“Avoiding Other Banned Pesticides” Anyway, DDT was banned in 1972,
and replaced by the insecticide dieldrin, subsequently found to be so
toxic it was outlawed in 1974. But it’s still around, and appears to be
why every single prospective study on dairy consumption
and Parkinson’s disease shows more milk means more Parkinson’s. “Though dieldrin has been banned,
humans continue to be exposed to the pesticide through contaminated
dairy products and meats due to the persistent accumulation of the
pesticide in the environment.” What else can these
persistent pollutants do? Just from the research
published over the last year: linked to endometriosis, fibrosis,
diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease mortality,
and even gum disease. When pregnant women eat
lots of animal products, because of these
pollutants in animal fats, they risk having babies with
smaller brains, lower intelligence, poorer attention span, other
cognitive impairments, and more pediatric respiratory infections. The more of the DDT metabolite
DDE women are exposed to, the fatter their daughters may
become when they grow up. “Prenatal exposure…may contribute
to the obesity epidemic in women.” Toxic waste exposure in the diet may
even result in fewer men in the world. Pregnant women exposed to the most PCBs
were 33% less likely to have a boy, and we’re not sure if that’s
because the PCBs damage male sperm or male embryos. But if having a baby girl is more
important than your health, bulking up on PCBs may do it for you, and fish and other aquatic animals
provide about three-quarters of human PCB dietary exposure. And the same with dioxins. Fish are the main culprit.