Hello this is Stewart. I was hired today to
aerate seed and fertilize a lawn today. And today I’m going to talk to you a little bit
about seed. So this is their native backyard here and it’s kind of beat up. They’ve been
doing a lot of work back here. These people just moved in here within the last year so.
But what this video is about is seed in your flowerbeds and how that happens. So I’m broadcasting
seed over. I’m using actually calibrated seed spreader with a border guard to keep it out
of the flower beds. But still animals, small children, possums, raccoons, cats, dogs, all
kinds of things come through here and it will get on their feet and therefore, tracked into
the beds. So my suggestion is in about 2 weeks’ time
when the seed starts germinating, go over and remove those new seedlings before the
roots develop and they’re very, very easy to get out.
And one of the tools that I like if you don’t have bulbs in your garden is quite often called
an action hoe, hula hoe. And what it does is just scrape along the surface of your flowerbed.
It doesn’t always get the roots out. You’re not trying to get the roots out but you can do
it very quickly. How this tools works is it stops photosynthesis
to the non-desirable plant there. Therefore the roots die whether it’s a broadleaf weed
like a dandelion or it’s some grass that got carried on into the flower bed. It’s
not good to use that tool around bulbs of course, but I found that to be a very, very
effective method of removing things in a quick hurry, I guess.
Once again this is Stewart. Thank you for watching my video on the fly. Bye, bye.