Drought, rising water bills and even water
restrictions are causing many of us to cut back our landscape water use but that doesn’t
mean our landscapes have to suffer or dry out. Even with once or twice a week water
restrictions, you can keep your landscapes healthy and green with the help of Aquasmart
PRO. Aquasmart PRO is a polymer-coated sand that increases soil moisture retention. Aquasmart
absorbs 12 times its weight in water, then slowly releases water back to the soil, keeping
it from drying out quickly. By keeping more water and nutrients in the root zone, Aquasmart
helps boost plant and root growth. By using Aquasmart PRO in areas limited to
once per week watering, landscapers are still able to keep their customers’ lawns green.
Aquasmart PRO can be easily added to an existing lawn or landscape. On lawns, mow, aerate and
spread 20 to 40 pounds per 1,000 square feet. You want to work Aquasmart into the soil as
much as you can to get it in the root zone. In addition to Aquasmart PRO, Ewing offers
many products for creating more water-efficient landscapes, from drip irrigation and water-efficient
sprinklers to smart irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors and more.
Keep your landscapes healthy by using Aquasmart PRO. You can learn more about water-saving
products at your local Ewing branch or visiting ewingirrigation.com.