Hello, this is Stewart I just got done aerating
this lawn. And this is a very closely cut lawn. He uses a Cal trimmer. It’s a reel-type
mower. And when you cut a lawn this close, there’s a lot of demands on the roots and
this is why he asked me in here to aerate twice a year.
I was taking a look at this and this client was talking to me about his water bill and
stuff like that. And I suggested that he use organic fertilizers twice a year for the health
of the soil and help cut on his watering bills. And, here’s the rest of his yard here. And
what aerating does is it helps the roots to grow deeper. It allows air to get down into
the root zones. It allows trapped gases out of the soil. And it just promotes better-
better root growth for your lawn. But I just wanted to show you a lawn that
was cut with a reel-type mower and how important it is we’re your using – when you’re cutting
your lawn very, very short that you aerate twice a year.
Once again this is Stewart. Thank you for watching my video. Bye, bye.