[Bryn Behnke speaking] So, the agricultural sciences program here at Blinn is actually on all four campuses. So we have an actual ag complex here on the Brenham campus, but we offer classes in Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy as well. We offer classes in everything from wildlife to ag economics to the marketing of ag products. We have animal science, livestock evaluation, horticulture, agronomy and ag mechanics classes. We have welding classes, wood working, shop classes, as well as engines classes. So we teach all the basic level courses within agriculture So our kids can acquire credits and a basic understanding here and then transfer to a senior college as well as get their associate’s while they’re here. [Kylie Patterson speaking] I think whenever you come to Blinn College, whatever your goal is in life, Whether you want to be a part of our ag club or you want to be a part of livestock judging, You come to Blinn College and it’s just so much more than that original goal or activity. You’re immediately enthralled with just the perfect family like atmosphere. I know for me it was the perfect transition period going in from high school then coming here. And still having just a group of people surrounding me that want the best for me and want me to not only enjoy my experience here and thrive, but also want to make sure I’m comfortable the entire time. So I think that was definitely the highlight of my experience here at Blinn. [Josh Evans speaking] I think my favorite part of the program has just been the people. I think there is so many great people involved both students and staff and I just made so many memories. There’s so many people that are just really passionate about agriculture and just are so helpful. [Grant Geissen speaking] It’s just given me experiences that I thought I would never have. And it also opened me up to different fields if I ever wanted to go that route. The professors are great. Once you get to know them, they’re pretty much your best friends. [Jaci Burgin speaking] We have our different things that we love, but then we all come together. We have ag club and we support the judging program and we support the engineering kids and we support the ag shop. We are just a big family that has our different sectors, but are all one and that’s Blinn College Agriculture. We have top notch facilities. We have the support of the college, the support of the community and, once again, the passion that we have here with our faculty. We’re here to take care of the kids and we’re going to go out of our way to take care of the kids, so we can benefit and help them.