Hi this is Stewart and I’m currently
on a property here that’s going to go up for sale in about a week’s time here. In Seattle Washington area here and
the client this lawn has been aerated and thatched and the client has seeded and fertilized and put out some lime and now the client’s gonna put out peat moss. I was just giving him a quick sample on how to do this and using a
peat moss roller is a really nice quick efficient way
and you get a lot higher quality results then when you spread it by hand. This is
a peat moss roller here and has a little attachment here that
slides back and forth usually they have a lock on it and this one’s a little tough. So you put
the peat moss in the middle that and I usually roll it right on up to the peat moss bag and then start loading it up with a
shovel and what this does, it’s got expanded diamond cut metal on
there, and it keeps the very large chunks of peat moss from
getting onto your lawn One of the problems I see mostly
with homeowners is they put on the peat moss too thick.
Then it locks or binds together. The seed will germinate underneath and it will die because it cannot get through there. So the peat
moss rover really helps. I keep it a little thin. I did a couple little
strips here as an example for him and, like i say,
this house goes up for sale in about a week’s time so he’s just put down some bark and
they’re doing some finishing touches to their lawn he and his kids. There’s a peat
moss bag. How I like to do these peat moss bags…you see how I cut it and then fold that last piece back. Before I cut this I take my boot and stomp
on this real heavy and try to break it up a bit and then take a I like square to shovel
like that thing and then use that to load the
peat moss into the peat moss roller and this works out really really nice and this peat moss roller can be used for
other things too. In Fall time if you have some very very fine compost
you can use this to screen compost and as you put very very fine compost
over your lawn, which will help amend your soil, you could also probably try it if you
had a very fine fertimulch. That’s very very beneficial to do
for your lawn. In Fall time I have seen just some
fantastic results when people do this. Once again this is
Stewart and hope you enjoy the video thank you