hey guys how’s it goin Laura with garden answer today’s project is going to be pretty simple so I have three sets of two pots that either flank a walkway like this one or a doorway and all six of these pots already have an evergreen centerpiece in place already planted you guys might remember when I planted these cone boxwoods it was kind of a windy day when I did that but today all I’m gonna be doing is filling in with some really pretty annuals around each one of the evergreens so these are the two that I wanted to start with this is right in front of our house is our front entryway so I’ve already got these Green Mountain cone boxes in here and the reason I chose this variety is because they already grow in a conical shape so they already have more of a formal flair to them and that’s kind of what I wanted up here and then around the outsides I’m gonna be filling in with this gorgeous supertunia mulberry charm this is a new one this year it almost looks like a mini Bordeaux but a little bit more on the pink side super great plant they can tolerate a lot of heat they can tolerate a little drought once they’re established and this spot right here gets a lot of Sun and I decided since I have actually the hay racks right in front of me which you may have seen this plant up I’ve got a lot of color in those hair acts I decided to go with just one plant in these pots and I’m gonna try to do that a little bit more around our property this year instead of jamming them full of so many different colors I kind of wanted to just highlight single plants so what I’m gonna do is add in a little bit of slow-release fertilizer first and then I’m gonna plant these up [Music] I think this looks so good I’m really enjoying just putting one type of flowering annual and pots I just think it’s so peaceful to look at and I think these are the sweetest little flowers I don’t think I mentioned that these are the Festa not of urns from Crescent I can’t remember what size the pot is but I’ll make sure to have it on the screen and the other great thing about supertunia is to remember is that they’re self-cleaning they do not have to be dead headed which is so huge especially if you’ve got a lot of containers you don’t want to be spending a ton of time out there deadheading old blooms off so these ones will just keep on going and they’ll act as both your filler and your Spiller because they do mount up a little bit so they’ll kind of fill in and then they’ll spill over the sides all right let’s move on to our next set of pots this is the second location right here these two containers also flank a walkway and opening to our garden in fact this is where the benches with the lemon coral sedum in the urns that I just planted up not long ago I really like this spot so what I’ve got going in these pots right now is an Alberta spruce which this was in this pot all winter long and they’ve done really great there’s some lavender panties around the base of the Alberta spruce and they still look pretty good so what I’m gonna do instead of just tossing them I’m gonna try to take them out with their roots still intact you can either do one of two things you can plant them out in a real shady location in your garden or you can do what I like to do I like to send a picture to my family members and see if any of them want to plant a mountain their landscape which is what I’m gonna do with these when they’re all cleaned out I’m going to come in with actually two varieties of plants I know I said I’m gonna try to do one variety but I think I can get away with it because they’re the same color so I have super bells white which is a beautiful beautiful plant I love the simplicity of white in the garden it really glows at night it just looks really classic and timeless to me I’m gonna pair it with diamond frost you for we have this mix is going to be so pretty the diamond frosty for me is kind of that ethereal just really wispy kind of magical looking plant I think and I think when it inner mixes with the super bells white it’s just going to be a really pretty blend so I’m gonna clean these pots out and get them planted up [Music] I absolutely love how these turned out I think the mixture of the spruce with the basket-weave concrete pot and then the white blooms just has this elegant look to me can’t wait to see how they grow in I used for Diamond frosty for BIA and for super bells white in this pot this these are quite large quite large opening so I really wanted it to look full and abundant in the pots up front that I just planted I forgot to mention that I use five supertunias in each container so this is the very last set of containers I’m going to be planting today of course we’re right in front of the greenhouse these are the galvanized containers gardeners supply sent out last spring and I put a Spartan Juniper topiary in each one of them they’ve done really well I’ve got pansies planted at the base so I’ll be pulling those and adding them to this bunch and then trying to move them out to a shadier location so that they will survive it’s supposed to get really hot next week and they just don’t do well on the heat they start to fizzle out and just look bad so we get them out while they’re still looking good and they’re still healthy and then hopefully they have a fighting chance I’ll be planting super Belle’s grape punch in these containers just 100% great punch I love this plant because of the intensity of purple I’m a huge fan of purple anyway and then the size of these blooms is just like kind of incredible for super Belles it’s almost like a supertunia sized bloom the other nice thing about planting just one variety of plant in a pot is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility in terms of water requirements I didn’t mention that when I planted the diamond frosty for BIA and the super Belle’s together that those are actually very compatible in terms of watering so that’s always really nice so I’m going to clean these out and get these planted up [Music] so that’s at you guys I love how these turned out as well I love the mass of purple and everything I planted today was just so simple I mean I only planted four different varieties of flowers and that’s kind of the beauty of having an evergreen as your centerpiece all you have to do is come in and change the flowers that are around the base every season I like to have a mix I like to have some pots with evergreens some without so that I just have a different look going on around my garden I’m really excited to give you guys update shots of how these containers are doing throughout the season thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you in the next video bye [Music]