Today is Wednesday June 13th and I
haven’t mowed my lawn here, or over on the side, over here for four days. The
last time I mowed it was on a Saturday. It is time to mow. I’ve got quite a bit of
this cotton from these cottonwood trees over here. It is all over the lawn so the
cotton comes out of these trees and blows through the air and it gets people all
sick and stuffy, and kind of gets everywhere and it’s all over the lawn
right now. So I would like to mow the lawn and I’m gonna use the bagger and
see if I can get that, if I can get it up and it’s it’s a real pain in the butt
actually. I added some more sand to this area and a little bit of sand over there.
The sand and the reel don’t really get along well – well hopefully that’ll
be okay but here we go. I’m going to mow So here’s a really good example of the
cotton that is on the lawn. See this little cotton how it’s on the
reel right here? This fuzzy stuff? This is all over the lawn everywhere, and it’s
quite annoying. I am mowing with a bag to try to get that cotton up. This is something th at I deal with every year it’s uh cottonwoods for you. So I would never
recommend planting cottonwood trees even if they’re cottonless because they
just grow really fast. They grow like weeds and they just throw the cotton
everywhere it’s quite frustrating and annoying. So if you’re thinking about
planting the cottonwood tree, I don’t recommend them, you know, people around
here plant them all the time and I guess they’re good because they grow fast if
you want a fast growing tree they’re good but if you like suckers coming up
in your lawn go ahead and plant them. So I had somebody asked me about my
raspberries. So here’s the raspberry patch that I’ve got. I showed this in the
spring when they were still snow I was doing some pruning but they pretty well
all come in and they are blossoming so if you can see these blossoms right here
these are blossoming but quite a lot of blossoms all these blossoms through here
all these this white that you see those are all gonna be raspberries so I’m
gonna have quite a lot of raspberries that come from this patch I’ve been
waiting like 3 4 years for this to happen the raspberries have taken quite
a while to mature and they’re finally starting to produce some raspberries I
did put a pre-emerge it down through here and that was a big time help Sol so
I’ve got a little bit of triple 16 fertilizer here that I want to put on
these raspberries I haven’t fertilized these raspberries
much at all this year I did put some humic acid on the roots and I’m just
gonna to kind of do this with my hand really should do this with a fertilizer
spreader but I don’t know where it is so spreading fertilizer on this raspberries
is easy I’m just kind of grabbing out my hand right here without gloves throwing
it on berries I will water really good soak the whole section so the fertilizer
can get down into the soil I’m also growing a bunch of onions over
there with a bunch of weeds I’ve got a tomato plant right here so I put a
little bit of a triple 16 on the onions a little bit on this tomato I’ve got a
couple of grapes over there as well so down there I’ve got an iris too as well
that needs to get transferred into the landscape it was some point time but I’m
out of room so so a few days ago I hit 10,000 subscribers and I’m super stoked
about that couldn’t believe that that actually happened it’s hard for me to
believe that people would want to watch me do what I do here with the lawn with
the landscape and it’s nice to be able to share this with other people because
I love to do this it’s fun for me and I want other people to be able to see it
as well and if I can help somebody along the way that’s awesome so thanks for
subscribing if you’re not subscribing subscribe to my channel
it’s been fun making these videos and I never thought I’d get to 10,000
subscribers but it’s kind of crazy I did so in a celebration for that I printed
up these shirts I’ve got about 15 of them I’ve got about ten of these blue
ones and about five of the charcoal the charcoal have a black logo on them so if
you want one email me and I’ll send it out to you they’re gonna be about
twenty-five dollars with the shipping and you can pay me via venmo or PayPal
thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video