Hi, this is Rebecca from
Mother Earth News and we’re gonna talk about reader
questions on homemade pesticide sprays we get a lot of questions about can
we make homemade insecticide sprays and are they
effective in the home garden and what I’m gonna tell you is that what
you should do first of all is ask yourself four
questions before you take the time to make your
own insecticide spray the first question is have I
correctly identified the perpetrator and you may be surprised to learn that a
lot of problems in the garden are not necessarily caused by pests but they could
be caused by extreme weather or diseases plant diseases so first you
have to identify the perpetrator in your garden so the second question you should ask
yourself is am I sure that the problem is getting worse in my garden if you plant is still producing and
still growing and looks otherwise relatively healthy perhaps you don’t have a problem and you
should just take some steps to boost the health of your plant and not spray the third question you should ask
yourself this can I identify beneficial insects in my garden the fact is that beneficial insects are
present in most gardens and if you give them enough time they
can do a lot of good in your garden with pests if you spray
however you’re also risking that you’re going to kill or
harm those beneficial insects the fourth and final question to ask
yourself is are there any other pest control methods that will
work in my garden there are traps and barriers and the
like that will work and not involves spraying
insecticides on your garden beds after you ask yourself all these
questions and answer them and you find that you still really do
need an insecticidal spray the only two that we recommend are water and deluded soap we want you to make sure
that the soap solution you use comes into direct contact with the pest and also use a pure soap to make your
solutions such as doctor Bronner’s Casteel soap don’t use laundry soap or other harmful
strong over-the-counter soaps that can burn or
otherwise damage your plans just remember that homemade garden sprays
that contain aromatic herbs are hot pepper solutions really don’t have much effect on insects
in your garden it’s actually the soapy suds that have
an effect in that can do the trick we want to keep in mind too that
whatever spray you use in your garden can also kill beneficial insects so we
want you to use it sparingly and keep them in mind and happy