In the name of ALLAH I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider In todays video we will talk about the common mistakes that we do during plantation and because of these mistakes plants start rotting when we fill pot with soil and anchor plant in it and water the plant in the soil then water made its path through the soil from which water drains out of pot as soon as we water the plant and doesn’t fulfill water requirements of the plant like this is the plant in front of you I will water it now, there is already a passage in the soil water will drain out of the pot instantly let me show you, first water the plant I give water and see this water is draining out of the bottom and soil is also coming out of the pot with water and water is draining out quickly see how quickly water is coming out of the bottom and there are bubbles at this point and water starts draining very rapidly through the passage so the way for that we will see how we can fill the pot so that there is no passage made through the soil and when we will give water then water and soil couldn’t drain out of the pot before filling the soil in the pot if soil is too much dry then shower water on it so that the soil becomes compact and soil particles becomes compact shower it well and mist the soil and then fill the soil in the pot this showering would bond the soil a bit and soil will not drain out with water easily from the pot when water the soil this is the pot in which we will fill the soil there are many drainage holes at the bottom of the pot there is a fair chance of passage to made when watered fill 1-2 inch soil in the pot before filling the pot completely fill 1-2 inch soil like this and press it in the pot with the hand like this to make a bed of soil at the bottom with that bed water will not drain quickly its bottom part of 1-2 inch contains a hard soil bed and won’t let the water to make passage then fill the pot and plant your plant in the pot that is how water and soil will not drain out and plant will get all its water requirements when watered this is the first common mistake we do whenever we start planting plants in pots either in plastic or clay pots we didn’t realize this mistake often so you should be careful about that whenever you fill the pot with soil first make the bed of soil in bottom area make a habit of doing this so that your plant won’t die and get all its requirements from water and got good health often you observe in your plants that there is a green fungus like that on your plants which is not much harmful for plants but what happend with the plant is upper surface area of the plant bound and soil didn’t get oxygen completely and when we water the plant water stays at this area for a long time and won’t go deep in soil because of this green moss and soil didn’t get water properly and because of staying long then this trunk area water stays with it then there is a chance of fungal attack on the trunk area and there will be more chances of fungus on this area so whenever you see this moss on the surface area what you can do is dig the surface area’s soil upto half or 1 inch so that the fungus removed and there will be 2 benefits of doing this, one is fungus will be removed and second is aeration system will get better of the soil, and plant will be healthy and there is third one too and that is if there are weeds in the soil growing with your plant will also vanished and digged up with the soil digging and when you will water your plant then soil will get proper water and plant’s requirements fulfilled and the third common mistake we do in plantation is we didn’t know the exact time to water our plants is there any need to water our plant or not for that the thumb rule is water only when the upper surface area gets dry then you can water your plant but sometimes this upper surface gets dry but still a lot of moisture inside the soil in this case you can check this by the best way just to scratch the soil from surface with finger like this and check the moisture if you feel the moisture in the soil then don’t water plant and if the soil is dry then water the plant completely and whenever you water your plant water it completely so that the whole soil gets water and deep inside roots also gets enough water and they can make food for plant and plants requirement fulfilled when the soil is wet and you water again to your plant then there is a chance of fungal infection in the soil and plant roots start rooting soon and plant won’t survive and ultimately die so only water plants when the surface is area is completely dry whenever our plant dies in a pot there is a reason behind its death either we have overwater our plant or over fertilize or there is a fungus in the soil because of this fungus plant starts dying like my this plant is dying see this is drying and dying so never do the mistake to plant your plant again in the same pot after removing the died plant because the reason due to which your older plant died your new plant could also die because of the same reason so the best way to take care of this is remove the soil from the plant and then sundry the soil for at least one week so that if there is any fungus in the soil that will die because of heat or if you overwatered then the soil gets dry in sunshine during the week and the third reason may be if you are sure that it is over fertilization in your plant then don’t use the same soil for plantation because if the soil is over fertilized then new plant will also die due to fertilizer in the soil to handle this problem the way is remove the soil from the planter and dry it in the sunlight and then mix it with other soil take 50% this soil and 50% new fresh soil mix these both soils and fill in the pot then plant your plant in this new soil if you keep planting in the same soil and pot then your all plants will die like this plant is dying in this pot this plant died of over fertilization now I will remove this plant from the pot and will change the soil and plant it again in the new pot so you should also be careful about that don’t repeat this mistake and don’t use the same soil completely when we do seedling of plants and plant a cutting then we always use soft media don’t use this type of rocky soil so what you can do to make media soft mash the bigger stone like pieces with hand or you can also pour the soil because as much as the media is soft as good as will be the growth of the cutting and seeds if there are stones like this one in media then there will be air pockets in the soil and the point of germination and rooting will rot due to the air passed through air pockets and this will rot the seed and cutting and these points will get fungus infection and your seeds and cutting will damage because of this fungus attack and your cutting will not be successful or nor will the seeds germinate because of this mistake for that you can pour the soil before seedling and planting cutting in the soil remove the stone like pieces from the soil to get the remaining soft soil or you can also mash them and turn them in soft soil like that soft soil separated after pouring you can seedling in that media or plant cutting then your cutting and seedling will always be successful one more very common mistake is when we have many plants then we start watering them with hose and throw water on them with pressure because of this soil gets aside see this soil is removed from this area and water pressure make a hole in the soil in the pot roots start coming out of the soil soil is not placed on the roots anymore and because of this plant is not growing very well plants health is not very good now because its roots are coming out so be careful about that if you wish to water with the hose then give it with very low pressure to plants or either give water with the help of shower so that the soil won’t get aside from roots and roots won’t get damaged these are the common mistakes we do in gardening, this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you in the next video with some more information till then GOODBYE if you like this video then press the like icon share this video and SUBSCRIBE my channel PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!