Better. It’s a powerful word and a
powerful ideal. It makes us look at the world and what more than anything to
rethink the way we are doing things. Pesticide spraying and steep and
mountainous vineyards are currently being treated with workers wearing a 20
kilograms backpack that walked through spraying the fields with all the
chemicals all around them or expensive and noisy helicopters. With AirBoard AGRO we are introducing the next generation of precision agriculture for vineyards.
Built for pesticide and fertiliser spraying with a capacity of 60 litres it
is 50 times faster than manual spraying and twice as cost-effective than using
helicopter. The main challenge is to apply preventative fungicide application
to prevent the powdery mildew from forming which is the largest problem
with wine grapes. AirBoard AGRO is up to five times more precise than a
helicopter leading to better fungicide prevention results. And ultimately – use
less pesticide which leads to more natural yield. Spray quality is further
enhanced with a downward-facing radar that keeps the AirBoard AGRO at exactly the right height above the wines. Better root growth due to no soil
compaction. Increased worker safety. Less noise compared to a helicopter
spraying. More important time to focus on your business priorities. And
environmentally friendly. Powered 100% by electricity. AirBoard is backed by
number-one b2b accelerator in the world and running active pilot tests in the
Northern Europe and Germany vineyards. Using the AirBoard AGRO modern
vineyards can spray more accurately, decrease costs and increase their yield
productivity. Sign up today at