Friends, do you know that around 80% of the
total population worldwide has suffered from back pain once in their lives. That
means, this condition is quite common. Therefore people take it lightly to an extent.
People think that their muscles have got
cramped or there is a strain on the stomach but mostly
it is the reality Sometimes people pull off too much luggage
or suddenly move also results in muscle cramp and eventually they
start having back pain. The major reason for back pain is your sitting
and walking posture. The way you walk, sit, run, move, and sleep can greatly include your back pain as your
back pain is dependent on this. Sometimes tension in your back pain also
induces your back pain. This is quite painful and takes 2 or 3 days
to cure. But if your back pain is persistent for a
long time, then this can be a sign of kidney disease. Come let us tell how your back pain can be a symptom of kidney pain. When your
back pains then this is tough to figure out if the pain
is arising from your back or the kidneys. See if your back pain comes from the area
above the hips and between the ribcage or on one side or both sides then this is
a sign of kidney pain. If you had a kidney stone, then this pain
is quite intense. The intensity depends on the factor
that how enlarged are the kidney stones and the extent of damage
to the kidneys because of the stone. If you have an infection along with it then
even a small movement will raise pain in the area. When
the kidney stone gets passed down, even at that time you get severe pain.
Sometimes kidney pain is so high that a person may faint. You will
be amazed to know this pain cannot be cured by any pain-killer.
Until the disease is not cured the pain will not go. Also remember that
back pain remains at one side only while the pain in
the kidneys may move to and fro. This is also dependent on the fact that where
the stone is present in your body. Besides, if you are also noticing other symptoms
other than back pain then this can also be a sign of kidney damage.
If you are noticing other things along with
back pain such as fever, chills, then pay attention
to it. Notice if you are not having vomiting, dizziness. If the urine appears concentrated or urine
has a foamy appearance in excess then it is the major sign. The urge to urinate
frequently and fastly is also a bad sign. If you are feeling pain
when urinating or itching or there is an infection in your
bladder, even then it may sign your kidneys have got failed.
Or if your urine has blood or small and tiny stones are visible in the
urine, then surely it means you have got kidney disease. Kidney
disease is a life-threatening disease that may change
your life completely. If you have back pain and any such symptoms are persisting along,
then you should immediately diagnose your kidney problem. If you have
developed kidney problem or disease then you can take free consultation from
our doctors and experts on the numbers below. Here doctor Puneet Dhawan
daily cures so many patients having kidney-related disorders. Let’s meet
one such patient Physically he has shown so much improvement and he is feeling better. Creatinine has
reduced to an extent from 8 t 5 and urea also. They followed everything
with dedication and enthusiasm. He is now out of dialysis protocol. I am feeling weak only and the weight has
also got reduced. Doctor: We are working
on this. The creatinine has come down from 8 to 5
range and this is quite a good progression in two months. So, you saw how ayurvedic knowledge of Karma
Ayurveda has cured the problems of this patient. We hope that
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