(upbeat music) – Farmers have a huge job. They have to keep track
of their soil health, their in-season crop health, harvesting, fertility, so there’s a need for young educated people who know all of the challenges that
go along with farming. – Both my grampas farmed,
three of my uncles still currently do farm,
figured out that’s something that I really wanted to go into. (upbeat music) I didn’t really want to
go to a school that had 40,000 students right away,
’cause I just really wanted to have more of a one-on-one connection. Found out about Montcalm’s
Community College’s partnership with Michigan State University with the Ag-type programs. Every teacher and
professor I’ve had has said “Once you’re my student,
you’re always my student. “Come back and talk to me “whenever you need help with anything.” – Ag Ops is our flagship program. It’s the one that includes all the things that might be about running
a business of a farm, but also the hands-on production. So we see students that come in, maybe from their family farm backgrounds, say “I want to take that
over, I want to do it well.” I see students that come in that say “I want to be a part of the
crop consultant business, “I want to run my own
entrepreneurial business. “I want to get into technology.” That’s Ag Operations. – Your actions are endless. This is a great way to
kind of give yourself a headstart in the agricultural industry and after seeing everything, I definitely wanted to get into this program. – Agriculture in Michigan is so diverse. Every core Ag class has
a pertinent field trip so you can go out and actually see it. It helps you meet people in
the industry that’ll teach you what you need to know
or give you the contacts to figure out where you want to work. – I love the excitement of learning about the technology being used in agriculture and how it can benefit us on our farm. There’s a lot more than I even realized. – The partnership with Michigan State and Montcalm Community College has really built me stronger, especially with the UAS program. Once you start learning the
components of everything and got into some of the
different uses for a drone, it just really opened up a
whole new section of work drones could be used and
implemented in farming. – Many of our students
are already connected in the Ag industry, and this gives them an opportunity to keep that job. It’s extremely cost-effective. – If you are on the farm right now, and you’re trying to help the family, you can go to class, go back home, and put it to use right away. – It’s a good choice to go here ’cause you know you’re
gonna get a good education and it’s nice to be able
to have that opportunity to discover more about myself.