If you enjoy the outdoors, working with animals or plants and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, dig no deeper for a career in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career cluster. A wide variety of options exists in this career cluster including horticulture, landscape technician, urban forestry, veterinary technician, dairy herd management, agriculture power and equipment technician. Technical colleges are ideal for someone entering a career in the AG and Natural Resources field. Expert instructors who have worked in these fields make great leaders and mentors. They get to know their students personally and are driven to help them succeed. They work with us. They start out at ground level and they build you a step at a time. Classes incorporate hands-on learning opportunities and real-life learning. We’re just giving them a taste to start, giving them an overview and they’re going to continue learning the rest of their lives. Wisconsin is well known for its abundant natural resources. If you want to be a part of sustaining the beauty of our state, you will be at home at a technical college. In addition to great value and confidence, you will also have a wide variety of transfer opportunities should you want to continue your education. Find your passion and fulfill your potential today.