>>Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
holds a monthly town halls for her constituents, and so she did that this week. And up for the most part it was what you would
expect. But the topic of climate change came up and
the conversation around how we should deal with it when to in an unexpected direction,
as you will see.>>The climate crisis, we only have a few
months left. I love that you support the Green Deal but
well it’s not getting rid of fossil fuel is not gonna solve the problem fast enough. A Swedish Professor saying that we can eat
the dead people but that’s not fast enough. So I think your next campaign slogan has to
be this. We got to start eating babies. We don’t have enough time, there’s too much
CO2, all of you, your pollutant, too much CO2. We have to start now please. You are so great. I’m so happy that you really support a New
Green Deal but it’s not enough, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many
people too much pollution.>>Thank you. So I think-
>>Climate, I thought you really cared!>>Yeah no, so one of the things that’s very
important to us is that we need to treat the climate crisis with the urgency that it does
present.>>And she goes on to say, thankfully we have
more than a few months. So she’s obviously not signing on to that
plan. Now I think anybody seeing that thinks that’s
one of two things is true. One that she went on Twitter and started talking
about that she wanted to be respectful of this individual because there’s a reasonable
chance that this person is having some sort of mental health difficulties. And it’s not AOC’s job to hurl a chair at
her or get her dragged away by security immediately. So she wanted to be respectful of it. The other possibility, especially considering
that this person is not just saying let’s eat babies, but has prepared a t-shirt to
advertise the cause, is that this is not an authentic constituent of AOC’s. And what do you know, that’s what it turns
out to be. Yeah, so apparently she’s from Lyndon LaRouche’s
group.>>They claimed responsibility for it.>>Yeah, exactly.>>And so, LaRouche’s group is conspiracy
theorists, massively insanely right wing, but actually these days that’s probably you
know, mainstream Republican. Conspiracy theorist, massively right wing,
does trolling on a regular basis, that describes an average Republican senator.>>Yeah, and said, look, some of the things
that they push for seem pretty crazy, but they’re definitely more sane than the QAnon
people. But in any event, they also, by the way, recently
have supported Donald Trump. And so look, you can say she should have dealt
with it in a different way. If you didn’t know that this was a plant,
I guess I think that she did a great job in that respect. But if you are completely disingenuous right
winger, you’re not going to wait to find out a couple hours later if this was a real person
or if this is a plant. You need to go, go go you got to use this
right now. And so, that’s what they did. Immediately videos of this like or whatever
they were spreading it, and getting millions of views, implying that this is just, this
is what AOC supporters are like. Tucker Carlson immediately put it onto his
show last night, Fox News with articles all that, and then Don Jr tweets about it.>>Of course.>>And, let’s see. So let’s jump ahead a little bit. He tweets about it. He actually gets his father’s attention for
the first time in a while. He tweets him with AOC is a Whack job. That’s not even spelled right. So attacking AOC there, because in that video
what I see is AOC being crazy, I guess.>>What does he do?>>Yeah, so look, she responded, I think in
a fairly reasonable way saying, better than being a criminal who betrays our country.>>Yeah, so look, I have been put in situations
and I don’t know if they were plants or non plants or if they were just folks who were
having issues. Making outrageous statements purportedly from
the left in a public setting. And I usually say, I love you brother, but
no we shouldn’t do that. That’s a bad idea, right? But you could take that out of context and
cut it out, I love your brother and be like, see Uygur loves people who eat babies.>>Because the whole point is propaganda. So, of course, they’re gonna use it as propaganda. And I don’t know that Don Jr. and the President
know that Larouche did it. But what difference does it make? They wouldn’t care-
>>They don’t care.>>They wouldn’t care if it was propaganda. They would love it. And they’d say, yeah, we trolled you. We’re living free, inside your head, ha, ha,
ha, ha. No, whatever like, today that’s Marco Rubio’s
claim for why Donald Trump is breaking laws, because he wants to get under your skin. Okay, him killing people would also get under
my skin. It’s not a good idea, right? And so they don’t care about the truth. So what difference does it make. And people on the right now, a lot of them
are like that. And in their town halls and in their public
settings people make insane ,outrageous comments. Like, Obama was not born in America. He’s born in Kenya with no facts at all. By the way nowadays that seems kind of mild. Right?>>Yeah, and the speaker, including the President
of the United States, are like bravo. That’s right, your conspiracy theory is awesome. You don’t have to trick the Republicans. The Republicans actually believe crazy things.>>Yeah.>>The weirdest thing about this is that this
isn’t even the weirdest right wing plan this week. I mean, you guys saw the Elizabeth Warren
story where Jacob Walls said that he had a Marine who was a whistleblower, he was saying
that Elizabeth Warren basically sex trafficked him to be like her BDSM slave. And they did like a whole press conference
about it. And it’s just it’s like this is like the new
reality where, any sort of public setting for anyone is vulnerable to these kind of
I mean, James O’Keefe kind of started it back in the day. You know, all that stuff like that you know
can’t really believe any of this stuff. And it just, it creates this kind of ambient
sense that nothing is real. That’s like the most harmful thing about it
at the end of the day, that it creates this like feeling of unreality that everything’s
kind of joke. That you can’t really believe anything.>>Well, and yet, and that’s what they want
because that does not benefit and hurt everyone equally.>>No, exactly.>>That benefits, look, let’s just cut right
to, it benefits fascists, honestly. That’s who, that’s the environment that you
need to create for the rise of some form of authoritarian government. And you don’t have to take it serious. So like Jacob Wall and his marine, they were
like chuckling during it. They knew how ridiculous it was. But did that hurt Jacob Wall? Is he now like persona non grata on the right,
they’re not going to talk to him? No, like the fact that this turned out to
be a right wing plant. Does that matter? Did Ryan Samaveda, or Don Jr, or Donald Trump? Did they do a retraction? No, all over today, all over Twitter, it’s
no that’s actually that’s a left wing group. It’s not a right wing group, your lying, it
doesn’t matter that they supported Donald Trump. That’s actually left wing group. And hashtag eatbabies was trending. A lot of it was ironic, making fun of them. But not all of it. And so, look Fox News, let’s jump ahead of
the screenshot, had a big article, get rid of the babies. Distraught woman at AOC town hall urges eating
babies to fight climate change. Hours and hours and hours later, they did
have an update. What percentage of the people that saw that
you think are going to see the update? No, like infinitesimally small.>>Exactly.>>Yeah, so, unfortunately the people at fault
here is the mainstream media. I’m gonna explain why in a second. First, quick divergence. To be clear, the Elizabeth Warren thing that
they did, the guy showed the scar from the BDSM thing.>>Yeah, it was amazing.>>We talked about it in the post game yesterday
just for the members. Get all the details, tyt.com/join to become
a member and get that extra half hour of the Toung Turks every day. Anyway, there’s a picture of the guy from
Instagram in 2016 and he had it like in a weed whacking accident or something, that’s
what it’s for. And you also get to see his triple x tattoo.>>Yeah, that’s that’s a great movie franchise.>>Right.>>To immortalize with your body.>>And Elizabeth Warren went to University
of Houston, so she did a hilarious tweet about that and went Go Cougars.>>Yeah.>>So now back to why it’s mainstream media’s
fault. Because if you practice neutral journalism,
not objective journalism, but neutral journalism, and political correctness. And you’re deathly afraid of calling out one
of the political parties, or either of the political parties. That greatly advantages liars. Because if you equate the truth with lies,
well then lies when because no, the whole point of journalism is to give you facts and
the truth. So but they’re afraid to say yeah, one side
lies on a consistent basis, on purpose, repeatedly, never retracts it and doesn’t care about the
truth. They just do it all the time. So like John said, Don Jr. won’t retract it. The president won’t retract it. The president’s lied 12,000 times. And it’s not just him. I mean, even, I read an old article today
going back to McCain and Obama election back in 2008.>>Yeah.>>McCain’s ads were disproportionately false
compared to Obama’s ads. Obama’s ads also had some parts that were
false, but McCain’s were far more, right? And those were in the benign times before
the Trump era. So the correct journalism should be, one side
lies way more than the other side. And here are the facts, here are the facts,
here are the lies, etc. And you could compare the two, but they’re
deathly afraid of saying that.>>Yeah.>>And if you don’t say that, well then that
gives fascists a giant advantage.>>Yeah.>>Because they could lie with impunity and
spread it out it. Remember guys, they don’t have to convince
everybody. These elections are so close normally and
certainly the last one was They just have to swing a certain, number of people like
maybe, 70,000 people. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. And if the media doesn’t do their job, and
say one side is lying, way more than other side, then people go, okay I guess so I mean
that’s. And the media could swing people, not by being
on the Democratic side. But by telling the truth and having the courage
to say it. But instead we get mamby pamby BS, where they’re
deathly afraid to say that it is uneven, it is not equal. The right wing lies as a matter of course.>>Can we end on a positive note?>>Yeah.>>Cuz this is dark rise of fascism and all
that and it’s going to happen so just get ready for it. But we at least will have this. So if you get ready with the second last graphic,
so AOC, she stood up for herself obviously and it was great that someone else was watching
this play out. This person was recovering from a surgery,
is laid out in bed but it’s watching and speaks up in her defense. And I just love this, Bernie Sanders tweeting,
it’s gonna be a real pleasure defeating you.>>Love it and they’re getting his energy
back tweeting from the hospital bed.>>I love it.>>Exactly. Well, you know, Zuckerberg yesterday said,
Yeah, maybe Bernie’s right, maybe there shouldn’t be billionaires, right? Something along those lines. And I’ll say This dude’s kicking Zuckerberg’s
ass from a hospital bed.>>And they talk about like, well, has Bernie
ever gotten anything done? Has anyone else ever gotten anything thing? The only person pushing an actual conversation
is Bernie Sanders, and getting one thing after another done. And so that’s why they can’t stand AOC, that’s
why they can’t stand the Justice Democrats. That’s why they can’t stand Bernie Sanders,
cuz they actually fight back and they actually get things done.