Hi, I’m Tom Daldin; an actual grown up person.
Well, sort of. And, I’m here to help you think about your future. So, let me ask you something.
Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Well, if you don’t, don’t worry about
it. All you have to know right now is what you think is fun and interesting. Do you like
to play outside? Do you enjoy nature? Do you like to go to the farmers market with your
family? Ever wonder where your food comes from? Heck, do you like to eat? Me too. Well,
if you love wondering about these things, maybe you were meant to spend your life enjoying
and taking care of the natural world all around us. So, what kind of natural things do you
like to think about? The earth, and trees and forests. Sunset. The stars at night time,
or maybe a tree. How do seeds grow into plants and why? Why do we need to take care of our
planet? So when we breathe it’s fresh. So we’re not drinking all this gross, dirty water.
Probably because without the planet we wouldn’t even be here. There’d be no more crops, no
more food, and that’d be a problem. So that we don’t breathe in bad air, so we don’t have
cancer in our lungs. The planet includes the oceans and trees and that helps us live. We
live in it and we don’t want it to end. You can say that again. You see, our planet is
something that supports us, feeds us and brings us tons of fun and enjoyment every day. And
a lot of people have wonderful lives taking care of it right here in Michigan. But, don’t
just take my word for it. Here’s somebody who actually does. So, where are we right
now? We are at an indoor garden at Michigan State University. Oh, awesome. What do you
guys do here? We do a lot of different things. From teaching classes, to doing research to
talking to people about all kinds of things related to agriculture. What kinds of foods
are grown in Michigan? Michigan is a really cool state because we grow anything from apples
to zucchini. We’re only second behind California in the diversity of different kinds of
plants and animals that we actually grow. So, basically what you’re saying is Michigan
is a great place to have a career in agriculture. Michigan is an amazing place to have a career
in agriculture. Why do you think it’s so important to keep our planet clean and plants healthy?
Because all of those pieces and parts are important for us in our overall health. To
keep us healthy and to keep us alive. What kind of kid do you think would be interested
in a career in agriculture? Anybody who’s interested in being passionate about the out
of doors, who’s interested in science, who might be interested in math, and technology.
Anybody who’s really interested in making a difference in affecting other peoples lives.
So, don’t worry about being a grown up right now. Just keep exploring Michigan and the
world around you. And if you enjoy the great out of doors and all it has to offer read
everything you can about it, spend tons of time out in it, and who knows? Mother nature
might just give you a pretty good allowance when you grow up.