alright next here at 5 an update now to a story when following a new hope for more than 30 beagles that were being used for drug tests at a lab in West Michigan last month we reported the tests were being shut down and the beagles were going to be rescued today we learned those beagles are now in the care of the Michigan Humane Society and as Nick Monacelli reports they will be available for adoption the Michigan Humane Society finds homes for hundreds and hundreds of pets every single year those pets don’t grab headlines the way these beagles have though after an undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States showed them in a lab west of Kalamazoo they were being force-fed pesticides and other drugs as part of a study to comply with regulations in Brazil the test was contracted by the agricultural division of Dow DuPont who agreed to stop all testing so now they are in Metro Detroit one step closer to a happy home the dogs in question are going to need some time and it’s a little bit of everything from not just decompressing but it’s also our behaviorist need time to evaluate them appropriately our medical staff needs time to make sure that they are checking them out thoroughly for any potential health issues or things like that and at Chrisman with the Michigan Humane Society says that process could take weeks or longer but once they’re ready to be adopted they are gonna go quickly so we are still determining what the actual adoption process is gonna look like we have had a large number of inquiries about forever homes for these kids so we are still determining what the adoption process is going to be so as you heard there those 32 beagles there’s gonna be a lot of demand for them it might be tough getting one of them not saying you can’t but you could also have somebody like Cleo there are 80 dogs and cats and puppies and others available for adoption right now all the information is on our website and click on Detroit comm and it’s right Nick Monacelli with Cleo local for Thank You Nick and Cleo Michigan Humane Society says once they determine the adoption process they will share that process on their social media platforms and will of course bring that and vote to you as well