I don’t think agricultural
education in Tasmania has been this exciting.
We can say confidently that there is a complete pathway
here for our students because of these new additions. Students are now being able to commence in school.
There’s really industry relevant TAFE options and then a brand
new associate degree in agribusiness which is offered
by the University College, that’s a two year offering.
There’s a three year Bachelor of Applied Science
in agriculture and business, and a four year Bachelor
of Agricultural Science. You can then choose between
various Masters studies and finishing off with a PhD,
so there really is that complete spectrum now.
There are different entry points and exit points.
There’s also lots of flexibility in the focus of your study.
So whether it be a career in plant science,
or in animal nutrition, or agricultural technology
in engineering, you can tailor the different studies throughout
the two, three, or four year options to suit where you may
want to head. We’re turning out graduates
with fantastic career opportunities and they’re being
snapped up really quickly. There’s no denying
that agriculture is the future, and the breadth and diversity
of careers in agriculture — whether they be at that high
science end or whether they’re at that really applied
production end of the agricultural industry —
is fantastic. Being able to have a teaching
institution like the University of Tasmania embedded
in seriously innovative phenomenal industries with their
support for the teaching programs,
for the research programs, is just so exciting.