So Jerolina you won the big competition yes how did that feel and what’s changed since you won it. It was amazing, I think what change, it opens many opportunities that I wouldn’t think it’s possible before I’m having to be able to network with other chefs out there and be involved in events like the Gasgoyne Food Festival and the long table dinner in the outback. So tell me since you you done this competition actually since you won this competition Buy West Eat Best means something different you now. It does it means that you can source your food locally and you can create some fantastic dish they are almost like world class and you and using the freshest ingredients you can find. When we opened the restaurant five years ago we were saying were do we get the seafood and I was seeing we were getting seafood from the east coast of Australia, Yeah and from New Zealand and you know when you think about it that you’re talking about 10 hours fly. That’s right yeah, So we cut down on that and we prefer not eating seafood from the east coast and you’re really using WA produce but for that we need to learn from it. That’s right. And learning is by being involved with WA Signature Dish. For me was really good exposure as a judge to see the excitement of all the talented people who join the competition but also seen the produce to come from. You know coming from Sydney you don’t realise how proud other people from Margaret River, people from the Gascoyne and the people. There’s some pride into their region and in France we call that the terroir the terroir and I never thought they would be at a terroir WA but there is. There is. You would be surprised that their range of projects that comes from the Gasgoyne you would think, only mango’s bananas, capsicum, tomatoes. That’s really pretty good. that the four top ones. yeah but then we have strawberries that growing up there. Yep, yeah. Beautiful strawberries that grow on the desert And then you got you are pawpaws and the herbs, just beautiful. Yeah and the sea food. And the sea food of course is the highlight.