>>>Kern County in general is just a really
a large operation agriculture, and being here at BC gives me a good connection with that,
and being part of plant science guarantees me a fair job in the future.
pause Plant Science is really anything outside that
has to do with plants when we are talking about forest crops, vegetable production,
even our orchards.>>>The Environmental Horticulture Department
is really great whether your level of interest is a technical career and transfer to eventually
a four year school or you’re just a backyard gardener who wants a little bit more experience.
There’s something for everybody in the Environmental Horticulture Department
pause Before I came to this department I was always
interested in horticulture, but I did not realize how much of an impact on the environment
the horticultural industry has. Grass is actually one of the biggest environmental offenders.
It takes a very large amount of water to maintain as green. If you chose to go with a grass
alternative such as a California Native Sage you are able to have a lawn effect that looks
exactly like what you would expect from a regular lawn that uses 10% of the water, very
little maintenance, and almost no chemical fertilizers.>>>I am in the Forestry Department. I love
it. It’s a lot of fun. One of the best things about the Forestry Program here at BC is that
you don’t have to have a previous background in forestry to get into the program. There
are actually not very many schools that offer forestry which is really surprising and BC
is one of the few that do, and they do it really well.>>>What I’ve got to work on was growing my
own annual crop. I grew chive onions, had the experience to just watch them grow, and
that’s always a thrill, and still yet to harvest them. Working in the Plant Science Department
or any kind of plants production, you’re always going to have a job because people are always
going to be needing food.>>>In the past 20 years, a lot of the dairy
industry from LA has moved locally to Bakersfield. It’s one of those degrees that work really
well with anything with livestock.>>>I’m currently a full time student at BC.
I’m currently taking its AG Business Management course.
pause The reason I like this program so much is
there’s so many opportunities. There’s so many things you can do. You can become an
AG Lawyer, AG Manager, like at a dairy. You can be an AG Manager at basically any AG Business.>>>I love it because at BC you get a lot of
hands on experience.>>>Last year they had a cow give birth to
a calf, and you were out there helping out during the whole way, looking at the whole
birth, working with the lambs and sheep, and so on. It’s all hands on experience about
the program. Also, the other thing I really do enjoy about the program is that the instructors
here at BC are like a family. They’re there to guide you throughout whole way. They’re
like your dad or your mom.>>>I’ve been to 3 other schools, and I have
never had as dedicated teachers to students as I do here.
Pause Coming to BC has allowed me to be able to
have an internship as a ranger, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that at any other school.
pause There’s a lot of job opportunities, and they
give that to you upfront. So, it’s just a really overall good experience.>>>Well Bakersfield College has helped me
get a couple internships with my major.>>>If you go into Ag Business, there’s lots
of scholarships available. And also if you do internships at major Ag companies they
will pay for a lot of your school. So it can almost be free.>>>Working with the Agriculture Department
with Bakersfield College has just been like a family.