Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment,
we’re going to talk about how to grow grass. Now, we love our lawns. We love the green,
lush grass. And we enjoy our nice, hot summers and sitting out in the lawn and enjoying the
nice days. But how do you grow grass? And what do you do to get it to grow? Growing
grass is very simple. It’s just like any other seed. You can buy grass seed pretty much anywhere.
But make sure when you select your seeds that it’s good for your area and that it’s a perennial
grass, a grass that’ll come back year after year after year. Some of the varieties in
the milder climates will come back every year. But in the colder climates, they’ll die out
over the winter. So make sure that, first, you’re using the right type of grass for your
area. And if you’re in a warmer climate, there’s some grasses that need less water. Then grasses,
if you’re in a colder climate, they can handle a lot more water. And that’s the most important
is to select the grass that grows best in your area. And number two is wherever you’re
at; if you’re on sand, clay, gravel, rocks; it doesn’t hurt to give the grass something
to grow on. The most important part is the soil underneath the grass. In most new developments,
you’ve got grass right on top of clay. And it’s never going to grow well. The only thing
that you can do is to put more soil on top of what you have already, and just keeping
adding grass seed and adding grass seed and adding grass seed and building it up. So the
most important part is drainage. It cannot sit in water at all. So if you just use some
compost or potting soil and you set aside an area, the best time to plant is in the
late Spring. So April when the nights have gotten a little warmer or in the Fall when
the nights are still a little bit warm, but it’s starting to cool down. That’s the best
time to start your grass. So every Spring and every Fall, I just keep adding some compost
to the areas that don’t look good, and some more grass seed into the area and all over
my lawn. And I’ve found that my grass, over the years, has gotten very lush with very
little effort.