Here at CSBP Kwinana we’ve been manufacturing for around 50 years and we’re the only major manufacturer of fertilisers in W.A. Over those years obviously the process has been improved the products have changed drastically and our storage requirements and customer requirements
have been met through our evolving plant operations and ever changing processes. So when we’re making fertiliser we’re really working on our quality all the time that’s our major focus and at peak dispatch times obviously there’s a big focus on quantity and making sure that
we have the right product at the right time. Because we manufacture such a broad range of products we have a lot of different processes and systems in the
plant to help us assist with product quality. So we have two different screening systems to
help us achieve size measures. We have different systems to allow us to pump granulation aids in to help us granulate product.
We have different raw materials and different formulations that we can make modifications to to help achieve hardnesses and sizing and because we have
such a large wax supply as well we can coat at different rates and we can
coat different products as well. So with imported fertiliser what arrives off the
boat is what you end up receiving and there’s not a lot you can do about it. The advantage of having a manufacturing plant is
that you can be constantly making changes reprocessing material or fertiliser that you’re not happy with and you can see the process as it’s evolving and changing. You’re always staying one step ahead of the quality
and any problems that you might have. Depending on the weather conditions the forecasts
and different requirements for crops we can change our production schedule to meet
the requirements of our farmers. Once we manufacture our product it can leave
the site in as little as 8 hours. For the cropping season in 18/19 we’ll probably
start the plant in October after a couple of months downtime and maintenance and we’ll run flat out all the way through to June to fulfil our
customer’s requirements.