Allright! This is John Kohler with
today with another exciting episode for you, all the way here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Can
you guys see the super huge Venetian Hotel behind me and the reason why I’m here today
giving you guys a gardening episode here at the trade show we’re at is actually the Consumer
Electronics Show where they sell like you know gadgets and gizmos. They’ve got the latest
like electric cars and all kinds of V.R. virtual reality kind of stuff. I mean you guys that
are techs for like freak out actually, if you’re claustrophobic you’re going to freak
out cause there’s like so many people here, it’s insane. But what I’m here today to do,
to share with you guys the garden tech, the latest technology in gardening automation
for growing food and all the latest booths that has to do with that kind of stuff. So
you know I come to this show, this is the second year I’m coming to the show to share
with you guys the garden tech, and I got to say that I’m actually disappointed in the
garden tech. There’s a lot of tech to do all kinds of crazy stuff inside but you know I
think the industry as a whole is missing some of the technology in application in gardening
and helping people to grow more food at home. I mean there’s so much technology that can
be used but it’s just not being applied to maybe say smart watering to control you know
the flow of water to the raised bed garden. My simple soil motion meters, or other ways
that it can be detected. Anyways there are some definitely some cool boosts that I’m
about to share with you guys. So anyways let’s go ahead and get inside the convention center
and share with you guys some of the cool garden tech this year. I wet my pants, I mean I wet
my plants. No, not with my pee, I have been known to pee on my plants actually, its some
really good fertilizer. But today we’re going to put water on your plants with actually
a really cool Wi-Fi connected sprinkler timer that’s going to basically do everything for
you, so you don’t have to program your sprinkler timer. Now this set up is designed for people
like my brother who doesn’t garden. He doesn’t really know how to set his watering timer
and there’s always these changes you’ve got to put into your watering timer, at different
times of the year, based on watering restrictions, the city that you live in, or the state the
you live in, and this is made for him as long as he has Wi-Fi in his house, he could connect
this up and it’s going to take care of everything for him so that he never have to lift a finger
to water his lawn, or his garden or his landscape again. So anyways, let’s go ahead and show
you guys this unique Wi-Fi connected sprinkler controller and how can I help you to save
water, remain in compliance with your local laws on watering restrictions and allow your
plants to grow even healthier. So this is Netro. And what Netro is basically
just a sprinkler timer and it’s Wi-Fi connected, so its a smart sprinkler timer. There’s no
dials or buttons or anything to mess with on the unit. You basically just plug it into
the wall and then you hook up the twelve different wires to it, to control the twelve different
zones or the 12 different solenoids that go out into your garden I think I’m using or
maybe about a total of four or five channels or stations in my garden, so this would fit
me perfectly. And basically once you connect it, you could just forget about it, because
when it does, it basically connects to the Netro cloud and it takes in several different
factors to determine the automatic watering cycles that it comes up with on its own. So
it takes in gardening knowledge, news and state regulations, so it updates and will
only water according to your state regulations without you having to pay attention to what
they are. You could actually, it also waters based on statistics, of historical watering
times, and of course it takes into consideration real time local weather like if it’s raining
outside it knows, and then it’s going to not water and save the water and you know just
on its own, that’s pretty cool. The other reason why I thought I’d cover this for you
guys today is because it’s one of the lowest priced Wi-Fi connected smart water tower I’ve
seen. Their suggested retail is ninety nine dollars but right now you see this, depending
on when you’re seeing this, for maybe the next thirty days they basically drop the price,
slash the prices like maybe thirty percent off. That’s really inexpensive for you guys
to buy and the other thing I really like about this is actually it can get even smarter with
their little sensors here. The sensors have batteries built in. It charges by the sun
and even if you don’t get any sun and it’s covered up you know for up to thirty days
it will run on batteries. So what this sensor measures, it measures a few things. Number
one: it measures the moisture level that’s why you tuck this into the soil and measure
the moisture level. So better than watering by the weather or watering by any kind of
algorithm, is watering depending on is the soil dry or not. I mean I think every watering
system should water, based on if the soil is dry or not cause that’s really the true
test. I mean even if it’s not raining out, your soil still maybe damp from the last watering
and you won’t know unless you have moisture sensor. The other thing this registers actually
registers the temperature of your soil, so it can also you know water based on the temperature.
That’s out in your garden and of course also it measures the sunlight because it’s generating
power through the photovoltaic panel here. And so it knows how much sun your garden is
getting, and all these are taken into consideration when coming up with its own watering algorithm.
I guess the main link of this system is basically your iPhone or a tablet, so I want to go ahead
and show you guys some of the features that you have and what you can look up from anywhere
in the world, once you’ve got this system set up and going in your house. So the heart
of the Netro system is basically an app that’s on your phone and this is what it looks like
you guys probably can’t see that too well. Basically on here, it tells you if it’s online
or offline and the cool thing about this is that if you’re off-line like your Wi-Fi I
goes down it’ll work for up to thirty days on the last program that it remembered, or
was downloaded into it and after thirty days I guess it won’t work anymore and you need
to reboot it so that it will work or get the Wi-Fi, so you definitely need an connection
to the Internet for this to work for any period of time. I know other meters the one that
I installed actually myself that’s a connected, if it goes offline which actually doesn’t
often actually due to some wireless issues I’m having and I may just use the last settings
but it just runs indefinitely after that. So that might be a good thing to do instead
of just having it run for thirty days and I’m going to stop working and have to reboot
or something, that’s kind of weird to me. Anyways on here, you guys can see a few things,
I mean it shows the local weather forecast if it is going to be raining, it also shows
the upcoming forecast for the upcoming days and then it actually has different zones.
So I don’t know if you guys can see that on there, but it basically has a zone one, zone
two, zone three, you know when it was last watered, like so it says zone one was last
watered twenty three hours ago and it’s going to water next in five days and also shows
you the moisture level in the soil. So you go ahead and press on zone one and then it
goes into more details about that zone and some of the settings that you can set, like
you actually tell the plant type, whether it’s shrubs, warm season grass, cool season
grass. They don’t have a setting for vegetables, they do need to put that in my opinion, soil
type, your sprinkler type, if it is sloped or not, because this will all impact how the
unit waters for you. And let’s see if we press this other button here, we could actually
get into statistics. Now this is what I find the most interesting, I wish my current system
actually had some kind of statistics like this. Now these statistics only work if you
have that sensor here right. And so then you can see actually the sunlight levels in your
garden over time. So that’s actually quite impressive. You can see the temperature over
time. We scroll up there a little bit, you can actually see the soil moisture level over
time and then down below you can see how much irrigation water that you’ve used and then
down at the bottom, you can see the rainwater you know that was that was it was rained on
and this is based on weather forecasting and the rain in your specific area. We can cancel
out of that and I mean they have a whole bunch of other features on here including a schedule
feature. So if you want to manually control this from your phone, you could definitely
do that too. The one thing I would say about that is I think it’s definitely good to have
you know watering times other than in just whole minutes. So like the irrigation system
I use the high aquajet irrigation system, I don’t need to water even for a minute. I
just need to water for like thirty seconds or forty five seconds so hopefully they’ll
add this feature into the application, so that people can water for less than a minute
if that’s what they need. I mean if I just blast a like a fifteen second cycle even that
sure it is just going to blast air through my irrigation system to basically oxygenate
my root zone which is the definitely a good thing. And let’s see here, they’ve got also
another area of discover on the app and it basically lets you allows you to see the water
usage, how much you’re saving in gallons, how much money you’re saving over the lifetime.
So I mean this controller and as well as the you know solar sensor could save you guys
money within just a few months especially some of the water and rates that you guys
pay and California, one of the most expensive rates for water and I definitely would encourage
you guys to you know get some kind of controller, smart controller like this that can definitely
save you guys the money, more importantly save water but more importantly allow you
to grow healthier plants that are happy because they’re getting the right amount of moisture.
Over watering and even under watering is quite a big problem in gardening and this app has
built in overwatering control so that will never happen, if you’re using the set up with
the actual sensor. So if you guys want to learn more how you can actually water your
plants from your phone wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re connected and
your Wi-Fi water timer is connected, you want to check them out at
Now I want to show you guys the booth of kanopy 25. And you can learn more about them at
And what they make is actually a kit so any potted plant will now be a self watering potted
plant so they’ll never run out of water. and you know you may have bought them cheap inexpensive
self watering pots before, basically just kind of like keep constant moisture on your
plants. You fill up a reservoir and it keeps dumping the water or you know pushing the
water into the plant like all the time. This system works differently. There are systems
like that have a moisture probes that go into the soil and you know some of those kind of
work but the problem with the moisture probe is that over time, they corrode, they may
not work and they may not, you know your players may not get the proper watering. This works
on a completely new and different way that I mean like somebody should have thought of
before and basically how this works, it’s basically a scale. So you put your potted
plants in the scale, the scale knows the weight of your plants, and then when it goes dry,
the water’s going to get used up by the plant or it’s going to evaporate and then it’s going
to weigh less, so then the device senses this and then waters your plants. It’s very simple
and easy concept and they’ve actually have this as a connected app so you could check
it on your phone. You could water your plant from anywhere, in addition you could see you
know the range when your plant goes dry and when it is wet and you set the range between
the dried mode and the wet mode so it always – the scale will keep the water level in between
those lines and you can set those as big as you want or as tiny as you want you know if
you want a bigger dry cycle or a longer wet cycle. So this can be very important because
some plants like basil, they want a nice time where the soil is a bit dry, they don’t want
to be like have constant water on their roots, maybe like a lettuce might like more water.
That’s really cool, so you know as much as this can be used, connected to the Bluetooth
and what not and works fully automatic, if for say for example the app is on your phone.
You didn’t install it in the wife’s phone and she’s at home. You guys could see the
scale here and they’re standard scale is a twenty five centimeters, because it’s in the
European standards. They’re going to come out with the fifteen centimeter model soon,
but anyways, you guys see that little red light, this red light is for people that don’t
have the app that don’t get notified, and your phone doesn’t buzz to let you know hey
your plane needs water. If you have it on the manual sitting where you’re watering manually,
otherwise in the back here there’s a few connections, they basically have a water in, a water out.
They also have a little micro U.S.B. port for charging the battery, that’ll last six
months, and also they have a on off switch and of course a little antenna. So aside from
being Bluetooth, this will hook up to the Internet and upload the information to the
cloud. So you could access it on your phone from anywhere. But anyways, if you’re not
all connected it has this red light and if you need water, the red light will come on
and then when you water like I’ll simulate water by my hand to make it put some weight
on it then it’ll turn blue to let you know that hey its getting water and then in a certain
point it’s going to turn green. See, it turned green. Once it turns green you know OK this
plant is good. It’s got enough water, then you can stop watering and this is for your
wife, the housekeeper if you’re lucky enough to have one, the maid or whoever to know hey
if it’s red, water and if it’s green, don’t water. So yeah, super simple, super easy.
Now I want to go ahead and take you guys in depth more on how this works and maybe some
of the functions that you can do with it all from the portability of your phone. So now
I’m going to share with you guys more, how they Canopy 25 works and as you guys can see
here is a unit, kanopy 25 on the bottom and on the top, they’ve got a potted plant. Now
the cool thing about this system is that you can use any potted plants it will work, regardless,
as long as the plant weight, of the pot with the plants and all the soil is under eighty
eight pounds or forty kilos, so that you can put some nice large sized plants. And this
was designed for those you guys that are like maybe just growing some vegetables but maybe
you guys have an indoor house plants, maybe you’re trying to grow a coconut palm or some
really cool fruit trees inside your house and of course they’ve got good lighting right.
And you don’t want them to run out of water and you can’t depend on your roommates to
water it when you’re travelling. So you could put heavy, nice large plants on the kanopy
25, so that the water will be taken care of for you, so you don’t have to worry about
it. And the cool thing is, unlike many systems that have reservoirs and all this kind of
stuff, you don’t have to worry about any of that because on this system you can use any
container you want to hold the water you know you get a fifty five gallon drum for all I
care and put it in your house but it was fifty five gallons of water stick this unit in here
I’d actually plug into the wall. Instead of you know just having it run on the batteries
in it’s just going to keep running I don’t know priming for a year and just water your
plant because basically here it just sucks up the water and has an air stone on there
but that’s not using for air it’s just going to like acts as a filtration device to pull
the water up and then it gets sucked in the inlet and then it basically goes out the outlet
to a little drip system on the top of the plant. So yeah I mean it really is pretty
simple. I mean they’ve got some complex software to interface with the Bluetooth and the apps
and all this kind of stuff but I mean it’s an ingenious invention. Next on your hands
show you guys some pictures of what that looks like and show you guys actually how easy it
is. To set up so now I want to show you guys what that Alpha looks like on this and I think
this could actually be really telling and help you kind of dial in the watering of any
part of plant even if you just use it for your plan for just a little bit to kind of
get the know you know how your how much water you’re actually plant needs I mean I’ve been
to some medicinal cannabis grows were actually they do it. They checked and I showed this
in the video where they check the weight of each plant to see that has some fish an ounce
of water not this takes all that to the next level of the scientific level because there’s
a precise scale that’s doing it all for you. Anyways in the app. There’s only a few sittings
this app is super simple easy to use and so you just got to set two things you’ve got
to set the upper limit and the lower limit. So this is you know the scale is going to
keep the water within these limits so what happens is you’re going to water. It’s going
to be the upper limit and over time the water’s going to evaporate or the water’s going to
get used by the plants right then the moisture level is going to go down and then once it
hits the lower limit then it says oh it’s out of water the weight is too light we better
start watering so now the unit will start watering and water and water and water until
the upper limit is reached and then cut off and then basically then the plant using the
water and evaporates and then gives a lower limit then water is again. See you can actually
see how fast your plant is using the water or if you live in Las Vegas or something where
water and Gatorade out of your flooded by ends. You can see how fast it’s actually evaporating.
And so you know how fast you need to replenish the water. So this gives you some definitely
some good insights on how to properly water your plant and take care of it. So you can
have the optimal level of success and I really like this is from my favorite thing for garden
tank at the show because it’s so simple but it’s basically applying a simple concept of
weight to getting your plants watered and I wish there would be more technology like
this that super simple. I just wish they could actually make this so large that I can fit
it under one of my raised bed garden. To water our whole garden by weight now that would
be impressive. Anyways this unit is currently available in Europe. I think it’s about one
hundred thirty nine euros. Hopefully it’s going to be in the United States soon brought
the same amount in U.S. dollars and they’re going to soon be coming out with a fifteen
inch or a fifteen centimeter sorry.. version that’s going to be much less money but there’s
no price announced at this time. If you want to learn more about this, then to be sure
to check out So now I want to show the guys my favorite
booth here at the CES 2017, for growing food. Its actually the booth of OPCOM. They’re a
Taiwanese company and have distribution set up in the United States. They’ve been shipping
their products in the U.S. for several months now and they have some new products coming
in. and you guys probably can’t see right now cause it is getting cut off, because so
many people are gathered around and you know the cool thing about CES is that there’s so
much tech here, there’s not a lot of green, not a lot of plants growing, so like this
booth gets a lot of attention. Everybody wants to see the plants growing right. We all got
to eat right, let’s take some responsibility and grow some of the food that we eat at our
home and Opcom makes it easy for you guys. So this company basically specialize in making
endoscopes. Also they specialize in like Elegy lighting. So basically they took this to the
next level and use what they know about lighting and whatnot, and now they’re making basically
hydroponic systems that have their LEDs special spectrum built in, so that you guys could
grow your own food at home under hydroponics, and these are some of the cleanest systems
that I’ve seen. They have several, so I’m going to go ahead and take you guys over the
booth and show you guys some of the systems as well as some of the components they sell,
that are going to allow you to grow more food at home. So the first product I’m going to
show you guys today is the Opcom grow box and it’s right here. And as you guys can see,
it’s basically just a frame and it has lights, 4 lights that are adjustable, you move them
up, you can move down, so that all your plants get the light they need to thrive. This is
basically a deep water culture hydroponics set up. So there’s basically a water in the
container all the time and you can grow fifty plants in here and in addition besides the
fifty plants you’ve got an area for growing sprouts or microgreens. So this is actually
something I really like a lot, and there’s a little box right here, with all the different
controls so you can control the pump, and the LEDs or just put it on auto if you don’t
want to deal with anything. It’s going to come on, turn itself off, the lights and everything
is going to work so that you guys just have to basically monitor the hydroponic solution
to make sure that pH is right, also make sure you have enough nutrients in there and they
give you a little kit that’s going to set you up including the seeds for six months
of growing when you buy the grow box here. This is one configuration of it. These also
actually unclip and you can move this up and down and that’s the one next door they have
basically net over it so that bugs and things can’t get in there, and it’s actually probably
extended maybe two feet, maybe a little bit more up in the air. They’ve got some lettuce
growing in there and it uses basically 18 Watts. So now I want to share with you guys
actually a special deal here. You guys interested in the
grow box which retails for $499 for the next products I’ll show you guys, the grow wall
which I like more for $599 you get one hundred dollars discount until January 15th. So you
got a couple more days to do that and you could use a coupon code Opcom CES 2017 to
buy you these products at, they ship out of Southern California. So when you
purchase the grow box that I just showed you, or the grow walls and I’ll show you guys in
a second, you get this little starter kit. So this is the starter kit you’re going to
need to get growing and basically they give you a pH meter and EC meter, as well as all
the different seeds that are in little capsules for you. Also little filters and basically
the nutrients and the pH up, the pH down all this kind of stuff, everything you’re going
to need for six months to grow some good vegetables. then they’ve got lettuce and basil and whatnot
but you don’t need to use their specific seeds, you can use your own seeds and you can also
use your own hydroponic nutrient solution if you want to use an organic solution or
not. So that’s really cool, they set you up for a full six months on a one time investment.
So many of you guys, now I know you guys might be in the middle of your winter. You’re confined
to your house all winter long. What better use, than to get one of these products so
you guys can grow indoors? And the one I’m going to show you guys next is the one that
I’m most interested in, the one I like the most because it allows you to grow seventy
five plants in just a small amount of vertical space in your house. Plus it just looks really
cool. I call it a show stopper. So what we’re looking at next is the Opcom
grow wall. This is the one unit that I like in this whole entire place, you can grow seventy
five plants for like six hundred dollars, less a hundred dollar discount if you buy
it real soon. And it has a built in LEDs that I actually turned off so that you guys can
see it because like the lighting here, as much as it’s good for the plants, it’s not
good for a video. So it normally has a lighting that turns on and off automatically. And this
is an [00:23:20.26] system so the water flows up and it goes down to the different levels
and then it goes drains into the bottom and besides having one two three four or five
levels of plants, it also has a little area in the bottom so you can grow your sprouts
or microgreens, the sprouts and the microgreens are some the most nutritious food in the entire
planet and I’ve never seen before, a grow set up that actually has an apparatus and
you guys can grow your sprouts and microgreens. So this is really cool, one of the things
you guys can’t see, is that there’s an optional camera that actually hooks into the unit it’s
a little bit above the shot but basically it produces a still frame photos so you could
have time lapse of your growth. So this is a completely incredible technology they fit
in into just one free standing unit that could be against your wall, or even in your kitchen.
Let’s go ahead and go over and show you guys some of the specifics about the grow wall.
So what we’re looking at now is more of a close up shot on the Opcom grow wall here.
This is a base of thing you see in like one two and maybe like the third level, and over
on this side there’s a controller here that controls the pump, the LEDS, you can control
manually or just hit the auto button and there’s of course the power on/off button. We can
fire that up you can see the lights, we’re going to turn off cause it looks little better
on the camera. But as you guys can see there’s basically just the little holes and you put
the little plant starts in the holes and the ebb andflow hydroponic system basically waters
it all. The one thing I like about this is it uses thirty watt LED lights that you can
spin around and they do have a system coming out with sixty five watt LED lights that are
the bright spectrum for your plants. I do recommend the thirty watt, if you’re growing
something like lettuce or leafy crops. If you want to grow something that fruits or
makes flowers right then you’re going to want to use a more powerful sixty five watt LED
lights in here, and the thing is that this is like fully adjustable so you can move this
the lights up and down. You can also move them closer or farther apart, depending if
you’re just starting your seedlings out right. You want to move the lights closer to the
ceilings and then move them out but yeah I mean I really like this set up, how it’s all
set up, and then of course you know they’ve got the E.C. and the pH meters hanging right
here, so you have easy access to check your hydroponic nutrient solution to make sure
it’s balanced. I mean I think the biggest thing about this system is you’ve just got
to make sure you have proper nutrient levels in there and proper pH and everything else
is going to be taken care of for you, including the lights turning on and off. And you’re
going to have some amazing food growing in your own living room. Next I want to really
go into the bottom of this and show you guys where you’re able to grow your own sprouts
or microgreens because that’s really cool and that can produce even faster, crops and
faster turn of more nutritious crops than just the standard lettuce, that’s growing
above. So what you guys are looking at now is the
nutrient tank for the Opcom grow wall right here this is where all the water drains into
and when it’s not pumping the water sitting here when it pumps that pump the water up
all the way and then it just kind of comes all the way down in all your plants get watered.
But at the bottom they’ve done something really intelligent with the water storage here right
up in the top here, they’re growing sprouts in this case and then they’ve got some wheatgrass
growing. Wheat grass is a really nutritious food, wheat grass is known to absorb up to
ninety different trace minerals in it and when we eat it, you’re going to get all those
trace minerals, plus, there’s definitely beneficial phytonutrients and phytochemicals in the wheat
grass. I mean when was the last time you ate grass. Hopefully cows are eating the grass
right, then we eat the cows to get the nutrition from the grass and they ate. Well if they’re
like free range cows. Unfortunately most cows these days are eating corn and soy that’s
genetically modified and I don’t recommend you guys eat the corn or soy that’s genetically
modified or the cows that are eating their corn and soy genetically modified, so let’s
just eliminate the cow and you guys can eat the grass or grow your own grass or other
microgreens. So the microgreens are four to forty times more nutritious than the full
size vegetables that you’re growing above plus these guys can be done in as short as
ten days, you could have some microgreens or some wheat grass to chew on and juice with
your teeth, use a juicer or just you know put them in smoothies, and enjoy them. So
you guys get the nutrition out of them. Now the one thing I do recommend if you guys get
a hydroponic setup like this or any hydroponics setup, I want to encourage you guys to add
additional trace minerals such as an ocean solution product, or grow pal product to be
easily ensured that your plants are getting the full spectrum of up to ninety different
trace minerals because most hydroponic solutions may provide only a handful and maybe if they’re
into it, up to sixteen different mineral. So this is my favorite grow unit at the whole
entire event once again. Once again, whole seventy five plants plus your microgreens,
five ninety nine retail price and for a limited time, get a hundred dollars off. Now I want
to show you guys actually two more products that Opcom has developed that will be either
released soon or actually are already available. So now to show the guys how you guys you grow
thirty three vegetables on your wall with the Opcom grow frame. You know whether you’re
going to grow some succulents like this or lettuce like they’ve got over here even other
herbs and basil and all the stuff you guys could do this, one hundred ninety nine dollars
is the retail price. This is amazing. Thirty three plants, that’s a lot of little plants.
Now you know the thing I have is they’re a little bit close together so you have to grow
some plants if they don’t get too big. I do like the other set up so we have a lot more
space to expand but hey if one hundred ninety nine piece that has a built in LED lighting
and has a built in pumps to automatically water your plants, so they’re going to have
the proper amount of water allows you to do that. Hey I say, grow for it right. But you
have this set up basically does everything you need, you need to start off with your
plants and it pumps up the water once again, that’s the hydroponic system and it’s going
to give you the starter kits you guys can get up and growing in no time. So this product
has not yet been released and I look forward to it coming out. As I said before you know
I do prefer the larger systems but hey you know if you’ve got a small apartment, this
would be great to grow some food. The next set up I want to show you guys that Opcom
produces, going to be producing soon, is actually there for a commercial set up for like if
you have a restaurant or something. This is probably the best commercial set up. That’s
fully automated to grow food here at the CES 2017.
So now I’m going to share with you guys the last product that I’ll be sharing with you
guys today at Opcom, its the Opcom farm cube, and as you guys can see there it is. I mean
it’s the size of maybe a larger refrigerator has one, two, three, four different levels
for growing up the two hundred different plants. Plus down below it has a water reservoir and
a reservoir for the PH adjusters as well as a nutrient solution right down below. So yeah
it looks really cool they got the built in LED lights as well as cameras you guys could
monitor how your plants are doing. Let’s go ahead and give you guys a close up on the
farm cube. So the Opcom farm cube is designed for maybe
like restaurants and for a professional or farm use. Although you could buy one for your
home if you’ve got some extra cash lying around, this is not yet available it’s going to be
available in maybe third quarter, 2017, projected price of a between three thousand to four
thousand dollars. This is actually quite spendy and for that you’re going to be able to grow
like up to two hundred different plants starts, so you could you know provide the lettuce
for your restaurant for example and then again once again, besides just the lettuce or the
vegetables or herbs you’ll be growing you can also grow those microgreens on each level
as well. So I really like that a lot once again we’ve got more layers here with all
the LED built in lighting as well as fans that controls the temperature, basically does
everything you need to do so you can just basically fill it up with water, fill it up
with nutrients and walk away and come back and harvest your own greens.
Let’s go ahead and go down to the bottom and show you guys some of the computer controls
and all the nutrients in water storage it has built in.
So this is the bottom of the farm here and as you can see this is the lower level that’s
growing all the plants plus the microgreens and then down below we’ve got lots of water
storage as well as the nutrient solutions as well as the controller. You know it actually
has a water purifier in there, uses UV to clean the water. Also you know it’s fully
automatic, has an air spot, air refresh, pump, LED, auto button and also this is this baby’s
Wi-Fi so you could hook it up and you know check it out with the apps on iOS or Android.
This is definitely something to look for if you’re into you know growing a lot of food
and want to start a farm. I mean once again, three to four thousand dollars you guys can
piecemeal your own set up like this, but this is a self-contained kit that you know if a
restaurant got or something, they just want to put something in and they don’t want to
piece it together themselves hey it’s one complete system, it looks really good and
to me it looks really dialed in. I guess the next step that Opcom wants to do is they want
to take these even further and even start creating you know container farms and all
this kind of stuff that’s the only really cool, they got a mock up of what it’s going
to look like. Yes till then we’ve got these home units and they’re going to expand into
more commercial in the future and hopefully they keep coming out with some really good
products that allow you to guys to grow more food at home. You can learn more about them So now I’m going to show you guys the booth
the probably gets the most looks of inscribing the hardest to film that because there’s like
people coming by and trying to take videos and show what this is actually and where the
booth of natufia and you kind of want to join once in natifua what does that mean. Well
natufia is a first recorded tribe that actually started growing their own food and so what
we have here is basically a refrigerator sides or small refrigerator sized growing chamber
that will completely grow your plants from seed to produce food for you. Now this is
designed for like you know of skill high in places like restaurants or bars because you
know it does you know bit pricey but basically this does everything for you guys automatically.
So actually let me go ahead and open this up and show you guys what it looks like on
the inside. All right so the special LED lights lit it hard to see me but you can see the
unit here and one of the things I like about this unit. Unlike others that I’ve seen before
is that this unit is quality made I mean it’s like stainless steel all this stuff. I mean
even the little containers that basically cascade the water down. It’s all ceramic and
it mean when it’s watery it kind of looks like you know one of those like those gutters
that like drip down on the different things and legs which really cool. This may not be
the optimal configuration for growing like lots of food because it only fits I think
actually thirty two plants in this configuration but they have other configurations available
if you want to like pack more plants in there. Depending on your specific needs and what
I do like about this is that it is fully automatic you literally hook up the water to it you
could drain to it and there’s computer control up in the top of the unit that actually takes
care of everything for you. It’s grown under a hydroponic system. And there’s different
proved in your that measure the temperature of the water of the temperature of the air
inside the unit. It controls fans are turned off and on to keep them at the right temperature
and in addition check it out man. They’ve got speakers in here that plays different
music to the plant. So maybe your players will even grow better. So I mean this company’s
got it all figured out. They’ve done a lot of stuff to make sure they’re going to get
the best grow the next thing I want to do actually is sure these guys are some of the
creatures and parts of this amazing planter box. So this unit is about maybe seven or
eight feet tall. So it’s actually pretty tall and actually as you guys can see get a nice
glass cover not this cheap plastic stuff I mean this is a quality unit is coming out
of a studio . So I don’t know I think their house and distribution in the US now. But
anyways on the bottom here underneath where they would have like refrigeration of those
a fridge. That’s where the water compartment is stored so they have a water storage that
where they mix up the nutrient solution and keep the water pH proper and then they have
a two drawers here so this one’s easy drawer and actually this is pretty cool. I never
got to see that my camera but basically there’s a little screen built in and once again all
the electronics are up top. So like you know if water leaks it’s not going to get damaged
and it basically tells you some of the different things you can turn on and off the watering
on or off the lights on and off the fan turn of the music so you could last Metallica two
plants maybe they’re going to grow better and you know don’t laugh there’s been studies
where they’ve been targeted plants and they do grow better so you might want to try to
just you know men try to keep it cool if it’s like in your neighbor’s and I don’t ask them
out and don’t be like my friend that I know phyla get some light thousand dollars speakers
to play music to your plants. Oh and then if you don’t want to use this screen down
here you can always it’s also connected to your phone. You know you could control it
through your phone. So that’s really cool keep tabs on this unit right down in here
basically you put the plant nutrients as well as a PH up in a PH down in there using all
or gaining nutrients in here and this it measures the PH of your water and adjust accordingly.
Also it senses the connectivity in the water to determine if the water in the nutrients
in the water too much or too little. If it’s not a good water is getting too messed up.
It basically will just flush it and then refill and then add more nutrients to keep it right
balance. This is one of the big challenges that I have with hydroponics I don’t want
to be sitting there measuring my Ph. You know just in my Ph. All the time right. I need
a system like this to do it for me. I mean check this out these things slide out and
check this out. I mean down to the bottom. These look like some nice like stones like
legs nice rocks I mean it looks really decorative this is like definitely an upscale piece you
know the prime look out of place in my place. But anyways Oh so then his other compartment
is a little drawer let’s pull this out show you guys what’s in their own check it out
and they got all these little plaster so they got like a little … and with a little ceramic
grew stone and then plus they have a little pots here that are stored in all the plants
from seed. So the only plastic that is used in this unit is actually right here this is
basically it’s kind of like a net Pod but it’s a plastic and this plastic is not just
any old plastic the number one it’s food grade plastic Number two it’s not just you know
biodegradable like some plastics which I think is kind of like a misnomer like biodegradable
plastic It still breaks down just into smaller pieces. This is actually a fully compostable
plastic from what they’re telling me and just one little seed packet little seed thing like
this is under a dollar and so once you’re up and running with these you know you could
be producing some food for relatively inexpensive and you put all the seed pods in here and
you know basically just to germinate them start them up and once they get big then you’re
going to transplant them up into the mean unit. So I really like that they basically
this is an all in one unit. The only thing you can need to grow your plants nice really
good kitchen garden fully automated now the only negative that I can tell you guys about
this unit is the price right sit down right you guys are standing right now sit down.
It’s thirteen thousand is the suggested price may come down or whatever. I mean it’s definitely a
quality piece. There’s a lot of tech in here. You know but that’s definitely little bit
Spendy. If you want to learn more about it you want to visit the Web site
So that’s pretty much it for the garden tech in this year CES 2017. I wish there was more companies
that actually had some cool gardening tech you know all these technologies have been
in for like monitoring your sleep monitoring your fitness monitoring kinds of crazy stuff
I know you guys could monitor but there’s none of gardening tech you know we all need
to eat. You know eat food every day and I think you know some of this technology
that’s great. You know should be used to help people grow more food efficiently things like
save water save resources all this kind of stuff you know I’ve seen a lot of cool things
here but I think a lot of things that are like in my opinion a waste of space a waste
of time money and resources to a more consumer products that may not be that needed in our
consumerism society that we live in. Unfortunately. So anyways I’m glad you guys stay to the end
of this episode and I want you guys to know I want to know you guys his comments like
what do you think is episode you like to please me a thumbs up that only encourage me to
come back to CES in future years to share you guys the new garden tech because I just
like to stay abreast of all the information about gardening and how to grow food. And
so that’s why I bring these shows you guys because nobody else that I know is covering
all the shows and all these products that I know of and you know I know a lot of you
guys might complain John that stuff too expensive and yes some of the stuff is the expensive
but you know you guys got to realize some you guys are like expert gardeners expert
growers you can grow with nothing. Right. You can just put on a desert island you guys can grow
some food but there’s a lot of people that don’t know how to grow food they’re intimidated
they never done it before and that’s where I really think some of the garden tech could
help you guys grow more food and grow plants successfully and that’s what I’m all for have
you guys grow some food. Have you guys want to do it. I just kind of make the information
available for you guys to do that. So does the I mean thumbs if you like that. I’ll be
sure to come back to upcoming C ES is in the future. Also we sure could get some school.
I’ve been right down low. If you haven’t watched in my videos before to be notified my new
upcoming episodes of coming out about every three to four days you never know where I’m
going to show what you’ll be learning on my YouTube channel and don’t forget. I think
I now have over three hundred videos online on You Tube available twenty four hours a
day seven days a week as long as You Tube’s up in the internets doesn’t crash. So you
guys can learn how to grow your own food because this is one of the most important things and
one of the most important skills you guys can have in your life in my opinion. So with
that my name is John Kohler with We’ll see next time. And until then remember
keep on growing.