– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Review Guys, and I’m following up on my “As Seen on TV” Grass Seed Comparison. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ Earlier this summer, I marked off three spots in my backyard
that were getting pretty bare and could use some extra grass seed, and I went to the store, to the As Seen on TV section, and I got the Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn,
tried that for the first time, Grassology, this is the
second year in a row that I’ve tried this, and the Grass Shot, another As Seen on TV product. Put them on the three sections of lawn, watered them the same,
treated them the same, let me show you how it turned out. One month later on the Grassology section. Still some small grass growth from the Grassology that
has managed to survive. Filled in some of the spots. Black spots over here,
see almost no growth. So it was picky, but it did work in a few of the spots. This is one month later, looking for any sign if there was ever any grass growing here. I’m really not finding it. This is where I sprayed
out that entire container of grass seed. Just not seeing anything. And here’s the last one. You can see a little bit of growth in some spots, not really enough to fill in, but at least this one did give us something to work with. Now that video was from after one month of putting the seed down. The weather was a little unusual here, at least for how it’s been lately, had a lot of heavy rain,
and what I think happened is the Grassology seed,
when I sprinkled that out, it actually got down onto the soil and put in some roots, but
these foaming grass seeds, which look like the ones that you see the highway department use
on the side of the highway, so you figure that has
to be a good system. I think because it wasn’t
completely bare soil that it tended to cling
on to twigs and leaves and blades of grass, and not that much actually was sticking on to the ground, so when it rained next, and
it rained several inches, it basically washed the seeds away because they germinated but then they weren’t right there on the ground to get the roots into the soil. So, I think for these to work you need completely bare ground. So a month after planting
these three grass seeds, it was the section that
I planted with Grassology that really is the only one that showed there was still some
young grass growing there. Several months later,
however, the same thing happened in 2014, with
the Grassology seed, grew well at first, but
then when the really serious heat of summer took over
and I wasn’t out there watering it every day,
it pretty much all died, and that’s what happened
this year as well. It’s September right now,
and if I go out there and look in the area
where these three seeds were planted, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I had ever done anything there, compared to just a regular patch of backyard that hadn’t had any seed at all put on it. My conclusion at the end of this summer of having a pretty bare patch backyard is the same as the end of
2014, go to your local nursery or home improvement store, ask them about local grass seed for your area, and you have to make a serious commitment of going on months of watering, if you really want the grass roots to get in deep enough so that it will last into the next year and
through the next summer. Otherwise, you can get a little bit of temporary green with this, and with this, whatever which one, one of them has this green chemical stuff that you mix in. It makes the ground look greener until the rain washes it away. I’ll have links to all
three of these products in the description box
down below this video in case you want to check
them out further online. Who knows, maybe next year they’ll actually have a better product. You can keep checking back
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