Welcome friends , Today I will share you a very important topic. About how to find good and healthy mud in your garden. How to find that where you should plant your cuttings or small branches. Some times the cutting dies or not successful. I want to tell you that in any garden or mud pots does not have the same quality of mud. Some where the mud is moist or dry . So you have to check it out The mud which holds moisture for 6 to 10 days after watering and it should be soft and the main plant is growing very healthy as this Ixora plant. So this type of mud pot is ideal for cuttings. As i planted a hybrid vinca rosea seed, as you see plant growing well, beside that a ficus plant cutting , Aralia plant and a Jade(Crassula ovata ) plant. All are healthy So you can plant cuttings in the same way. It will increase the chance of success of your cuttings. Please like and subscribe and share with your friends.Thanks for watching.