion for gardening is admirable and amazing I
appreciate everything you do for your audience and family keep doing what
you’re doing even when it gets tough Wow Beth Lee that is just amazing I
appreciate that encouragement because things do get tough sometimes we all go
through trials and tribulations things aren’t always easy in the garden and as
I shared on Saturday it wasn’t always easy writing the book but with lots of
support I was able to persevere and I really appreciate that encouragement and
a super tat thank you so much okay so let me know here I’m gonna go into the
chat and see if anyone else is using shade cloth jack says he needs to get
some it’s getting into the 90s now yeah Jack I think you’ll find it’s really
helpful so look around at the thrift stores or get some on Amazon and Tammy
hi Tammy I use the shade cloth to cover my
lettuce chard strawberry Tower thanks for the idea okay
it’s awesome the strawberry towers are so easy because you can just drape the
shade cloth I usually just drape it right over the strawberry towers and
maybe kind of clip it on the back so it doesn’t blow off in the wind but I
usually just kind of leave it clipped on there and I can unfold it and fold it or
cover it and cover uncover it as the the temperature you know goes up and down
during the the summertime Pat’s Ella hi pets Ella I use shade
cloth from May until September over most of my garden in the desert yes and that
makes a huge difference so you can’t even just set up permanent structures
pets all I don’t know what kind of structure you have but you could set up
like big stakes in the corners of your garden beds if you live like out in the
desert like she does and just keep that shade cloth going and that way you can
still have a garden a lot of people think you know it’s over 90 degrees I
can’t grow anything but you can you just got to find a way to do it okay here
jack let’s see question do the plants need to be completely covered or can
they be so your comment jumped around here okay I can may be partially covered
I think it was you can cover cover as much as you can what I try to do is
cover at the angle that the Sun comes into the garden bed so you know that the
areas that are protected from the Sun are we are going to be the areas that
you know are protected if you’re if you have blossoms at the bottom of your
plant it’s not protected chances are that they will drop off in the heat okay
Pat’s Ella’s husband built a PVC frame that goes over the garden wow what a guy
and attaches to the shade cloth with cable ties that’s perfect and that’s a
super easy inexpensive way to do it and that way you can take it on and off
during the cooler months but still have the structure available for a quick pop
up if you need to so I love that great great tip let’s see if there’s any other
tips about shape oh wow I like this who who said lace from Goodwill reynolds
suburban homestead prepping for survival yeah I don’t know if someone else gave
that idea or if she did but that’s an awesome idea I never thought of that and
I’m sure you know those old lace curtains kind of going out of style you
could probably find a ton of them at Goodwill or at garage sales
okay Randy’s saying that shade cloth has worked great and it really helped with
blossom the blossom drop wonderful and now everything’s blooming and fruit so
yeah guys the shade cloth is such a huge help and I would highly recommend it
okay let’s see oh I forgot to read at the beginning here so let’s pop it in
now and cliff had something that’s spot-on I must have missed it but
hopefully you guys oh one approach is to suspend it let the
plant get Sun in the morning and evening but shaded during the hot part of the
day okay perfect that’s a great tip cliff and that way it
still does get some Sun okay back to the viewer of the week now if you’re new
here you might not know but I like to read almost every week a viewer of the
week is usually a comment that really touched my heart meant a lot to me maybe
someone who’s doing something very inspiring in their garden or has had an
amazing life or health change because of growing their own vegetables and we had
so many it was hard to pick this week because I was just kind of in tears a
lot of the weekend just really choked up reading the comments but one here I
meant a lot I I’m not sure if she’s here on the chat or not but this one was in
response to our big announcement about the book on the live stream Saturday and
her name is Diane Hughes so Diane if you’re here let us know why we have
another super chat did I miss one if I missed one Christy let me know okay
Diane says congratulations I decided to start organic gardening she was in
congratulations about the book oh we do have another super chat let me take a
pause Ted Watson $10 Ted thank you so much
camera guy and I really appreciate you showing your support so thanks a lot for
being here so back to Diane she said I started I
decided to start organic gardening starting from seed this year and found
you after I made several mistakes I’ve been learning so much from your videos
and you make it so easy and easy to understand I’m learning as I go which I
love we all start somewhere so learning as you go is a great place to be
I couldn’t keep a houseplant alive and I just and I just ate my own homegrown
organic salad yesterday that is just awesome there’s nothing
like your first harvest and I’ve been cooking with my seat started herbs for a
month now I even started my compost I’m loving gardening and finding so much
peace in my garden just ordered your book on Amazon thank you so much Diane I
appreciate it can’t wait to have it in my hands thank you for all you do and
sharing your knowledge I can’t wait to continue experimenting and increasing
the variety of vegetables and fruits in my garden guys that is just awesome I
love stories like this honestly this is what keeps us going this keeps me
motivated it just pumps me up it helps me want to want to share and
see people out there gardening and growing for the first time experimenting
and eating their own fresh organic vegetables there’s nothing like saying I
grew this when you take that first bite of your organic salad so Diane way to go
big thumbs up and we are all so proud of you here so let’s go back into the chat
here see if there’s any more questions okay we have a super chat from ASA I
think I’m not seeing the super chat but ASA if that was you thank you so much I
missed it I’m sorry I missed it can you tell me what plans I should plant in 10
B now zone 10 B okay zone 10 B is a southern zone it’s probably a little bit
south of where we live here in California it you’re gonna have a long
growing season and CJ I saw you super tattle I’ll get to you in just a second
thank you so much hey I’m sorry if I’m saying it wrong ASA I’m sorry but anyway
you can plant a lot of things because of your long growing season you can get
just about any vegetables started right now if you’re just starting I would
recommend starting with some quick growing vegetables like it’s a little
bit hot for lettuce right now so you might want to start with some other
greens like kale like the heat tolerant greens the heat tolerant green seed
collection would be a great one to start with you can also start with cucumbers
squash some smaller varieties of tomatoes
um those all be wonderful vegetables for you to start with so you can let me know
if you have any other questions you can always email me as well but jump in
watch the spring garden series it’s always a good one to start with oh you
have kale great so go for that okay we did have another super chat flyby here
you see if I can find it okay from CJ McCann hi CJ we love and appreciate all
you do we are going to purchase your book CJ thank you so much means the
world to camera guy and I we really appreciate you supporting us and being
on the livestream today and just following along with our garden journey
super exciting she says she’s going to Amazon for your book that’s awesome guys
that would be great okay I’m gonna head back to my tips here today and we’ll
come back in the chat take some more questions in just a second so hang on
there Oh number two tip here’s the time when midsummer or beginning of summer is
a time when all the pests and diseases kind of start to come into your garden a
lot of you are experiencing that already so tip number two is check your garden
daily get out there do your morning coffee walks or your evening not coffee
walks but maybe with another beverage of choice and enjoy the evening hours in
the garden checking out your plants making sure there’s no problems and then
before the problems even come up if you know the time to start spraying with
like the neem oil and the peppermint oil is before you even have problems because
prevention is always the best cure so my favorite go-to in the garden is number
one favorite go-to in the garden to take care of bugs when the bugs come up
number one is just use your garden hose when you see those bugs on your plants
spray them down wash all the bugs off and sometimes the soft-bodied insects
will not climb back on you might have to you know do that every day for like a
week or so and sometimes that’s enough to take care of it but when it doesn’t
you you want to spray with if you’re an organic gardener my favorite go-to is
neem oil you can see this neem oil bottle is well used this is from the
rest of garden Rusted gardener sorry rusted garden I can’t believe I’m saying
his name wrong sorry Gary the rest of garden
calm it is an organic spray that you can mix with water or spray on your plants
and then I usually mix it with peppermint oil which masks the the scent
of your plant so the bugs can’t find them so I have videos on that which you
can go and check out but you do have to spray organic things like this on a
regular basis so once a week for prevention or every three days or so
when you do have a problem but you definitely want to stay on top of it so
that doesn’t get out of control so you can keep harvesting those yummy veggies
and we have another super chat okay let’s let me check that here we talked
about watering this is from River Rock photos hi River Rock how you doing my
pepper plants are turning yellow what’s causing it lack of nitrogen or too much
water okay that is the question of the day can actually be caused by any one of
those things and I was just going to talk about watering so now it’s a
perfect time in River Rock thank you so much for your super talk I really
appreciate you being on here I know you’ve been here for several weeks now
and thanks for being a great part of this garden community so watering let’s
talk about that we definitely need to make sure along with checking our garden
for pests and diseases in the summer you need to check and make sure that it’s
getting sufficient water now you don’t just want to go out and water the garden
willy-nilly anytime you want to check to see if your garden actually needs water
so that would be a great thing for you to do River Rock I do have a moisture
meter that I use quite often I don’t have it here with me today but I know a
lot of you guys have probably seen those you can put into your soil with it has
about an 18-inch probe and that way you can see if your soil is wet
down by the roots so that’s really where it needs to be getting the most moisture
so if it’s reading that it’s wet then you’re not going to need to water it so
that way you can tell if it’s you know you’re getting too much water if it’s
registering that it’s dry then obviously your plants need water you can also use
your finger as a moisture meter you would just want to put it in your your
pot here I don’t think you guys can see that soil but you just want to put it in
your pot see where my finger is here you want to put it in your container or in
your garden bed as far as you can pull up a little bit of soil here and
you can see the soil is looking pretty pretty good pretty moist it’s good dirt
soil so it really retains that moisture if it’s dry obviously you need to water
so definitely during the hot times you’re gonna have to water more maybe if
you have an automatic timer system set it to go off more often but it’s really
dependent on the weather where you live how hot it is the type of soil you use
and yes I see the naked gardeners saying one of my favorite things you definitely
want to mulch to help retain the water of your garden anytime but especially
during the hot months so that would be something to really watch out for ok so
tip number one make sure that you’re using shade cloth tip number two really
check for watering and spray to help prevent pests and disease but check your
garden daily okay into the chat here let’s see what questions we have and
nisha here is asking Tomatoes aren’t growing big enough any tips eye water
one gallon every day for 20 and 15 gallon containers okay neasha a couple
things that tomatoes really need to grow well in containers you may not
necessarily have to water every day so make sure that you’re checking the soil
like I just showed you to see if they actually need need the water you might
be watering them too much the other thing they need is a lot of Sun I know
you’re up in Northern California I don’t know how the Sun lights been there I
know here we haven’t had a ton of Sun yet this summer so it could just be they
need those warmer temperatures they really thrive when the nighttime
temperatures are in the 60s they just love that temperature and when the
daytime temperatures are anywhere from you know like 70 to 85 so you know hang
on there be patient also in containers though you do need to fertilize pretty
regularly I think you hat you’re using the worm tea but that’s a great one
because it’s really gentle and you can water your containers with that once a
week so make sure that they’re getting fed regularly and then just hang on
there be patient I know it’s hard to wait but um hopefully they’ll be sizing
up and growing before you know it okay let’s see here
Diane is asking a question have you ever had
issues with one of your hoses breaking is there a way to set up something to
shut off water just in case the hose breaks we set up drip with a timer okay
yes and I’m assuming you’re talking about
the drip irrigation hoses like the half-inch I’m two being yes in fact I’m
just in the process of checking all my drip irrigation over the past couple
weeks because we’re gonna be going on vacation I want to make sure
everything’s working it’s very easy to repair
they have the little I wish I had him right here with me
the little compression fitting so you can get at Home Depot that you can cut
where the damage is and then put one of those on to fix the hose they do have
little shutoff valves as well so just check your local Home Depot and if
you’re using the dig irrigation system which I’ve used for years they have all
kinds of little fittings that you can use to customize your system and they’re
so so easy to install so check that out for for more details okay Irene a
question about tomatoes are indeterminate tomatoes bloom again after
they are all harvested it really depends Irene on the variety some indeterminate
tomatoes and if you’re not familiar with that term that just means a tomato plant
that it’s usually a smaller variety umm I’ve got one right here behind me the
Tiny Tim tomato it’s a dwarf variety but usually they they produce their Tomatoes
all at once they’re not quite as large as a regular sized determinate varieties
and then I’m sorry I’m getting them mixed up okay indeterminate
indeterminate are the kind that grow really tall and bloom and produce over a
long growing season so yes Irene sorry about that they will continue to produce
after you harvest one crop they will rebloom and I usually produce as long as
they’re in good growing conditions until the frost gets to them so like it’s too
cold okay super chata Ted Watson I’m sorry I
thought I had I saw that earlier but Ted I’m pretty sure I said thank you but if
I didn’t thank you we really appreciate your super tot thanks so much for being
on here today okay Vincente is asking a question about
squash not developing even when I hand pollinate hand pollination is not always
a guarantee it definitely does help but just keep at it hopefully your squash
will keep producing flowers you may want to make sure that you’re fertilizing
regularly to make sure that you know those flowers are blooming one
fertilizer I found that’s really good for helping develop flowers is the good
dirt plant food and I’ve shown you guys that in a lot of my videos but it does
have a higher level of nitrogen and another component in which I can’t
remember at this time but it helps em really produce those blooms so you may
want to check that out there’ll be a link in the video description on where
you can pick that up ok so back to the tips for today guys the third tip to
your summer garden is make sure that you’re planting something all season
long now a lot of times some of the crops do kind of tend to kind of peter
out in the heat they get eaten by bugs or what have you they the disease gets
to them sometimes the heat and the humidity if you live in an area where
you get a lot of rain it really brings the disease in so make sure that you
don’t stop planting you can either start some new seeds indoors drop some really
easy to grow seeds and quick to grow seeds outside and that way you have a
harvest well into the fall a lot of people start their spring gardens and
then they harvest and then June July maybe August they have nothing left in
their garden so one thing I recommend is to plant stuff all season long now a
couple couple vegetables are really good for this our beans cucumbers squash
greens of course like kale and chard and then smaller varieties of tomatoes you
could still start from seed now like the Tiny Tim right behind me it generally in
good conditions will go from seed to harvest in about sixty days so if you
have several months left in your growing season then you are good to go and you
can still have Tomatoes into the fall it’s a lot of us still have warm weather
in the fall and that way you’re never without something to harvest now if
you’re looking for seeds I did put together a seed collection especially
designed for this purpose it’s called the late summer garden see
action and there’s I think seven varieties in here including one flower vegetables that are go more easily or
more quickly from seed to harvest and are really great vegetables that you
could plant all season long so if you’re interested in that you can pick these up
on my website Kali Kim garden home comm okay so I would love to hear any other
vegetables that you like to plant and I do have a video on that too on growing a
late summer garden that tells you exactly how to do it there so let me see
here what other questions we have the chats flying by today and Christy I
think it’s having a hard time keeping up with it so thank you so much let’s see
Charles okay would your herb seed collection whoops stand up to the heat
here in Arizona okay Charles the herb seed collection has a mixture of cool
weather herbs and warm weather herbs it has some basil to raise of basil and
some parsley cilantro dill and I think there’s one other warm weather herb it’s
escaping in my mind at the moment but the base was a warm weather herb and
what you would want to do again is in Arizona use that shade cloth that will
be invaluable to you to growing anything in the hot weather and the cilantro dill
and parsley will do better in the wintertime once your weather cools off I
have a really hard time growing cilantro dill and parsley in the winter here
unless it’s shaded like it is back here in my purple salsa garden it’s in the
shade of the pepper and the tomato plants it’s really doing very well so
but yeah I would I would definitely grow the basil in the summertime without a
problem okay let’s see here yeah the chat is great it’s wonderful to see
everybody just having a great time here 255 people watching that’s awesome
thanks everyone for being here and let’s see pooja is asking a question
about blossom and rot of tomatoes okay pooja what you can do for that is a
couple different things when you’re planting you can add some things to your
planting hole you can add garden lime which really helps with blossom end rot
and if you’re not familiar with what that is
blossom-end rot when you look at your tomatoes it’s very common in roma
tomatoes it kind of gets a little brown mushy part at the bottom and sometimes
it happens in squash I think those are the main vegetables that it would be
very common in so you can add that garden line you can pick some up at the
garden centers very inexpensively and it basically happens because the vegetables
sometimes they aren’t being watered consistently and then they have a hard
time taking the calcium up from the soil or the soil is lacking calcium so garden
lime helps i’ve actually crushed up tums before put those in my soil and
ground-up eggshells work to but the lime works really really well so let’s see
here from aim aim here is asking have you ever tried planting some bitter
gourds no I haven’t that would be a fun one to try the really different
vegetable to grow so I’ll have to look into that so thanks for the suggestion
on that one okay I did have one other little bonus tip I wanted to share and
that is during the summer enjoy it enjoy the rewards I don’t know if that’s
really a tip but just something I want to encourage you guys to do is a lot of
times we’re working so hard in our Gardens getting things planted that we
don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy it
so as you’re going about your garden harvesting your vegetables tending to
your garden definitely slow down enjoy it and the
rewards for me go far beyond the harvest you want to be checking your garden
often for harvesting in the summer but that gives you a chance to really just
enjoy being there but it not only is harvesting a blessing and a wonderful
reward but also just the mental health that comes from in the peacefulness as
Diane mentioned in her viewer of the week comment the peacefulness that comes
from being in the garden I honestly guys I was out here at 5:30 this morning in
my pajamas I know camera guy will be shocked at that but I looked out the
window and I totally didn’t mean to go out my pajamas but I came out here I
grabbed my camera and I actually picked some vegetables it was so quiet and I
just almost started crying because I was just so thankful for the weekend and
just so thankful to be able to have the experience to start my day off in the
garden so really want to encourage you to enjoy it and also
be a part of a garden community like we have here there’s so many amazing
gardeners around the world make friends with people here on YouTube on Instagram
on Facebook join a community garden and just take the summer time to really
revel in the rewards on that gardening brings us so hope you guys enjoy the
tips today and I want to take some more questions now in the chat if you have
any questions about the book or anything like that please let me know and let’s
see here can I put two plans this is from aneasha
of Tiny Tim to grow in a seven gallon smart pots um you know I’ve only tried
one in a five gallon but I think a seven gallon a little bit bigger I would go
ahead and give it a go Nisha and I would love to hear how that works for you
there are pretty small plants so but don’t let them fool you they pack a
punch with a lot of tomatoes so Dianne what can we use to inexpensively grow
zucchini up you set up grow bags for my nephew’s family um you could use just a
regular old tomato cage Dianne let me see if I can flip my camera around and
if you guys can see right up there on the hill let’s see right it might not
show very well but it’s right it’s right in there somewhere I don’t think you can
see it but I have it zucchini there and I just have a regular
old tomato cage they’re usually two or three dollars maybe five dollars at the
garden center and you can just kind of guide it up that or you can also just
use a regular pole like some kind of a stake a pretty sturdy stake and just as
the stem grows and you can just kind of tie the stem up the stake now with this
zucchini the the leaves as they get old will get yellow a lot of times they get
yellow we’re kind of dried up on the bottom so you can prune those off and
then you’ll develop like a tall stem which you can just tie onto the stake as
it grows okay see here and your questions questions for mock queen from
Reese Oh Reese you’re so sweet how do you get rid of carrot root fly um you
know what I have never had a problem with that so if anyone has had that
issue please let Reece know give recent help
in the chat here I have not had to deal with that so I couldn’t speak to that
one Oh okay lush land farms hi how are you
welcome everything looks so green I’m telling you guys it’s a beautiful day
out here thank you so much lush land the colors are just poppin it’s it’s crazy
things are just absolutely coming alive the weather’s perfect we’re enjoying it
while it’s in the 80s unfortunately I’m sure it will be hot
after a while okay camera guys saying our H quite a compliment so thank you I
missed that I’m sorry question I noticed holes in my eggplant leaves what do you
think is happening from Kurian eggplant is prone to something called a flea
beetle it’s a tiny little pest that somehow is attracted to eggplant so that
could be what’s going on keep an eye on it see what’s happening and then try you
know my favorite little DIY issues there for pest spray with water do that in the
early morning before the heat of the day or make yourself a neem oil peppermint
oil concoction check the videos that I have on that and hopefully you can get
rid of it or a grasshopper yeah it could be a grasshopper it’s hard to tell
sometimes you’re welcome okay let me see if we have any other questions Anastasia
I have a ton of ants in the garden are they good or bad um you know there’s so
many different varieties of ants out there there’s some that will eat your
plants usually ants and a fitzco hand at hand so I don’t I try not to keep the
ants around when I see a big problem you can get rid of them with a little DIY
ant trap and I do have a video on that I believe you can mix a little paste with
borax and put a little sugar in there and usually the ants I usually won’t put
it like in a little aluminum foil like tray or something like that I just make
a little tray out of aluminum foil stick them in the guard and the ants will be
attracted to that and then you can just toss that in the trash so it really just
depends on the type of ants but I don’t usually like to keep them around okay
yeah curing a bit of both good and bad yes for sure
usually don’t have to worry about them too much unless you have a really big
infestation okay from Amy French question I’ve minut
if my tomatoes have powdery mildew on most of the plant a three-foot-tall
plant should I consider them a lost cause and pull them out in 10 B and have
it had much Sun yeah Amy that’s a bummer we’ve actually had more of a problem
this year with powdery mildew than we ever have because of the humidity and
you might have had that too we’d had a lot of rain now we don’t get as humid as
the East Coast but we do still have humidity I haven’t had problems on my
big tomatoes but you know what you might want to do just make sure that you prune
off a lot of the existing leaves that have the problem and you can try the
milk water spray check my youtube channel for that video and if that
doesn’t help if it’s really bad and your other plants that might get infected
then you may want to go ahead and pull it out and then just get some new seeds
started or at this point this season you might want to pick up a couple
transplants from the garden center you guys don’t have to feel bad about that
you know I used to I grow transplants – I can’t possibly grow everything from
cita grow 90% from seed but I did pick up some watermelon transplant so don’t
feel guilty about it just you know you’re still growing your own food so it
doesn’t really matter that much so guys we are going to take maybe one or two
questions and then we’ll sign off for the day and I see camera guy in the chat
we had an amazing weekend with our new book launch it was just so exciting I
was so thrilled and excited to finally be able to share it with you we’ve been
working on it for almost a year so it was really hard to keep it under our
hats believe me there were so many times I wanted to tell you but we just
couldn’t so the timing is right and we were just overwhelmed by the response
and I really can’t wait for you guys to read it I mean this is really a from my
heart kind of book it has more than just information in it it really has some
personal stories even stories of viewers family members and things that really
had touched my heart that I put in the book as well and I saw a quest yeah
camera guys say we thought we’d accidentally slip yeah it was it was a
really emotional livestream and emotional reading the wonderful comments
afterwards and you can get the book you can pre-order it now it’s going to be
released and published December the 10th just in time for Christmas you can
pre-order it on our way cite Kelly Kim garden in home on the my
books tab it’s on Amazon Barnes and Noble and websites that you can purchase
in the UK Canada Australia all over the world’s going to be available so we’re
really excited to share it with you as a real family project and help us get back
up to number one on the Amazon vegetable gardening bestseller list if you could
pre-order it that would be awesome and I know you will really enjoy it and read
three Ward’s of gardening okay oh good cliff I’m glad you were surprised we
really had fun surprising you so let’s take maybe one or two more questions
well sign off for today and Charles is wanting to start a community garden
Charles that’s awesome um you know I don’t know how to do that you may want
to do a little research on that see if there’s already one started there maybe
you can jump in on someone else’s project but that’s great Charles I love
that we do have a friend that we did a video with here in California on a
community garden and why don’t you email me and then I can get you maybe her
email address and she might be able to give you a few little pointers and
direct you on where to go okay let’s see one more question from Cokie Mimi hi
Cokie I don’t know if I’ve seen you on here before welcome a watermelon plant
that is not produced yet what fertilizer needs to produce watermelon loves the
warm weather so it could be it’s just not quite you know warm enough where
it’s you maybe you just planted it not too long ago but it does grow really
fast so hang in there and be patient but everything in my garden I use kind of
the same method for pretty much everything I prepare my soil really well
with compost worm castings and then I use the good dirt soil conditioner or
also just some good dirt plant food and the vermis Terra worm castings and it’s
really a winning combination I’ve grown my garden like that for about three
years now so I would highly recommend excuse me
check the links in the video description where you can get all that but it
probably just needs a little dose of organic fertilizer to kick it off and
you’ll be having watermelon in no time no actually Mac is here
he’s been kind of wandering in and out coming back rolling in the grass and
having a good old time he’s just not in front
at the moment but let’s do putting it in to come over here and say hello chasing
the bees and the Flies Mac well I don’t know if he’s gonna cooperate but anyway
guys oh there is he just sat down not gonna say hi here he is everyone say hi
to Mac so anyway guys thank you so much for joining us today we will have
another video coming out later in the week and on the weekend we’ll be
live-streaming here again next Monday at noon pacific time so make sure you join
us and again we so appreciate all the pre-orders support the love the
beautiful comments that we received at the announcement of my new book so
thanks a lot guys and we will see you very soon bye bye