00:00:14:00, 00:00:16:12
>>WANG DELIN: My home is in Qinggang. Mingzheng town, Boan Village. 00:00:20:02, 00:00:21:16
>>WANG DELIN: I grew up on a farm. 00:00:23:10, 00:00:25:02
>>WANG DELIN: I have been living here for 61 years. 02:01:15,02:03:12
>>WANG DELIN: I have been living here for 61 years. 00:00:35:17, 00:00:38:07
>>WANG DELIN: How is your work in the city? 00:00:38:08, 00:00:42:09
>>WANG HUI: My job in Beijing is good; pretty stable. 00:00:42:22, 00:00:45:17
>>WANG HUI, WANG DELIN: Did you buy the seed and pesticides yet? -Yeah 00:00:46:06, 00:00:48:11
>>WANG HUI, WANG DELIN: You’re going to start planting soon? -Yeah 00:00:50:13, 00:00:53:00
>>WANG HUI: I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood. 00:00:53:01, 00:00:55:14
>>WANG HUI: My strongest memory is of planting season. 00:00:56:02, 00:01:01:04
>>WANG HUI: In times past, we had to plough the field by hand. You couldn’t even straighten
your back. 00:01:01:05, 00:01:04:22
>>WANG DELIN: How could I straighten my back? I was too tired by the end of the day. 00:01:04:23, 00:01:06:19
>>WANG DELIN: It would take 10-to-20 days to do the work. 00:01:06:20, 00:01:11:09
>>WANG HUI: It’s much better now. Everything is mechanized. 00:01:14:21, 00:01:19:17
>>WANG DELIN: The sprouting rate of 335® is very pure, about 95%. 00:01:19:18, 00:01:23:19
>>WANG DELIN: By comparison, in the old days the sprouting rate was about 80%. 00:01:25:19, 00:01:31:00
>>WANG WEI: DuPont Xianyu 335® has a very high sprouting rate in Heilongjiang. 00:01:32:22, 00:01:35:21
>>WANG WEI: It’s crucial to combine good seeds with proper planting methods. 00:01:45:04, 00:01:48:14
>>XIAO MIN: DuPont provides Xianyu 335® corn seeds, which need only single-row seeding. 00:01:51:18, 00:01:56:12
>>XIAO MIN: The spoon planter is a precision seeding machine; it protects the seeds and
maximizes output. 00:01:57:00, 00:02:07:05
>>XIAO MIN: It also handles fertilization, seeding, covering soil, and pressing all at
once. It guarantees the depth and evenness of precision
seeding, saving time, energy and effort. 00:02:15:00, 00:02:17:06
>>WANG DELIN: This is very evenly sowed. Very good. 00:02:18:14, 00:02:20:07
>>CONG HUANCHUN: The promotion of new agricultural technology 00:02:20:18, 00:02:25:13
>>CONG HUANCHUN: takes close collaboration between the government, businesses, and farmers. 00:02:25:23, 00:02:28:03
>>CONG HUANCHUN: Comrades, good afternoon. 00:02:28:04, 00:02:35:19
>>CONG HUANCHUN: Today DuPont Pioneer will demonstrate the corn seeding and advanced
technologies in our village. 00:02:36:09, 00:02:41:19
>>WANG DELIN: The managers of the company and our village leaders train us on how to
plant the corn and use the machines. 00:02:46:13, 00:02:49:18
WANG DELIN>>Anything that breathes needs corn! 00:02:54:02, 00:02:57:05
DENG XIAOXIAN My pigs feed primarily on corn. 00:02:59:22, 00:03:07:21
DENG XIAOXIAN With other types of corn, it takes about 500
pounds to feed a pig. If I use Xianyu 335®, I need only about 450 pounds. 000:03:09:09, 00:03:12:06
WANG HUI The quality of life in the countryside has
improved dramatically in the past few years. 00:03:13:08, 00:03:16:07
WANG DELIN We don’t really use our hands to sow the
seeds anymore. The change is significant. 00:03:17:04, 00:03:23:11
WANG DELIN There was no harvest, there was no food.
It is different now. The production is high. 00:03:23:18, 00:03:26:06
WANG DELIN Now a farmer’s quality of life is much better
than before.