hi everyone welcome back to the spring
garden series today we’re gonna talk about how to acclimate your indoor
seedlings to growing outside in six easy steps now if you’ve ever rushed the
process of breeding your indoor seedlings outdoors and getting a planet
in the garden and your seedlings have died I can totally relate to that I’ve
done that many many times I remember that happening to you a couple of times
they were all burnt that’s right because think of your indoor seedlings as little
babies learning to walk they’ve been growing inside under the protected
environment of grow lights without the harsh sunlight or elements and the whole
process needs to be done gradually super-easy we’re gonna do today and six
easy steps but first let’s go inside and get our seedlings okay it’s that time of
the season again where our house if you were to stop by this is what you would
see before we take these plants out look at this can you relate Africa where you
turn we’ve got plants at it that need to go outside but it’s well worth it
because the food that you harvest is fantastic okay
better get busy so before I show you the seedlings from the Spring Garden series
all of these here guys have been hardening off I’ve been bringing them
inside at night and it’s been really windy so I also brought them inside to
protect them from the wind so let’s get these outside okay Jerry and then we’ll
get to the Spring Garden seedlings good well Jerry’s back on camera now and
it looks a lot better with all these plants cleared out now those plants we
just brought out I’ve been hardening off for about two weeks and they’re ready to
spend the night outside tonight now if you haven’t yet got started with your
spring garden it’s not too late you can start your seeds indoors about four to
six weeks before your last frost date if you want to grow the same seeds I’m
growing you can head over to caliKimgardenandhome.com pick up a spring garden
seed collection and grow along with me but I know a lot of you who have already
gotten started and ready for the acclimation process the acclimation
process is called hardening off and it simply refers to the transition of
indoor seedlings to growing outside it should happen over about a week’s period
of time and it should be done gradually so they get used to the outdoor Sun and
elements and are ready to get planted out in the garden now the first step to
acclimating your indoor seedlings to the outdoors is to find out your last frost
date you can do those two Almanac calm and the reason for that is as a general
rule you don’t want to plant your indoor seedlings outdoors while it’s still
going to frost so you can start the acclimation process about a week before
that now there are some vegetables you can get planted outside before your last
frost date and those would be the cool weather vegetables look at these lettuce
seedlings aren’t they absolutely beautiful these are cool with their
vegetables and you can get lettuce planet outside and also peas about a
week or so before your last frost date so you want to start the hardening off
process for those vegetables about a week before you want to plant them
outside now the warm weather vegetables like the tomatoes the cucumbers the
squash and the peppers you want to get those planted outside a few weeks after
your last frost date once the soil is warmed up so now that you know your last
frost date we’re ready for step two and that is choose a spot outside where
you’re going to place your seedlings on day one it’s gonna be a lot of fun to
get these outside so I’m going to show you my spot that I have now you want to
pick a spot that’s maybe close to your house under a tree definitely someone
in the shade where your seedlings will be protected from the elements from the
critters that hopefully don’t come and from the wind so I’ve chosen the spot
here my little coffee table we put an umbrella up today to shade my seedlings
on their first day out because remember they’re like little babies learning to
walk now we’re ready for step number three the step three is to grab your
seedlings and take them outside to the spot that you’ve chosen to harden them
off you’re gonna leave them outdoors on the first day for just an hour or two
because remember like little babies learning to walk you’re gonna keep your
watchful eye on them today if the weather changes suddenly if it gets
really cold or really windy or they start to wilt and not look so great then
you’re gonna pick them up and take them back inside so let’s head back indoors
and get the rest of the seedlings I just love the look and the smell of these
Tomatoes oh they smell so good remember we just transplanted these a few weeks
ago and look how they’ve grown and remember the one peles that had I think
it was four little seedlings in it well I split them all up transplanted
them and here we have four brand new tomato plants just one more tray of seedlings to get
the ones here in the grow light box I love how these look
I’ve got basil peppers and tomatoes here oh I love the smell of fresh basil I
cannot wait to have it growing in my garden again well this is so exciting
we sat here together about a month ago started all of these plants from seed
and look now we have a garden we’re gonna be eating fresh tasty vegetables
before we know it so that brings us to step number four after leaving your
brand-new baby seedlings outside for about an hour or two max on the first
day we’re gonna bring them back inside and put them under grow lights because
remember here on this first day they’re just getting used to being outside and
that needs to be done a little bit at a time now we’re ready for step number
five by this time you’re on day two of your hardening off process and today our
little seedlings are going to go into the Sun for about an hour so they get
used to the bright sun’s rays now we’re just gonna leave them outside in the
sunny spot for about an hour because we don’t want them to get burned by the
intensity of the sun’s rays we’re gonna do this process gradually and they’re
just not ready to be out in the Sun all day yet so after an hour in the Sun
we’re going to move them back into the shade for about two hours and back
indoors under the grow lights again so it might seem like a lot of
back-and-forth moving in moving out into the Sun into the shade but it’s
definitely well worth it because it’s gonna grow you strong healthy seedlings
that will acclimate gradually and be ready to get planted outdoors in the
garden soon okay this brings us to step number six on Days three through seven
of the hardening off process what you’re going to do is each day gradually
increase the number of hours your plants are in the sunlight so they again
gradually get used to the Sun and don’t get burned on day six or seven it’s time
to leave your little seedling babies outdoors
24 hours a day so they get used to the weather at night as well and make sure
you always check the weather as if it’s a knife you’re gonna get a
frost you want to bring them in so make sure you follow these six easy steps to
acclimate or harden off your indoor vegetables to get them growing outside
the next step is to get your garden beds ready and to get your vegetables planted
so remember if you haven’t yet got your spring garden started it’s not too late
head to my website pick up a spring garden seed collection and grow your
spring garden along with me it’s gonna be so excited to get these vegetables
planted out in the garden very soon comment below let me know how things are
going with your spring garden what you’re growing and what you’re excited
about for spring thanks so much for watching we’ll see y’all next