Hi, I’m Harold Enger from Spring-Green Lawn
Care, and I want to talk to you about a very problematic weed in a lot of lawns and that’s
a weed known as Bent Grass, or sometimes referred to as Creeping Bent Grass. Now, you can see these patches of sort of
lighter blue-ish green grass. It’s growing very dense, very thick. And, one of the reasons why this isn’t a good
grass for a home lawn is that it doesn’t match the other grasses that you have in here. It’s very susceptible to a lot of different
diseases. If you have it in this particular lawn, which
is a Tall Fescue Lawn, then it should be mowed at four inches. Letting bent grass grow up that high, it just
doesn’t look good. It doesn’t grow that high. So, it falls over and makes a very unattractive
area of your lawn. So, this is a big problem in a lot of lawns. Now, how did it get here? Well, it can come in through the air. Birds can drop a runner. The one thing about Bent Grass is that it
reproduces by what are called Stolons. And, these are above the ground root systems. And, it’s called Creeping Bent Grass because
as it creeps out here, it will produce roots and roots and roots, and continue to creep
out into the lawn. So, just this one little piece of grass that
falls into a lawn could take root and become a problem. Now, if you look behind me, you can see that
there’s a golf course out here that has bent grass in the greens, the tees and the fairway. Well, is that how this could have gotten here? Sure. It’s a very good possibility that that’s how
this particular grass ended up in this lawn because we’re right next to the golf course
here. But, you can find it in many lawns, even ones
that are not close to a golf course. So, what do you do for it? Well, you have to use certain materials called
Total Kills that will kill everything in this area to get rid of it. Or, there is another product that we can use
nowadays that will control bent grass on a regular basis in a home lawn. So, for more information on controlling Bent
Grass in your lawn, contact your neighborhood lawn care professional at Spring-Green. Or, you can visit my Ask the Expert blog at