In this video we will cover how to create
new products in the Ag Leader InCommand displays to be used in planting, application and harvest
operations. Creating products allows the operator to easily select the proper seed variety,
chemical, fertilizer, treatment and more, during field work, allowing for more accurate
record keeping. By logging information at the product level you can better evaluate
the management decisions made, such as hybrid/variety selection or fertilizer application rates
at the end of the growing season. To begin adding new products, tap the Setup
app. In the Configuration Setup dialog tap on the Product tab at the top. Existing products
that were previously created in the display, or imported from an *.agsetup file will be
listed on the left hand side of the window and grouped according to the operation they
are linked to. To add a new product, tap the green plus. Next, select the type of product
to add, such as a seed variety, application product, product mix or blend or a harvest
product. We will walk through the steps to add each of these types, and we will begin
by adding a variety to be used during planting by tapping on the Seed Variety button.
In the variety setup wizard, select the proper crop type from the drop down list and also
the units that the variety is typically applied in. In this example we will create a new corn
product that will be controlled in the units of seed. Tap the blue next arrow. We can now
enter the variety manufacturer and name. If manufacturers were previously created or imported,
you may tap on the drop down list and select the proper entry. To add a new seed manufacturer
tap the wrench and in the edit list window the green plus. Enter the name of the manufacturer
and then the green check. Tap the back arrow to return to the variety setup wizard. Tap the variety or hybrid name field and enter the name of the product you will be planting,
and then the green check. Once the variety name and manufacturer have been entered tap the green check and the seed variety you just created will be listed under the planting operation. The process to add additional products is
similar. When adding single application products, tap the Application Product button , select
the proper product type, such as Fertilizer, and then the type of fertilizer, such as anhydrous
ammonia, and then tap the blue next arrow. NH3 will automatically be selected for this
product, but in some cases, you will need to enter the product units, EPA product number,
manufacturer and name. When adding a tank mix or dry product blend,
tap the Mix/Blend button and select if the product you are building is a liquid tank
mix or a dry product blend, and also if you want to define the new product mix in total
units or in an application rate per area. Tap the blue next arrow and select what the
base units of the product will be, such as ounces, pounds or tons per acre, and then
tap the next arrow. Now you will tap the green plus to begin adding the individual products
that make up the blend. You can select any existing products that have already been created, or tap the green plus to add new products. Finally, enter a name for the mix by tapping the Mix/Blend name field. Once complete, tap the green check. When creating products to be used during grain harvest, tap the harvest product icon on the
add product screen. Select the proper crop type from the drop down list and tap the next
button. A suggested name for the crop will populate the next screen, but if edits are
desired, tap the keyboard, before proceeding on to the next screen. You now have the option
of entering in any hybrids or varieties that should be used for variety tracking when working
with this new product. Any seed variety that already exists and has the crop type you are
working with will already be listed. After all hybrids and varieties have been added tap the green check.
In addition to adding products, you can also edit products on the Configuration Setup screen.
Select a product and tap the wrench. When editing the hybrid that we just created, we
will be able to modify the manufacturer on the General Tab and also customize a legend
on the Rate Legend tab. Once all needed modifications are complete, tap the green check.
You can also remove any unnecessary products from the list by selecting the proper name,
tapping the red minus, and then on the remove product confirmation window, tapping the green
check. When removing a product that has been used in an operation, the dialog will remind
you that deleting this product will not only remove the product name but also all data
that has been logged for this product. To cancel the product deletion, simply tap the red X. Now you will be able to add new seed varieties,
application products, product mixes and harvest products in your Ag Leader InCommand display,
for more accurate maps and record keeping.